Sunday, November 29, 2009

Hari Keluarga Siri 2 : 2009

This was the second family day from my mother's side this year. The first one was on the last March.

This time, this event took place at Kayns Resort, Port Dickson.


After all of us had checked-in, we all rested a bit in our room. I joined my brothers to mandi at the beach. And it's raining. I know it's quite dangerous especially when the water current and tides were quite strong, but it was an enjoying thing to do. It's boring if we just stayed in the room. When the rain was getting heavier like bomb drops, we moved to the swimming pool.

At 6, the event started. Some activities were conducted to fill our time. My mom and my aunts were the ones who plan the activities.

We got:

Slide shows of the photos from the past.. Really old photos..

Impromptu performance (kids & teens but the teens never participated, we were too shy)

Tazkirah after Maghrib prayer

BBQ dinner..
Chickens, beefs, lambs, sausages, fishes, fried rice, fried noodles, salads, mushroom soups, bubur kacang hijau, fruits, asam boi drink, coffee
Got a LOT of leftovers..

Health talk by Mak Ina.. About diabetes..


Guessing items

Lucky draw and lucky names
Never lucky one! :(

Musang berjanggut (separating of mixed spices according to types)
My family got 2nd place!


Tazkirah after Subuh prayer

Tiup belon
I got 2nd place. Yeay!

Ice cream eating. Sape habis cepat die menang..

Anyam ketupat

Menggubah sapu tangan

Menulis karangan pendek

After we were done with all the activities, it's beach time! Almost all of us serbu the laut. Some of us try to learn how to swim, some did floating, some celup2 kaki and some already terer swimming.

Our lunch today was Negeri Sembilan menu; daging masak lemak cili api, ikan sambal, ayam goreng and sayur2.

Ahh, my body is still aching from the swimming. I rarely swim because I not really got at it. Sikit2 bleh la..

*I'm writing this post at my sister's house. My parents extended one more day at Port Dickson. Really don't want to go back to Vista. :(

Amino Acid Day

Last week, after having a Biopharmacy lab (not really a lab, since we did it in seminar room)..

Today's lab is kinda interesting. Like playing lego.. Our task was to make a model of amino acid alanine, protein, alpha helix, beta sheet and did the hydrogen binding. I paired up with Fariz while Anis with Bee. Since today was Irene's birthday, there's a romantic scene between her and Woon Chit. Woon Chit gave her a necklace and put it on her in the room. So sweet.. Dr. Leong was also very sporting. He also took pictures with the students.

our toys for today's lab

D-alanine and L-alanine. Poodles~

Alanines interbreed and release a water molecule

After lab, Bee suggested something to us. She asked us to teman her to go to Midvalley to buy present for her sister. She's not just asking, more like to forcing us to join her. Actually we all have nothing to shop in Midvalley. Because we were kinda free, so we decided to follow her. Thanks Anis for belanja us the taxi fare.

There, we spent most of our time waiting for Bee, mostly to shoes shops like Vincci, and some other shops which I didn't even bother to remember their names.

We had dinner at Food Garden again. This time, I tried the Thai menu. Anis and I actually wanna try the Sam Sam Korean, but that day, the stall got too many so-called tourists. Haha, no la, just a bunch of students who didn't know what Korean food are about until the owner need to explain one by one. Losers! hahaha...

Rice + Sweet and Spicy Chicken, Tom Yam, Omelette and Kangkung Belacan = RM 12

Cheesecake. Bee bought this.

3 dara pinggitan.. nak ngorat bleh?

Before we went back, we dropped by Big Apple to bought several donuts for our roomies.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Tag From Parish, Anish and Mirahsh

1) Write five (5) interesting facts about the person who gave you this award

1. die baek tp gedik sket.. tp i like~
2. die same group ngn aku.. di mane ade fariz, di situ ade aku..
3. pakaian die sume marveles.. lip lap lip lap gtu..
4. die pon lompat cam aku.. toink toink!
5. die gle fesbuk.. even addiction score die lg tggi drpd aku..

1. die ni kwn rapat aku, tp ppl mistaken us as kapel.. what the hell man? *quote fevret mrs poon**
2. die ske edward berbanding jacob.. die ske skip2 bace novel..
3. ske mencuba mknn exotic.. tetapi halal.. tp xdela exotic cam ular, boye, katak, cipan dll..
4. die rase diri die gemuk, tp aku x rase die gemuk.. mungkin sume pmpn mmg cmtu..
5. anis, ble nk buat baki beskut aritu? kang expired lak bahan2nye..

1. die ni cm baik2 gtu, x byk ckp sgt
2. die ske main masak2.. nigella wannabe gtu.. kn? kn? tp aku x penah lg rase masakan die
3. hidup die penuh dgn kesabaran.. ktrg sentiasa doakan yg terbaek utk die..
4. die sgt superb duperb pandai.. yela, sbb die rajin, aku ni yg malas.. :P
5. pas die bubuh resipi oreo cheescake kt blog die - cipak, fariz dan aku mencuba resipi die.. dan it was yummy!

