Sunday, March 31, 2013

PRP Week 23 - Ward 8C (Paeds Renal & Onco)

Assalamualaikum, I hope everyone is in the pink of health. Almaklumlah, Malaysian weather is very unpredictable right now. Sometimes it is too bright and sunny and hot, sometimes it will rain with thunder storm. Plus, many people gets sick due to these kind of weathers. So, bertabahlah.. Take care of your health, drink a lot of water, keep yourselves hydrated and do not play under the sunlight too often.

So, two weeks ago I was attached to Ward 8C which handles paediatric patients with renal and oncology problem. It's very sad watching these kids having this kind of conditions. They are still young but yet their kidney isn't functioning well and some of them has cancers.

Like usual, in the morning I will read through the cases, then follow ward rounds and then check the medication trolley in satellite pharmacy. Plus, sometimes got assignment given by the FRP, usually I need to go back and find the answer if I couldn't find it on the spot.

During my time, the number of patient in the ward is quite less. The ward wasn't full. So I have to clerk every patient for CP1 and CP2 forms. The CP1 clerking was a bit different from the norm, this time I wasn't evaluating the patient for their compliance towards medications, but I counselled them on the type of medications, the indications, how to take and also the common side-effects.

celebrated They's birthday at satellite pharmacy

We also had to attend Pengenalan Perkhidmatan Farmasi kepada PRP which took place in our hospital, Hospital Sultan Ismail on Saturday. I got the chance to meet my batchmates from Strathclyde as well as from INTEC. :)

This course took one whole day from 8 am till 5 pm. 

with Ain from INTEC

from University of Strathclyde - CV, Jolene and Yunn Shuen.. :)
Anis & Mira also from INTEC

Ok bye

Friday, March 29, 2013

Hogwarts Pin Badges

Apparently I have no more travel story to write, so I'll just share some of my favourite stuffs. I'm a collector, which means I collect a lot of things. From souvenir, to toys, to cards and whatnot. So, as a fan of Harry Potter series, I own a few collection of Harry Potter memorabilia.

This time, it's actually a birthday present from two of my friends. This item is quite pricey, thus they shared to get me this. Thanks friends! :)


Hogwarts Crest alongside four Hogwarts houses pin badges! Definitely a precious collector's item for me. They came in a classic wooden box. From left: Hufflepuff, Slytherin, Hogwarts, Gryffindor and Ravenclaw.

5 precious pin badges

Velvet and gold Gryffindor & Blue and bronze Ravenclaw

Yellow and black Hufflepuff & Green and silver slytherin

and I miss this view.. from my window pane in Glasgow.. :(

Monday, March 25, 2013

PRP Week 20, 21 & 22 - Medical Wards

Yuhhuuuu, dah lama tak update pasal kehidupan sebagai seorang Pegawai Farmasi Provisional (PRP). Ok, so after my attachment in 8D and NICU, I was attached to 3 medical wards, one week each. Firstly in Ward 3B, then 7A and finally 7B. 

Being in medical ward is quite okay, because I'm already familiar with drug doses due to my experience in satellite and OPD. However, in certain cases, the doses need to be adjusted due to patient's underlying condition such as renal impairment.

As usual, in the morning I will follow specialist ward round. Then, check the ward trolley in satellite pharmacy and do my CP1. If the discharge medications were already prepared, then I will send them to ward alongside with bedside counselling. Some device or medications need to be counselled such as inhaler, insulin pen, warfarin and aerochamber. So drug like Fosamax also need some special counselling as this is a once a week medication.

I presented 2 cases from medical ward. One was about SBP (spontaneous bacterial peritonitis) and another one is about hypertension emergency. I presented these cases in one day since I missed the previous week presentation due to emergency reason. I took emergency leave because my grandmother was admitted to hospital and my aunt passed away. 

So, what's important in medical ward?

Read these book and references:

1. Sarawak Handbook 
2. CPG Guidelines especially for hypertension, diabetes mellitus & asthma - these are the most common cases in medical wards - for management of the disease
3. Drug Info and Micromedex - to check for doses and interactions etc
4. Antibiotic references (Sanford, National Antibiotic Guidelines)

In the evening, aroung 4pm, I will once again send the discharge medications. After that, I will stay back untik 6 or 7 pm to clerk CP2 cases to achieve the target. 20 cases per ward in a week. Thus, in total 60 cases for CP1 and CP2 in three weeks time.

