Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Gundam GN Archer

Semalam lepas dah siap assignment, tangan I gatal sangat tak sabar nak assemble Gundam yg I pau daripada abang ipar I beberapa hari yang lalu..

To be frank, I tak pernah tonton cerita Gundam.. Just saje2 kumpul & boleh pasang pabila ada masa lapang..

Inilah hasilnya..

GN Archer

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Tajine Restaurant @Bukit Bintang

Had a makan2 with my family today at Tajine Restaurant, Jalan Bukit Bintang. It is located near Pavilion and Fahrenheit88. The restaurant resides alongside Tarbush and Naab restaurant.

This restaurant serves Moroccan and Mediterranean dishes. This was my second time eating here actually. The food portion is very big you know. One plate can be eaten by 2 persons. Most of the main courses cost about RM20 plus. And the drinks RM10 plus.

Chicken biryani

Lamb hummus (served with bread)

Lamb kabsa

Spring chicken

Chicken cous cous

The meals here are quite satisfying especially with huge portion which is very suitable for my belly. The taste of food is also quite nice and well done, but I'm not saying perfect. After done with eating, we had to take away our unfinished meal because no one can eat anymore.

Pergi tadi ikut umi & ayah, tapi balik ikut along sebab along kidnap Arissa bawak pergi kedai mainan.. Hahaha.. Then, berjaya pau Alin 3 robot Gundam plus 6 model bases.. =)

Arissa and uncle Iwa main robot

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New K-Pop Items on My Shelf

As promised, Minu brought the items that I have ordered from him before fresh from Korea. Just now, Azery and I went to meet him at KL Sentral. We had our dinner together at KFC.

3 K-Pop Albums
Hoot, Run Devil Run & Bonamana

Hoot with free giant poster..
Photobook, stickers and flash card (I got Yoona) are included.

the CD

stickers & Yoona flash card

giant poster

Run Devil Run
Photobook, signature card and mini poster (I got Taeyeon) are included.

the CD

signature card

Photobook is included.

the CD

4 K-Pop Mugs

BEAST (sopan version)

BEAST (sexy version)

SNSD (hanbok version)

SNSD (short2 version)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Haven @The Look Out Point

Haven, a restaurant located at The Look Out Point near Ampang is a good place to eat especially when you want to view the extraordinary view of Kuala Lumpur city. However, my family and I were unable to enjoy this view since it was raining by the time we reached the look out point. We had our dinner here because all of us felt kinda boring just sitting at home. So why don't we go eat out today.. It's weekend some more.

Haven restaurant

There are several choice of restaurant can be found here; Arab cuisine, Panorama Restaurant, Haven and some Western restaurant.. We chose Haven as our dinner place. This restaurant served from local to foreign cuisines such as Western and Middle East. From the menu, there are nasi lemak, fried rice, grilled chicken, lamb biryani and a lot more including desserts and a wide variety of drinks.

We ended up ordering nasi goreng kampung, fried kway teow, grilled chicken chop and grilled herb lamb chop. The iced vanilla drink is also quite nice. The food here taste quite okay for me. The rice is

Fried kway teow

Nasi goreng kampung

Grilled chicken chop

The leftover of grilled herb lamb chop.. =p

Too bad the view wasn't good today. It was raining most of the time, even after we have finished eating.

KL surrounded by darkness..

We definitely will come back here to try other restaurants.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Jom Cari Makan @Kota Damansara

As promised, today we went out as a whole family to celebrate my mother's belated birthday. Her birthday was on last week when I'm busy having class tests, so the celebration was postponed up until today.

Our choice for today was Chinese Muslim food at a restaurant called Jom Cari Makan located at Kota Damansara. The weather was quite cold today with moderate rain kept on falling down even until we had finished eating.

We had loads of dim sum as a starter. The dim sum came in several flavours; chicken mushroom, shrimps, salted eggs and two other flavours which I didn't recognise the taste. For me, all types of dim sum taste merely the same even though they do taste good.

Our main course was none other than plain rice with lauk-pauk. We ordered sweet & sour fish, crispy calamari, tofu with egg, kailan and butter prawns. What I want to comment is the siakap fish was quite small, so we had to limit our proportion. The other dishes also are just okay. There's other better place with delicious food than this one.

order jangan tak order

order lagi~

Arissa with Alun & Alun (Mak Long & Pak Long)

bajet comel la tu?

Haa, hamek kau! meriah tak?

butter prawns buried under the egg nets..

sweet & sour fish

tofu with egg

half-eaten cookies & cream ice cream cake

Arissa main air kelapa

Arissa made quite a scene. She jerit2 when other baby around there jerit2. So there's like a jerit fight in the restaurant. So cute!

Jom Cari Makan
31-1&33-1, Jalan PJU 5/12, 
Kota Damansara (Dataran Sunway),
47810 Petaling Jaya,

*P/S i love u: Sorry Fariz tak dapat nk support ko perform tadi.. Family first ok..
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