2) Jot down ten (10) interesting facts about yourself or your hobbies

1. aku ske collect transformers.. byk gle abes duet.. akibatnye, sengsara di kemudian hari.. T_T
2. berat aku bertambah 3 kilo pas raye aritu.. what the hell man??? cmne nk kurus balek nih? wuuuu...
3. aku ske gak main2 photoshop.. design2.. tp susah nk dpt idea bernas.. kne try n error..
4. ske amek gmbr, tp lebih ske org amek gmbr aku..
5. aku ni cakap byk ke? xdela byk sgt.. tp aku ckp laju.. sape yg slowpoke tu, pasang telinga kuat2..
6. ske main2 ngn arissa except ble die nanges.. pastu tros pass kt mak aku.. haha..
7. ske gak try2 resipi yg simple2.. sbb ske tgk AFC.. jamie oliver, nigella, curtis stone, michael smith.. sume aku layan.. robert pn same..
8. ske gle main fesbuk.. dan juga games2nye.. byk abes mase dpn laptop..
9. ske harry potter... dulu2 pn collect mainan harry potter..
10. still ske pokemon lg.. eh, childish btol aku ni.. dulu collect kad pokemon.. dah berkotak2 kt umah tu.. mungkin bleh jual pd mase hadapan..

3) Pick your ten (10) most deserving recipients and describe them

1. Fariz - gedik bertempat
2. Anis - ocd.. not ocd.. ocd.. not ocd.. who cares?
3. Mirah - iron lady chef
4. Aleen - mummy!
5. Bee - kecil tetapi agresif.. cewah..
6. Aiman - kt jepun skang.. digulingkan oleh aku mase form 5 utk jawatan ketua klas.. :)
7. Zeida - bajet comey
8. Wawa - kekasih awal dan akhir
9. Apal - ko dah pokai.. nnt dah dpt duet banjer aku eh..
10. Jah - rindu aqil.. spt mane aku rindu arissa.. *wabak jah dah berjangkit*

Live Love Life

No idea what to put for the title. Sorry honey for ciloking your blog title.. lol.. :p

2 weeks of our third semester had passed through.

My things has accumulated in my brain such as Microbiology, Pharmacology, Physical Pharmacy, Biopharmacy and Malaysian Studies. Yes, we are taking Malaysian studies, and the best thing is there's no exam for it. We just need to make a project to passed this subjects. As for now, we are in the process of choosing and voting for the committee members.

We were done with the second draft of Foundation Pharmacy project, but the final draft are also coming up next.

Money is running low. So, I cannot go out as always as I used to be when my pocket is full of money.

However, last Saturday I asked my sister to bring me out because I got to redeem my Toys R Us gift vouchers. So we went to One Utama to chill out. There's nothing left to buy at Toys R Us, so I just kept my vouchers for now. Its validity is 3 months from the date of issue. So, in January I still can use the vouchers in case new toys will be out in the store later.

Then, we went to Anime Tech to see if there are new toys on the shelf and yes, they have some new toys. Voyager Bludgeon was out already but I'm not interested. My eyes kept looking at the loose Voyager Long Haul. Then, my brother in-law generously offered me the toy. Without thinking twice, the Long Haul is mine. :)

Long Haul. I managed to transform it without the manual. :)

We had our dinner at Nyonya Colors. The food was awesome and the price was really reasonable. I tried the Thailand Mee Siam with Honey Chicken. Only RM8.90 and I got 2 pieces of chicken. It was really worth eating.

Still got a lot to read in Breaking Dawn, I'm so lazy to read it. And New Moon is coming up in theatre next week. Stupid, how am I supposed watch it when I'm busy with Aidiladha and family day? Huhu..

As usual, I did the designing part

Haven't done the tag from Parish, Anish and Mirahsh yet. Got no mood.. -_-

Monday, November 9, 2009

New Semester plus Exotic Day Out

Well, our 3rd semester just started. During our first day today, we only got semester overview by Mr. David Chong and also Introduction to Physical Pharmacy by Dr. Er Hui Meng.

Just simple classes today, no heavy things. And the most important, no afternoon class.

During lunch, Duwe requested to celebrate his belated birthday since we never celebrate his birthday since Intec. That's because his birthdays were always fell on holidays.

After a quick planning, plus several times of divergence to out-of-topic things, we finally agreed to celebrate Duwe's birthday at Midvalley.


After a quick heavy rain, we butted of from Vista to Midvalley by taking cabs.

