Monday, November 23, 2015

Ho Chi Minh City | Vietnam [Day 2 - Mekong Tour]

Assalamualaikum and hello~

So, on our second day, we had booked a tour to Mekong River from a travel agent near our hotel. There are a lot of travel agency nearby, we did some survey and chose which one suited us well. Thus, we took a one-day trip to Mekong. I think we paid USD19 per person. Quite reasonable for a one day tour.

The tour started at 8am where the tour guide named Faraway picked us up from our hotel. Then the bus continued fetching up some more tourists before the tour  really started. We toured around the city first then the bus headed to My Tho region which took about 3 hours journey. Jauh jugak, sampai tertidur dalam bas. The guide showed us the paddy field along the highway. Duh, kat Sabak Bernam berlambak sawah padi ok, kau tak payah nak bangga sangat. Hari-hari pergi kerja menghadap sawah padi.

Ben Thanh market..Syurga wanita..

Vinh Trang Temple - Big Buddha

Before arriving at the My Tho, we stopped at Vinh Trang Temple. Here lies two big Buddha statues. One at the front (sitting) and another at the back (lying). At the front, there is a main temple and some gardens filled with plants and bougainvillea. The exterior was quite nice though. We entered the temple as well, some area required us to take off our shoes. The weather was extremely hot today, thus we only made a 10-minute stop. We walked around this area catching some photos. Nothing much to do here. I think if we're not fasting that day, maybe we had grab some ice creams. Lol.. *dugaan*

My Tho - Mekong River

The bus took us to the pier which is located just not far from the temple. We boarded the medium size boat with wooden interior. We had to adjust our seats a few times to balance the boat. If not, the boat would tilt and we're gonna sink. Blup blup blup.. Hahaha.. It's quite enjoyable riding the boat although the weather was hot, the wind was soothing.

Coconut Candy (Turtle Island)

Our first stop was coconut candy production. Our guide showed us how to peel the coconut by using sharp tool. The he briefed us about the process of getting the coconut milk and later producing the coconut candy. We just watched and listened to him while the workers continued doing their routine jobs. Besides coconut candy, this place also sells snake liquor. They said that it's good for men. Ehemmm.. Tapi ular kot, geliii.. After a few moments, we left the shop. I did not buy anything from here. Our next journey was very interesting. We boarded a horse cart and our next stop was to have lunch at a local restaurant.


We arrived at the restaurant around 20 minutes later. The journey by horse cart was bumpy. We met a couple Singaporean who took the same cart as us. They were very friendly, plus the girl is originally came from Indonesia. So she can speak Malay very fluently. However, he husband couldn't understand any words we said. Lol. Since we were fasting, we just hanged out at the hammocks nearby while the other enjoying their lunch. After lunch, we were given time to do some activities like cycling. Orang tengah puasa memang takde la nak cycling bagai.

Phoenix Island - Crocodile

Next, to Phoenix Island. It's an island where you can relax and enjoy crocodile. Haha.. Spent some times here, watching crocodile, seeing tourists walked on the bamboo bridge and relaxed a bit.

Bee Farm

In some other island, we were brought to bee farm. Mr Faraway showed us the beehives and some tourists took photos with them. My friends and I walked towards the back finding toilet to change our attire. Since Eid was coming soon, we brought our traditional clothes as we wanted to do photoshoot on the canoe, Gigih kauuu, panas2 pakai baju melayu. 

Selamat Hari Raya~

Unicorn Island - Tropical Fruits

Last but not least, to Unicorn Island we went. By the time we reached this island, my energy already left about 10%. Super tired. We need a long rest. Others were enjoying the fruits while we strolled along the area surveying shops and souvenirs. There was a local singing performances too. Optional to give tips. Cepatlha balik cepatlah balikkk..

Back at the city, we had our iftar at Serai Restaurant again. Later that night, we went to Hard Rock Cafe Again to enjoy some brownies and sundae. We bought some more merchandise from The Rock Shop.

That's all for our quick trip. Tomorrow we're heading to the airport to catch our flight back home.

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