Monday, August 10, 2015

Grafa @SS15

Salam semua~

Semalam pergi Empire Gallery bawak kanak2 riang pergi bermain di Kidzoonia. Oleh sebab pegi lepas maghrib, maka kitorang berkejar untuk main dulu then baru pergi makan. Dalam sejam jugak la kanak2 tu bermain kat dalam tu. Dalam pukul 9.30pm tetiba semua dah lapar. Yela belum dinner lagi kan. Pergi Kenny Rogers tapi dia cakap dah close order, so kami makan di luar je la.

Kami menuju ke SS15 di mana banyak kedai makan bertaburan dalam kawasan ini. Along ajak makan kat Grafa yg terletak berdekatan dengan kedai phone Directd.

Tengok menu harga macam up sangat tapi ok la standard kafé hipster. Like a plate of pasta cost about RM25 camtu.

Bila makanan sampai, terperanjat tengok portion. Nasib baik portion banyak which is sesuai dengan harga yang dipaparkan. Berikut adalah gambar makanan yang kami order pada malam itu.

Burppp, alhamdulillah kenyang. :)

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Hong Kong [Day 2 - The Peak]

Hi peeps~ It's me again~

The Peak

Today, we visited one of the most popular spots in Hong Kong which was The Peak or also known as Victoria Peak. It is a high ground where we could obverse Hong Kong city and harbour from above. To reach here, we took the MTR from Tsim Sha Tsui to Central station and then walk a few minutes to the Peak Tram Station. Quite a long walk around 15 minutes but it was okay since the weather was good and we could enjoy the view of tall and modern buildings.

We had purchased the tram tickets earlier at the airport thus it saved our time skipping the queue. Please come early to avoid long queue at the tram. We waited for the tram to arrive and the board the 10 minutes journey up to the Peak. There are a lot of attractions up there such as Madame Tussauds, Hard Rock Cafe (Rock Shop only), Sky Terrace 428 and a few souvenir shops as well. Oh I love souvenirs! Hehehe..

As soon as we reached the Peak, we walked up to the viewing point which is located at the top floor. Don't worry as the escalators are provided. Haha.. We spent quite a long time here to enjoy the breathtaking view. The weather up there was so cold and windy. Few balloons had been spotted flew off from kids' hands. Jaga belon tu dik, ikat kat tangan please. 

Then, as usual we dropped by Hard Rock Cafe to buy some stuffs. Ewah, semalam dah beli, hari ni beli lagi. Well, today was for my siblings' okay. My parents always bought one each for us whenever when they travels. So, we pau je la. Kui3.. We bought 8 t-shirts and I purchased another pin. Berlambak2 la rewards HRC aku nanti, alhamdulillah.

My brother and I dropped by Madame Tussauds to take photos with Bruce Lee, the wax fighter. At noon, we took the tram down because our stomachs already growled asking for lunch.

Tengok tu, balik2 je penuh queue kat bawah! Nasib dah pergi awal. Hahaha

Ladies' Market (repeat)

As usual, my mother was still not satisfied with yesterday's catch thus we went there again.

Street performance

Avenue of Stars (repeat)

We went here again to take photos during day time. Yesterday we came for the Symphony of Lights only thus today we had time to take a stroll along the harbour. We spotted a red junk ship there. There are many stars on the floor with actors'/actresses' names. I found Jet Li, Jackie Chan, Chow Yun Fatt and many other unrecognised names. Iyelah, aku bukannya follow industri perfileman Cina pun. Besides the stars, the chrome statues are also famous here. Therefore we did not miss a chance to took their photos.

Tomorrow we're gonna have fun in Disneyland!

[to be continued...]
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