Monday, August 25, 2008

Goodbye Apal!

Huk huk huk... (crying fakely) One of my friends flew away again last Sunday. This person is one and only my ex-roomate, Apal or the real name is Naufal. Apal will further his study in Degree of Medicine at Universitas Ukrida which is located at Jakarta, Indonesia. He was supposed to fly to India with his other group of friends, but because of his exam result, he didn't pass to go to India. I think he was quite lucky to fly earlier than his friends. Indonesia is not quite not bad also. I had went to Indonesia several times before, and I like it. The things there are quite cheap and Jakarta also has quite a lot of interesting places to visit.

I woke up at 5 am and after performing Subuh prayer, I left home which is at about 6 am. I drove all along the way to KLIA alone and also used my mom's Touch & Go card to pay the toll. It took about 45 minutes to reach KLIA. During my way. Wawa sent me an SMS telling that she already left home. Only me and Wawa were free to see Apal's flight today because others didn't have transport to go to KLIA.

I arrived at KLIA at 6.50 am and texted Wawa to asked where was she. However, she hadn't arrived yet and so I went to toilet first. Then, I went to a bookshop to browse some magazines while waiting for Wawa. Then, Wawa met me in the bookstore. Later, we went in front of the RHB Bank which is located near the escalator for the passengers. A lot of people gathered here dressing in dark blazer. We searched for Apal but in vain. We called Apal several times but he didn't pick up his phone. Later, Apal told us that he had problem with his blazer. He didn't get chance to wear blazer that day because the blazer wasn't ready by that time.

Then, Apal met us in the crowd and we took several shots. Anas also was there. Anas was my ex-housemate in Cendana a year ago. Other INTEC students who will go to Indonesia with Apal are Wahidi and Isabel. Then, Apal went to JPA briefing at one side of the place and then the pray was recited to pray for their safe journey.

Wawa, me & Apal

Anas, Wawa, me & Apal

Finally, it was the time. Apal hugged his family members before he bid farewell to us. Tears could be seen in Apal's eyes but he had to cover his tears because he was ashamed to cry. Hehe..
I hope he will succeed in his future and become a very respectful doctor. Goodbye!

Who will be next?

School Holiday (Even though I'm not a schoolboy anymore...)


Last Thursday, my family and I went to Terengganu which is located in the eastern coast of Malaysia. The journey from Shah Alam took about 6 hours. My dad drove the car all along the way to Terengganu. Pity him because he drove alone. I want to help him but I still haven't learn to drive an automatic car.

We arrive at Kuala Terengganu at late evening. First, we went to Pasar Payang for shopping. I didn't buy anything since nothing here for me to buy. However, for my mom, this is like her paradise. There's a lot of batik were sold here. My mom grabbed some batik cloth and some kaftan. Other than batik, the shops here mainly sell songket, t-shirt and some other souvenir such as key chains. Only my mom did her shopping here while me, my dad and my brother only accompanied her.

After that, we went to Merang to see the beach panorama. We only went through this area by car and didn't have much time to swim at the beach because it's nearly night. So, we went to a stall along the beach and had our dinner. We didn't eat rice like usual, but only seafood. We had fried fish and cuttlefish. The cuttlefish here were quite large. It cost about RM9 for one huge cuttlefish.

After that, we went to Losong to buy some fish crackers to bring home. Terengganu is also famous with fish crackers. At the shop, we bought a lot of fish crackers, some of them were the plain one while some were the spicy one. My mom also bought the unfried crackers.

Then, we went to Homestay Seri Ibai which is located near the Floating Mosque. My friend, Mimi had already booked the room for us because she live nearby. It took less than on minute from her house to the homestay. Mimi and I had a long chat in front of my room because we haven't meet each other for quite a long time, about 2 months I think. We talked about our favourite Korean drama, our future study and gossiping as well. We talked at about 1 hour before she went home because she said that it's already late.

with Mimi


After Terengganu, our next stop is Johor Bahru where my grandmother's house is located. We went to Johor because tomorrow was my cousin's wedding. During our journey to Johor, we stopped at several places such as reataurant, market and clothes shop. We also bought sata, Terengganu's significant food. Sata is made from fish flesh and it tasted good. My mom also bought a kaftan again. The journey was very long. It took the whole day to reach Johor because Johor is located in the southern Malaysia while Terengganu is in the north.

We arrived at granma's place at 6 pm. At night, my parents went to my uncle's house to help the family with the wedding preparation while my brother and I just wasting my time at my granma's house.

My other siblings arrived at midnight. They used one car to save gas. My brother in-law couldn't join them because his mother was sick at home, so only my sister could come. I slept quite early that night and woke up when my mom chatting with my siblings after they arrived.

Kak Liza's Wedding

It's raining today. The weather was cold and wet...

