Monday, March 28, 2011


Alhamdulillah.. Praise to Allah SWT for granting my doa to pass the end of semester 5 exam.. As you all know, the result was released today when I was busy doing hospital attachment at Klang. Bee and I didn't know exactly when the result was actually released because some our friends didn't bother to text us about it.

We accidentally checked our Novell email when Bee and I were surfing the internet searching for drugs and abbreviations. Bee was so happy and lompat2 at the computer room after knowing the result.

Looks like all of my clique members passed the exam well. So there are things that we need to settle such as:

1. Hospital attachment
2. BTN
3. VISA (it costs about approx RM1100)
4. International student card
5. Letter of Good Conduct
6. Pre-departure shopping! To buy luggage and necessities.

For now, let's concentrate on the hospital attachment. 2 more days for me and then, Singapore here I come!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Badd's Day Out

I just came back from Malacca last night after celebrating Badd's birthday with Lukman. After not getting my exam results on Friday because University of Strathclyde haven't verified our results yet, I left Vista at about 6.30 pm and drove in a lot of traffic jams. Redah je...

I reached Lukman's place at Senawang at 7.30 pm and waited there for a while to perform our prayer. Then after Isyak, we moved to Malacca and arrived there at 10 pm. Badd texted me saying that he was superbly hungry. Then we arrived at Melaka Manipal College which is located at Bukit Baru near to Parkson and old Jusco. I waited in front of the hostel but Badd waited at the campus. Then, we were like "what the.....". Miscommunication ye.. Then we saw Badd's riding pak guard's motorbike. Thanks pak guard for finding Badd for us..

We found a spot to eat at Bandar Hilir, opposite Menara Taming Sari. There's a restaurant serving nasi campur; they served asam pedas, masak lemak cili padi and other dishes as well. The food was good. Then we had a walk at the bazaar nearby buying more food for supper. We searched for a cheap hotel nearby and luckily Lukman knew the place. Hotel Mesra Mutiara. Because all small room were all occupied, we took the 5-pax room which cost RM100. It was ok, quite reasonably cheap and located beside mamak restaurant.

At 12 am, we wished Badd happy birthday and pukul2 him by using a pillow. Pillow fight gtew.. But Badd pasrah jek.. We slept on each bed; Lukman and Badd conquered a queen bed each while I was comfortable with single bed because it was located near to TV.

When the sun rose, we bersiap2 and then had our breakfast at the mamak restaurant. Then we headed to the new Jusco at Melaka Sentral. Badd shopped for some necessities and I bought something as well. Then Badd and I also registered ourselves as pengundi at a SPR counter inside the Jusco. I got pissed a bit because again, my MyKad couldn't be read though it's still new. So I had to registered manually by filling the form. WTH.. Why Mykad cannot afford a more quality chip like ATM card? They last longer...

We went back to Bandar Hilir, searching for Seoul Garden at Mahkota Parade. The Seoul Garden here offered a promotion which cannot be found in KL. They got student price for weekend! And not just for lunch, but for dinner as well. RM25.90 for student, 50% off for birthday boy and normal price for Lukman because he didn't bring his student card.

We spend one hour there from 2-3 pm, eating a lot of meats, dim sum, steamboat and ice cream. It was definitely worth it. Thanks birthday boy for the lunch! After that we walked to Secret Recipe to buy Badd a slice of cake.

At Badd's hostel room, Badd made us a jug of coffee. Too bad, Lukman doesn't drink coffee, so I drank with Badd only. We lighted the 2 big and 3 small candles for Badd and sang him a birthday song. Although we celebrated his birthday with 3 people only, I hope Badd loves it..

Happy Birthday Badd!

We showed Badd a few funny videos on Youtube especially the Angry Birds video that I posted here previously.

After lepak2 a bit, Lukman and I said goodbye. I sent Lukman to Senawang before I continued my journey alone to Shah Alam.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Angry Birds (18SX)

My friends, Lukman and Zoroyz recommended me to watch this funny clip about Angry Birds.

It is very funny but a little bit 18SX since the birds curse a lot!

The birds and pigs are both stupid.. lol..

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Di Sepanjang Cuti Sekolah


On Monday, my groupmates and I were having a case presentation at IMU which contributes 15% to our PP2 final mark. Our assessor for that actually LBY, but she was replaced by SKV which I thought was better. He did ask us question, but in the end he was the one who answered it! =)
He helped us much with the case and his knowledge is also very deep. There were things that we never know that he told us.

Then, at night we were having a simple cake-less belated birthday celebration for Bee as her real birthday was during our final exam last week. Sorry Bee, no cake this time because the rain poured heavily. No one dare to go out and buy u a cake. We had a dinner a D'Santai for the very last time I think. Bee got present, Aleen also got one.