We did a survey on what should we had our celebration. Duwe suggested to eat something exotic, not a common food such as fast food or food from normal restaurant. We walked around Midvalley and The Gardens to find a good spot to had our celebration. Finally, after rejecting Flying Chillies, and a Korean Restaurant, we found our place at Food Garden. It's a food court in the Gardens which has a lot choices of international food. After toured around the place, we decided to come back later since we didn't fell hungry yet.

Before that, we had a quick bites at Big Apple, eating donuts.

After performing our Asar prayer, we started our main agenda. While a bunch of us were walking towards the Food Garden, Anis and I quietly got off the group and buy a cake and a present for Duwe.

Later, we rejoined the group at the Food Garden and had our early dinner. It's about 5.30 pm at that time.

Anis, Duwe, Fariz and I tried the Japanese food, Cipak with Korean's, while Aleen and Wanji tried the locals. Well, not really exotic, but it's something that we don't eat everyday.

The food was yummy, I managed to finished the meal (the boys finished earlier than girls of course). Aleen was struggling to finished her unfinished prawn noodle, but unsuccessful. Wanji's drink was the most exotic drink today, which is the iced fruit cocktail.

Then, it's a cake time! This time, we bought American Chocolate cake. However, we couldn't finished it all and packed it home.

Happy Birthday Duwe! May all your wishes come true!


Then, I accompanied Duwe to buy a new earphone.

Fariz dengan muka tak malu mencuba mesin urut kaki di kedai OSIM

Next time, I need to restrain myself from getting out again since my money is running low. Cannot spend a lot when going out. Huhu..

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Last But Not Least

Back at Vista.. In my not-so-small room, boring... Just facebooking and chatting with Mimi about K-Pop.. Miss all my K-Pop buddies.. huhu.. Especially Badd and Mimi..

Just came back from Cameron Highlands actually.. It's a 3 days 2 nights trip with my parents and younger brother. My mom was having a Retirement Celebration with her fellow colleagues at Equatorial Hotel while us, the boys just resting at the Parkland Hotel situated at Brinchang. However, because I didn't want to waste my time just laying down on the bed, I asked my brother to accompany me to the pasar malam. We bought some fried mushroom to munch while we were walking along the pasar malam.

The next day, we went to Kea Farm to buy some fresh veggies and later we went to KHM Farm located at Taman Sedia to taste the sweetness of handmade strawberry ice cream. It was yummy~

The rest of the day, we slept until dinner. Our dinner today was steamboat.

Before we reached home, we attended a wedding ceremony at my ex-neighbourhood, Taman Meru Jaya.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Too Italian? Too much?

We had a family dinner at Italiannies, Sunway Pyramid to celebrate Angah's birthday.

We tried out several menus such as Classic Carbonara, Chicken and Beef Lasagna and a couple of pizzas.

Another pizza
A very creamy carbonara

The food portion were huge. One serving can be enjoyed by 3 hungry people. Luckily we didn't order one food one person. If that happened, I'm sure our stomach will burst. Poooffff!

I think the food are nice and okay. Because of all the food contain cheese, at one time my throat couldn't accept the food anymore. I became muak already. Is it too cheesy?

Luckily got bottomless iced lemon tea. We could drink continuously to ease our full stomach.

I played a lot with Arissa today. I sergah her for the first time and she's kinda shocked, but astill remain cute.

Cutie pie Arissa


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Please Vote!

To all the readers..

Please vote for my niece, Arissa for the Cute Baby Contest.

she's cute isn't she?

Click here, and vote for #0065.

Mari Memasak bersama Chef Iwa

Yesterday and today, I got mood to try out several recipes. One was Oreo Cheesecake given by Chef Amirah Sedek and another one Lemon Rosemary Grilled Chicken given my uncle, which is actually a Jamie Oliver's simplest recipe.

Oreo Cheesecake [done on Monday]

Actually, I'm not a big fan of cheesecake, but Cipak insisted me to try the recipe. She had tried it twice and still like it. Fariz also had tried the recipe, but she said tak sedap.

With the help from my brother, I bought the ingredients from Giant and later baked the cake.

It's a simple recipe. Not so many weird ingredients.

Even though I never tasted it before, the photo from Amirah's blog made me wanna try it.

I actually wanna make this cake for my brother's birthday on Thursday, but ended up we finished one tray of the cake. Luckily I made two trays, the smaller one I gave it to him.

Lemon Rosemary Grilled Chicken [done on Tuesday]

My uncle made this chicken dish during our visit to his house during hari raya. It tasted nice and the meat is so tender and moist. Not too dry. It's also a very simple English recipe. I think most of Jamie Oliver's recipes are quite easy. It just that I was too lazy to buy the ingredients.

After done with the cooking, I texted my sister who worked in Shah Alam to had lunch with us, and tried my cooking.

Wah, cuti2 ni, rajin pulak try macam2 recipe. Anis rajin, Cipak rajin, apetah lagi Mirah.

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