We went to my uncle's house at noon because wedding always started at noon. When we arrived, not much guests had arrived. We went inside to meet my grandparents and relatives from my dad's side. Then, we had our meal outside under the canopy. The groom also had not arrived yet.

with my mom

the beautiful pelamin

with my siblings

with my siblings and Kak Kira

After snapping some photographs, having a little chat and meeting our relatives, we took our leave. But just before we left, the groom already on his way here. So, we waited a little bit while my brothers became the last minute bunga manggar holders.

Finally, we headed home leaving Johor behind. We stopped at Tangkak because my dad felt tired and fatigue a little bit. So, we had mi bandung as our meal. The mi bandung here was very delicious and I also finished my dad's portion. After that, we continued our journey to Shah Alam. Before reaching Shah Alam, we dropped by my aunt's house at Bangi to give her some berkat (the packed food that were given to us at the wedding).

Monday, August 18, 2008

INTEC Again ... & Sunway Pyramid


gossiping in Mydin

I went to INTEC again today but not only with Wawa & Apal, but with the rest of our gang which included Badd, Azery, Mary, Senah, Pah dan Elia. I arrived at INTEC at noon. I was supposed to be at INTEC at about 10 am because I already promised Pn. Lin to be there on that time. However, because of some transport problem, we arrived quite late. At INTEC, Kerryn and Jiji joined us to meet Pn. Rita to take their result slips. Then, 7M8 members went to see Miss Asiah, their lectuerer while Azery and I stayed in the praying room. Later, we met Pn. Lin in her office and ate her cake. She bought us a whole cake because I told her that we would come to INTEC on Monday which was today. The cake was so delicious until we all finished it up. Pn. Lin also served us some crackers.

After that, at about 3.30 pm, we planned to go to Sunway Pyramid to finished up our remaining day. This might be the last time we hang out together because we won't see each other for a long time. We all will fly to different locations to further our study except Azery and I who will stay in Malaysia for another 2 1/2 years at IMU Bukit Jalil.

Sunway Pyramid

We arrived here at 4.45 something and went to find a place to eat. We hadn't had our lunch yet except Pn. Lin's cake. At first, we wanted to go to KFC but suddenly we saw Wendy's nearby. So, we had our late lunch there. The food served here was like McDonald's food which was burger with fries and drink. I tried the grilled chicken burger with Sprite. After that, we went upstairs to pray.

Apal received a call from JPA when we were in the praying room. He got his placement at Indonesia to further his study. We were quite shocked because he will fly on this coming Sunday! What a shocking news! He only got one week to settle down everything: visa, passport and a lot more! Pity him. His mother was also quite shocked hearing the news.

We went bowling after that. 7 persons played bowling (me, Badd, Azery, Apal, Jiji, Wawa and Elia) while others went for shopping. It's mega sale here in Malaysia. So, a lot of shops were having big sales. We played bowling for 1 game until 7.30 pm. Jiji and Wawa were fasting today, so they need to find something to eat during Maghrib time. Later, Kerryn substituted Wawa because she needed to go out to buy something. We had quite a funny time playing bowling. My bowling ball felt from my hand to the back which cause my friends laughed crazily especially Elia. Azery who was very 'terror' at the beginning finally lost to Apal who had few points higher than his. Elia also at first had higher points than me, but than I managed to overcome her points.

Before we headed home, we went to Jco to buy donuts. Wawa and Jiji bought some to fill their empty stomach due to fasting. I bought something for Wawa and Elia for their belated birthdays. We also bought Apal a Good Luck chain. I hope he will remember us even though he will be apart from us for a long time. We said goodbye to each other and had a little hug. Wawa also bought us half dozen of donuts which we greedily ate them on our way back to Shah Alam in Badd.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Moment of Truth!


Wow! Finally, my A-level result came out today. I sat in front of my laptop from morning just to wait for the online result. However, the results was available at 1 pm. So, I had to wait longer. In the meantime, I have a little chat with Wawa, Mary, Senah, Elia, Anis, Ida, Bella and many more. All of them were curious about the upcoming results. Some said that they were going to explode for waiting the result. Some said that they couldn't get through the website.

I also chatted with Pn. Lin, my Statistics lecturer at INTEC. I asked her about the result since the lecturer knew the result a little bit sooner than the students. However, the lecturers were forbid to tell the students about the results. Pn. Lin did give me some analysis about the results. She said that 188 students got 15 points while only 6 students got below 12. That's a quite great achievement. She said that that was the greatest achievement in A-Levels so far. So, I'm quite proud of that statement.