After packing some things to bring home, my parents came to fetch me. At noon, we headed to my kampung at Batu Pahat because my dad had some business to deal with. We stayed overnight at my grandmother's empty house. My grandmother stays at my uncle house at Shah Alam at the moment so the house is empty.


After Batu Pahat, we continued our journey to south, to my another grandmother's house at Johor Bahru.


This was my bad day. I got poisoned by yesterday's food. Although it was just a mild food poisoning, I still suffered from vomiting and diarrhoea until I got fever for a while. So I just rest at home with my grandmother while my parents and my brother went to Singapore to jalan-jalan cari makan. Damn, I'm so jealous.. Why did I fall sick when the time wasn't right? However, when my family was away, two my my aunties' families came. One of my aunty gave me money. Suddenly I felt lucky today.. =p

Gambar2 di Singapore.. takpe, next time boleh pergi..

At 5 pm, we returned back to Shah Alam because my mother had promised my other brother at home to jalan-jalan cari makan at Melaka tomorrow.


Spend few hours at Melaka. Upon arrival, we had lunch at an Asam Pedas roadside restaurant. The asam pedas was good. We wanna ordered stingray and tetel asam pedas but all finished. We we ended up eating asam pedas kembung, jenahak and tenggiri. Sedap jugekk... They sell a lot of kuih-muih as well.. and some bebola goreng..

The we parked the car near Dataran Pahlawan and visited the A' Famosa fort. Again, I climbed up the stairs to the old fort up the hill like I did with my friends several months ago. Alhamdulillah, the weather was cloudy with occasional light rain. So tak penat sangat kan!

Then to Stadthuys to have cendol at a riverside stall there.

We went back to Shah Alam straightly after that.

Sunday, March 13, 2011


After taking a blazer measurement at IMU, I went out with Lukman and Emie to have our lunch at Ikea. Some packed food were on sale yesterday, for example a whole Daim cake cost about RM22 instead of RM25 and others as well. We grabbed the cake and also several bars of dark chocolate and nut chocolate. Then, we went upstairs to the restaurant and ordered our Swedish meatballs, chicken wings and soft drinks.

Melantak di Ikea

After chitchating during lunch, we headed to our next destination, KLIA. It's not that we were flying away that day but to send off our friend, Azam. He's furthering his study at India. I'm not sure at which university since he's also forgot the name of the university. But it's in Belgaum, where according to Google Map, it's located in Karnataka.

Goodbye Azam, have fun there!

After crying our eyes out, we had our dinner with Fadh. She brought us to PadiHouse Restaurant at Cyberjaya. The food here was awesome. I loved the grilled chicken chop because it was served with potato wedges, broccoli and carrots instead of lame fun fries.

Clockwise: dried chili chicken rice, grilled lamb chop, salmon rice & chicken chop.

After that, we went back to Vista after bidding goodbye to Fadh. I hope she's doing ok right now. Lukman and Emie spent some time with me in my little room. They show me a video about Angry Birds which is very freaking funny.. 'Say what?" "Say what?"

Friday, March 11, 2011

Post-Exam with Badd

After struggling hard battling with exam papers, I went out with my best friend, Badd. Right after exam, I text him saying that the exam is over and he can come to Vista to lepak with me. Then he suggested why don't we go out today, having nice meal, nice coffee and relax ourselves.

goodbye notes~

So to Sunway Pyramid we were.

First, we had our dinner at TGI Friday. This was our very first time eating here, so we took quite some time to browse through the menu. As you know, the food here are quite costly. I chose Sirloin Strip while Badd tried the New York Strip. It was our lucky day because in accordance to Mardi Gras celebration all the drinks are 40% off! So I tried the Green Apple Slush. We talked a lot during the dinner because after 6 months, we got so much to tell to each other.

Green Apple Slush

Sirloin Strip

New York Strip

Then, we had a quick walk around the mall, went to gift shop, book shop and finally we ended at Starbucks to refresh ourselves with coffee. We grabbed our Caramel Machiato and the newly introduced Choco Cappucino with free cake stick. We got 10% discount by using my Jusco Card and but kinda surprised because he didn't know about it. We found ourselves a table at the outside part of the cafe still enjoying our conversation.

Vanilla pop cake & coffee

At nearly 11 pm, we exit the building and Badd lepak at my room in Vista to suck some movies and series from my external hard disk.

BFF forever~

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Good Luck EOS5

Dalam masa kurang daripada 24 jam, kami P109 akan menduduki peperiksaan akhir semester 5 dalam kursus farmasi berkembar IMU-Strathclyde. Doakan kejayaan kami semua ye!


Ucapan2 daripada sahabat handai yang mendoakan kejayaan kami semua.. Sayang korang!

Jadual Exam

jadual yang padat tetapi boleh cepat habis!
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