Friday, March 7, 2014

Teh Tarik Place @Empire Gallery

Pada hujung minggu yang lepas, sejurus selepas menghadiri wedding Wanji di Kuala Kubu Bharu, aku dengan family pun bersiar2 la di Empire Gallery yang terletak di Subang Jaya. Dah lama jugak tak pergi sini, selalunya pergi sini kalau nak makan2 untuk celebration apa2 or pergi Toys R Us untuk mencari mainan2 baru. Lepas ni kalau filem Transformers: Age of Extinction dah keluar, memang aku serbu Toys R Us ni sebab ni yang paling dekat dengan Shah Alam.

Ok, berbalik kepada tajuk asal post ini, Teh Tarik Place terletak di Empire Gallery di tingkat bawah sekali. Kedai ini ala2 kopitiam. Sekarang ni memang banyak kedai bercirikan kopitiam dibina bagaikan cendawan tumbuh selepas hujan. Agaknya kalau aku bukak Hazwan's Kopitiam pun laku agaknya. Haha..

Makanan di sini simple2 je seperti nasi goreng, mee goreng, asam laksa dan lain2. Aku try kuetiau goreng memang sedap! Lembab2 gitu. Ayah pulak order roti sardin. Besar gila portion dia, last2 ayah lego kat kitorang. Mee goreng mamak pun sedap. Untuk minuman pula, aku try limau laici. Sedap tapi kurang manis, mungkin perlu sedikit manis. 

mee mamak


kuetiau goreng

roti sardin

Komen secara umumnya, makanan kat sini memang sedap. Tempat pun sesuai untuk lepak2 sebab ada free wifi. In fact, time kitorang kat situ pun ramai orang bawak laptop bagai. Ada dua ruang makan di sini, satu di dalam ada aircond, satu lagi kat belah luar sikit tempat untuk customer yang nak merokok. Harga pulak, sedikit mahal daripada kedai makan biasa. 

Koh Samui | Thailand (Day 3) - Final

Assalamualaikum and good day peeps~

Today was our final day in Samui. We didn't do much today because our flight back home was at 3 pm. Early in the morning, after we had breakfast at the hotel we took a cab to visit a Muslim village in Ban Hua Thanon. It's quite far from Chaweng and the journey took around half an hour. The taxi fee was 600 baht after some negotiation.

First, we went to the market there and found a roti canai stall. It's a Muslim restaurant. My mom bought a few roti canai for take away.

Next, the taxi driver took us to the mosque there, Masjid Nurul Ihsan. She said there are three mosques around the island. Oh ya, the taxi driver is a Muslim woman. She only worked during the day and in the evening her husband will take over. At the mosque, there is a Muslim school and several food stalls. Thus, we took the chance to buy food for our lunch. We had rice with chicken paprik. 

We ate our lunch in the hotel room and packed our luggages. It's time to go to the airport. While waiting for the shuttle van to arrive, my mom and I went for a walk along the street again. We found a shop which sells t-shirts thus my mom bought some for my siblings. Last minute shopping gituuuu. 

Ok, that's all for my story about Koh Samui. I'll definitely come back for more since this time we didn't have enough time for island hopping and snorkelling. Maybe next time insyaAllah.

Cheers~ :)

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Koh Samui | Thailand (Day 2) - Part 2

Helloooo, it's time to continue our journey.

It's time for city tour! After spending some times in Island Safari, now it's time for us to board the van and tour around the island. They had arranged our journey accordingly based on the island map. Our first destination was Big Buddha Temple. Why is this place named Big Buddha? Because the statue is so huge! We climbed the stairs up to the temple. The steps were very hot so I climbed very quickly. At the temple, there are a few other statues and a few metallic bells are place on the corridors. Quite nice actually. We were given 15 minutes here so I just snapped some photos here and there before heading downstairs. Around this area, there are a lot of shops selling souvenirs. Since we didn't have much time, we bought nothing here.

We moved to the next destination, Lad Koh. It's a hilly place where we could observe the wide blue sea. They called it the Lookout Point. The view is very magnificent, subhanallah. The air was breezy although the weather is burning hot. This place reminds me about Galway which is located in Ireland. A rocky place with seaview. Very nice indeed. 15 minutes were spent here before we continued our journey.

Next, we visited Hinta-Hinyai Rocks or literally translated to Grandfather and Grandmother Rocks which is located in Lamai. These are giants rocks and boulders which are located by the seaside. A lot of tourists took photos around this place and it became quite crowded. Why they are called Grandfather and Grandmother Rocks? I thinks the answer is quite obvious if you look at the photos. The Grandfather Rock resembles a penis while the Grandmother Rock has a vagina-ish look.

Another temple we visited today. Mummified Monk Temple. There's a real mummified monk in this temple which is placed inside a glass box. Scary?

After that, we visited Namuang Waterfall which was our second last destination for today's tour. We had climbed here and there to get a good view of the waterfall. Some people most probably the locals, took a bath here. The waterfall is quite nice. A lot of souvenir shops were found here too. Some famous souvenirs that could be found around Samui are carved soaps (flower shape), elephant keychains and wooden products.

Our final stop was Nathon town. We are supposed to have lunch here but after we walked around and find no halal restaurant, thus we ended up buying some snacks from a convenient store. I bought some buns and drinks. My mom bought a few Hello Kitty bags for my nieces and cousin. There is a market here if you want to shop for clothes and souvenirs.


We reached the hotel at around 3 pm and had a rest. In the evening we had dinner at the hotel because we were provided with dinner coupon. It was That set dinner and we had requested for halal option. The set included spring roll for starter, tom yum soup for second course and for the main dish we had chicken green curry, stir fried vegetables, fish fillet in oyster sauce and plain rice plus fruits for desserts.

After dinner, we walked around the streets again and it's time for us to buy souvenirs. Generally, the display price is more expensive than the bargained price. We had to bargain since the price was very unreasonable. How come 1 fridge magnet cost 80 baht? I think other places usually can get 3 or 4 pieces for 100 baht. Cekik darah sangat kau. Penat nak tawar2. If you wanna shop for cheaper souvenir, you can go to the small shops further away from the town. Some of must-buy souvenirs for me were magnets, keychains, snowglobes, postcards and display plate.

That's all for our second day. Tomorrow is our final day in Samui!

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