But still, I didn't know my result yet. Therefore, I took my bath just to waste some time until 1 pm. After that, I quickly checked my result because a lot of my friends already checked theirs. I entered my username and password in the website and poof! My results were shown on the monitor. I checked one subject bu one subject. First, Biology and ...... A! I got A for Biology! That was a relief because I never got A in Biology before. Then, my eyes went straight down the Biology word to the Chemistry word. I read the next grade and it's an A again! Wow! This was unbelievable since I always got B or C for Chemistry. Last but not least, my favourite subject, Mathematics. It's an A again. So, I got 3 As which means I got 15 points. That's a full points. I couldn't believe it at the first time because I never got 15 before this.

Soon after I knew the result, I called my mom to tell her about the good news. She congratulated me and said that she will bring me do dinner outside later. In the evening, I went to INTEC with Wawa and her mom. I asked Wawa to fetch me at my house since I have no car to drive.

At INTEC, we went to HEA office but Pn. Rita, our Head Program had a meeting. Therefore, we went to see other lecturers first. We went to Pn. Lin and Pn. Mimi's room on the first floor of the building. We had quite a long chat in there with them and waited until Pn. Rita finished the meeting. Badd also called me telling me that he also got 15 same like Azery. All the lecturers congratulated us for our great achievement. Then, we went to Pn. Rita's office and took our result slip. After that, I met Miss Mea and Pn. Liza in their room while Wawa went to her mother's car. After having a quick chat with them, Wawa's mother sent me home. I'm glad that all my friends got good grades.

Thanks to Wawa and her mom for taking me to INTEC with them. Thanks to all the lecturers who taught us. Thanks to all people that helped me a lot during my study especially my friends. Thanks again.

I hope we all will get our placement at the respective universities. I'm going to IMU, some will go to Ireland and some will go to India.


Today, I went to INTEC once again but without Wawa. This time, I had to accompany Apal and Sodox to check their result. Once again, I didn't drive to INTEC but Apal fetched me at my house instead. Not only Apal was in the car, there were also Apis, Kaito and Izzat. Apal wanted to meet Pn. Lin to help him with something.

Once again, I went to Pn. Rita's office to ask her about the IMU application. Then, we met Azam there. After that, Apal and I went up to Pn. Lin's office. We discussed things about the appealing letter, JPA and other minor topics. Pn. Lin helped Apal in writing appealing letter to JPA. Not only Pn. Lin, me myself and Pn. Mimi also helped. I typed the letter by using Apal's laptop and printed it using Pn. Lin/Pn.Mimi's printer. After that, we went back to see Pn. Rita to get her signature. However, we didn't get her signature but she said the JPA will call later about the placement.

"Don't worry, you'll definitely get your placement. If not at Manipal, maybe somewhere else. Indonesia perhaps"
"JPA people are quite happy with our A-Level results since only 6 person got 11 points. I'm also happy. No more headache."

That's the words which came out from Pn. Rita's mouth.

At about 6 pm, we left INTEC and Apal stopped at Seksyen 18 to photocopy his ID and other documents. Then, Apal asked me to dinner but I had to reject his offer because I need to take my brother from school later.

IMU Application Form

I'm currently busy with my application to enter International Medical University, Bukit Jalil next year. I hope I can enter the university easily.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Wedding Preparation Photos

Here are some pictures of my family members doing preparation for my brother's wedding. A lot of works had been done for this wedding such as paperbag making, crackers packing, sweets & chocolate packing, house painting, room decorating, egg boiling and many more.

paperbag folding

my mom also helped me

painting the house red

my younger brother also helped

paperbags again

eating watermelon while arranging them in the big container

my younger brother with the useless empty boxes

my mom boiling the pindang eggs

my dad cutting something

I'm decorating the doorgifts for the VIPs

Atih with the Mak Andam decorating the pengantin's room

my lonely granma

posing with table cloth

Umi with Angah

Siti, Mak Induk, Pak Su and be busy with cracker packing

Atih with the egg boxes

small birthday party for Siti and Sufi

Bibik, Anisah and Aiman slicing pandan leaves for bunga rampai

filling the paperbags with crackers, sweets and eggs

Mak Induk arranged the fully-filled paperbags

Monday, August 11, 2008

My Brother's Wedding

Friday - August 8

Today's event was Nikah Ceremony where my brother (Angah) and his fiancee, Shakira will be officially announced as husband and wife. This ceremony took place at Shakira's house at Seksyen 7, Shah Alam. The ceremony started at 3.15 pm and only attended by close family and relatives. My family members (male) wore black baju Melayu while my mother and sister wore black dresses.

