Friday, September 30, 2011

Another Summer Trip Day 2 - Paris Disneyland

Today was going to be exciting! Because we were going to Disneyland which is located several miles from Paris.

We left the hotel at 8.30 am and took the metro to Charles de Gaulle before switching service to RER. The ticket cost €14 for a return journey. Metro is more like LRT in Malaysia while RER is quite similar to KTM commuter, differs only by their frequency. Seriously, train service in Malaysia should be improved. The RER stopped at the final destination, Marne La Vallee-Chessy where Disneyland is located. The journey took approximately one hour.

We arrived at Disneyland Parks at 10 am. We had to go through security where our bags were scanned under the x-ray machine. Disneyland is comprised of two parks; one is Walt Disney Studios while another one is Disneyland. We were planning to play at Walt Disney Studios first because it is smaller than Disneyland.

The entrance ticket to the parks is £51 which we bought online. It's a Magic Ticket which allow us to jump between two parks in one day. It's quite saving actually, and this type of ticket can only be purchased online. You won't get this price at the ticketing booth at the entrance.


Since the park just opened, some rides weren't ready to be played yet. So we walked around to capture some photos and studied the map so that we knew which rides to play. We weren't targetting to play all, but only the recommended ones.

Our first attraction was Armageddon Les Effets Speciaux. It's a special effect studio where the viewers were given a brief intro about the movie scene and later we were transferred into another room which is designed like the interior of a space ship. During the show, we were exposed to smokes, fire, lights and sounds similar to the Armageddon film scene. It wasn't that shocking and it's quite boring actually.

Next, it's roller coaster time! We rode Rock 'N' Roller Coaster avec Aerosmith. It's a roller coaster with a theme of the music band, Aerosmith. Firstly, the band members gave a short briefing about the roller coaster journey and then we rode it. It was full of blast! We rode in the darkness surrounding with blinking lights and music by Aerosmith. It was fun and fantastic! Love it!

There were mascots wandering around the parks at certain time. I managed to watch Mr & Mrs Incredible, Chip & Dale, Woody and Sully (Monster Inc). However, not all people were lucky to take photo with the mascots because people were chosen randomly. Huh!

Our last ride in Walt Disney Studios was Finding Nemo Crush's Coaster. Aufa recommended this ride to me, so I thought it's best to try it. We queued for about 45 minutes. Yeaaa, it's a looong queue! The ride looked simple and not to thrill. However, don't judge a book with the cover because it was actually very thrilling and fast moving! Tapi memang best!

Okay, now it's time to switch park. We dropped by a souvenir shop at the entrance building but didn't buy anything yet because there would be many other shops in Disneyland later on. So we just did some survey on what thing should we brought home.


As soon as we enter the theme park, we ate our double cheeseburgers which Anis' bought from a Turkish restaurant a day before. Thank you very much! So, this was basically our lunch. If we wanna play more thrilling and exciting, couldn't eat heavy food or else we would throw up. After performing our prayer at an isolated telephone room, we continued our mission which was to play at least one ride in every part of the park. The park is divided into 4 main sections; Frontierland, Adventureland, Fantasyland and Discoveryland.

We captured some shots with Sleeping Beauty Castle before we proceed to our agenda. Our first ride here was Big Thunder Mountain. It's a breathtaking speed runaway mine train which hurtle through an abandoned gold mine. It didn't look so adventurous, however when we on it, it was liked OMG! This is so fun! This ride is located in Frontierland.

Next, we rushed to Adventureland. Here, the only ride that we play was Pirates of the Caribbean. It's a slow moving adventurous cruise through a pirate attack on a Spanish fortress. It was stated in the map guide that guests might get splashed. This was so untrue. The journey was so soothing and relaxing while enjoying the view of pirates setting. There's a place where a male pirate was chased by a woman with a broomstick. It's quite funny how these statues worked. It's perfect. There was another ride which we were supposed to play which was Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril. It's a high speed roller coaster. However, we postponed it first because we had to go to other sections first. In the end, we didn't have enough time to go back here. It's okay, we were still satisfied with the rides we played today.

Next, we headed to Fantasyland. We hop on Peter Pan's Flight and the pirate ship flew off on an unforgettable journey to Never Land. It's quite enjoying because this was my first time riding this type of attraction. The ship flew over a city until it reached Never Land. After that, we took some photos in front of Alice's Curious Labyrinth.

We spent our remaining day in Discoveryland. We managed to play 3 rides here. Firstly, Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast. This ride is inspired by Toy Story 2. We boarded on a slow moving coaster and a laser gun is provided on the coaster. During the journey, we could shoot a various logo plates with Evil Emperor Zurg sign on them and obtained points. This was very exciting. Tapi tangan lenguh sebab pegang pistol lama sangat. =.= Alright, time for the next roller coaster and it was Space Mountain: Mission 2. We blasted off on a spinning, rocket-powered roller coaster ride of the universe. It was really a high speed one because could cause our head to bang backward. After riding this coaster, Anis & Fariz already pening2.. We had a quick rest to settle down a bit. Our final ride in Disneyland was Star Tours. It's a spaceflight simulator for an intergalactic excursion into the Star Wars galaxy. It's exciting but a bit pening2 also. The feeling was real.

Our last hour in Disneyland was spent on souvenir shopping. We went back to the entrance to shop at Emporium. Since this is Disneyland, the souvenirs all mostly expensive. I bought few items such as Mickey Mouse with Eiffel Tower, magnets, keyrings and postcards.

There was a closing show at the main stage where Mickey and Genie were conducting a magic show. We had a quick look before we rushed back to the RER station to go back to the city.

During our way back to the hotel, we dropped by Hard Rock Cafe Paris. The metro stopped at Grand Boulevard and we walked for 5 minutes to reach the cafe. We all bought a t-shirt each before we headed back to Porte de St Ouen. We had our dinner at a Turkish restaurant nearby.

Fuhhhh, what an exciting day we had today! Puas main dekat Disneyland dan bawa pulang banyak souvenirs jugak.. =D

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