Saturday - August 9

Majlis Persandingan was held today at Shakira's house again. Today, we wore peach. This baju Melayu was actually for Hari Raya Aidilfitri later, but it was used today to save cost. We didn't want to waste more money on making new baju Melayu. This event also was attended by our close family and relatives. First, we were escorted by the kompang players on the way to the house. Then, the bride and groom sat on the pelamin with their purple suits and tepung tawar event took place started from my father, my mother, my uncle, my aunt, my grandmother and last but not least my eldest sister. After that, the bride and groom were taken outside to be presented with silat by a couple of boys. After the silat finished, we had our meal under the special canopies beside the house. Later, we had photo session with the bride and groom at the pelamin inside the house, started with my parents, my siblings and later with other relatives. Poor Atih because he wasn't there during the photo session. He was on his way to send our neighbour back to their house.

Sunday - August 10

This was the busiest and the most tiring day of my life. Today's ceremony was held at Dewan Bankuet, Wisma MBSA. Today's event was also Majlis Persandingan for my family's side. Yesterday's event was for Shakira's family and friends. Today's theme was maroon, so we all dressed in maroon baju Melayu. The pelamin was built up on the stage with peach theme. The pelamin was set up there last night by the Mak Andam and her workers.

Early in the morning, after Subuh, my uncle (Pak Su) and I went to hall several times to sent the doorgift (paperbag). There were a lot of them, so we need to send them trip by trip. The other relatives who stayed in my house were also busy with the last minute packing. After the third trip, we prepared ourselves for the wedding.

The ceremony started at 11 am and was expected to end at 4 pm. I had invited several of my close friends to the wedding. I was appointed to distribute the doorgift to the guests. Therefore, I was quite busy during that day because I need to distribute them table by table with the help from my cousins. Actually I was appointed as gift guardian yesterday, but today, all the appointed work changed a lot of time. We rearranged the work to make the ceremony ran smoothly.

The food served today were corn nice, plain rice, ayam percik, daging rendang, pajeri nanas, nangka masak lemak, currypuff, and fruits.

At 1 pm, the bride and groom dressed in brown-gold suit arrived and were escorted to the pelamin along with Shakira's family. During their walk towards the pelamin, the caklempong player played the traditional music. After that, the bride and groom were tepung tawared by Shakira's family members. Then, the feast for the pengantin took place. Later, the pengantin (the bride and groom) cut the weeding cake on the stage.

Amirah, my classmate arrived first at the wedding with her mom. Later, my ex-schoolmate who was currently study in Russia, Jazlan arrived by his own. After that, Senah, Pah and Azery from INTEC arrived and later joined by Wawa. Then, Helmi, Bobby and Azri Marican joined Jazlan at his table. Azri arrived with his family because he had to attend his graduation day at Putrajaya. We had short chat because I'm still busy with my work. Because my friends sat on 2 different tables (one for my MRMS Beseri friends and one for my INTEC friends), I need to change my place alternately to chat with them. Azri gave me a little souvenir from Hungary. I'm glad because some of my friends attended the wedding even though not many came. Thanks to you all.

my INTECmates (me, Azery, Wawa, Pah, Senah)

my ex-schoolmates (Bobby, Jazlan, Azri, me, Helmi)

The ceremony ended at about 4.30 pm. Before that, we had photo session with the pengantin on the pelamin. After that, my younger brother and I brought the presents (which were given by the guests) back to our house. We had several trips to brought all the things back home.

That night, I was attacked by flu and slept quite early than the usual time. I didn't sleep in my room but on the sofa in the living room instead. My brother and his new wife were busy opening their presents. My new sister in-law also not feeling really well that day because she had fever on the day before.

I wish they live happily ever after.

Monday - August 11

Today's event was held at Concorde Hotel, Shah Alam. This ceremony start at about 8.30 pm at Grand Ballroom. I wore back my maroon baju Melayu from yesterday's event. We took our seats at the groom's family tables. We were provided with two tables, therefore we can only brought 20 people with us including close family and my brother's friends. My parents sat at the VIP table along with the special guests.

Sufi (my younger brother) and I

the pelamin

the beautiful wedding

my parents after tepung tawar

the band

We were serve with live band who sang several songs, some about mother and some about love. The ceremony started with the entrance of pengantin and later tepung tawar. My parents once again got the chance to tepung tawar the pengantin on the beautiful pelamin. After that, the pengantin were escorted to the VIP table to join the other guests for dinner. We were served with nasi beriani, ayam masak merah, daging rendang tok, udang goreng, sayur cendawan and ikan goreng sweet sour. We had bubur pulut hitam with vanilla ice cream as our desert. The drink served was sirap selasih.

There are some events took place during this ceremony such as video montage, speech and performance by the band. Before the ceremony ended, the pengantin cut the fake wedding cake just for the gimmick. The cake was not real, it's just a polystyrene with ribbons, really. Each of the guests received a couple of Ferrero Roche chocolate as well as 2 heart shaped chocolate sponsored by the hotel.

Before we leaved the hall, we snapped several pictures inside the hall because at that time, a lot of guests were queuing in front of the main door to take their leave.

Atih and I
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