Posing kat surau

A few types of inhalers

CP2 forms

View from seventh floor

Sometimes I went back at this hour.. 

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Photobook #3 - London

Photobook London
Summer 2011 & 2012

Westminster Abbey & Big Ben serve as the front cover. Significant landmarks of London.

First visit to London, with parents and my flatmates. :)

Red buses and Big Ben

River Thames at dusk

Tower Bridge

London Tube stations

Buckingham Palace, sadly no changing of guards that day. We're so frustrated.

Trafalgar Square and street performers. They said that the performers need to pass through series of auditions before they can perform in public.

M&M's World in Leicester Square. Everything is very pricey! =.=

I miss u London.. :)

Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Little Big Club | Nusajaya

Yuhuuuuu, it's nice being a child temporarily and forget about my work. At least, I can have fun even though for one day. So, before we went into the Hello Kitty Town, we actually visited The Little Big Club first. The Little Big Club is located at the top floor of the building, while Hello Kitty Town is on the first floor. The ground floor accommodates the gift shop and the ticket counter.

The Little Big Club consists of two-storey indoor theme park unlike Hello Kitty Park which is only a single level park. This is because The Little Big Club accommodates more types of cartoon and animation such as Barney, Thomas the Train, Angelina Ballerina, Bob the Builder and Pingu. We went to the top floor first to ride the train. The train journey was very quick and simple. Plus, only 3 of us boarded the train. There were not so many people that day since it wasn't school holiday.

This place has a lot of rides to play, mostly meant for children. We weren't very shy so we played almost everything and we screamed loudly. Hahaha..  Then, we watched the Thomas Train show, basically just a dancing and acting performance.

After that, we wandered around the complex and visited Barney playhouse. There is a playground here and also a small house where you can sit down and watch Barney on the television. There's a big Barney statue here as well. Asides from that, there's a tree where we cam-whored inside a hole below the tree trunk. A mini shelter and a bridge could also be found here, in case you want to take photos so badly.

Barney is a dinosaur from our imagination And when he's tall he's what we call a dinosaur sensation~

*tu diaaaa, ternyanyi pulak...

Then, we headed into Pingu's igloo and managed to grabbed Pingu mascot to take photo with. Inside the igloo, there are a few games that can be played without any charge. It's just like a game arcade in shopping mall. We played the air hockey, bowling and the ketuk2 game. Ketuk binatang when they popped up. Bammm bammmm!

In Angelina Balleria section, the girls dressed up in ballet dress and head gears. There is a dancing class conducted here and you can take part if interested. We went inside just to take photos and posing and posing and posing. Malu tau pakai head scarf tu.. XD

Bob the Builder yes we can! This play area is kinda interesting to me. There's a big playground with triple slides and also some puzzle games. We arranged the "brick" blocks to make a wall. Seronok jugak. So childish of us. Hehehe.. We climbed the playground to play the slides. Since I'm quite big, climbing it took some time compared to children there. Bebudak tu dah naik 2-3 kali tapi aku tak turun2 lagi slide tu. Waiting for the brother down there to snap our photo first. Haha..      

We got a chance to play bumper cars too and the spinning helicopters. We definitely enjoyed it as we bumped into each other cars and then get revenge. We played the spinning helicopters twice. As a consequences, my head became a little bit dizzy.

We had our lunch at a fast food cafe there since our stomachs kept on growling although the time was just 11am. Not even noon yet and I already took breakfast. Maybe the excitement made our stomachs wanting some food. The food price is okay, like typical fast food price. I bought a burger set which came with french fries and a soft drink. The price is about RM13 if I'm not mistaken and the food was reasonably nice.

After we had completed our tour inside The Little Big Club, we headed downstairs to the Hello Kitty Town.


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Hello Kitty Town | Nusajaya

Hellooooo, it's been a long time since I last write about travel. That's because for the past 6 months, I rarely go to travel since my working life has already been hectic. It's not easy to apply for a leave although my annual leave is still a lot. If I take MC also, my annual leave will be deducted. =.=

Ok, this time I went to Puteri Harbour Family Park which is located a few miles from Legoland. Here, there is a big complex which accommodates two indoor parks, one is Hello Kitty Town and another one is The Little Big Club. I went there with two of my colleagues, Zu and Nur. It's not very difficult to reach here, just follow the signboard to Puteri Harbour. We parked the car outside the mall since indoor parking is not yet open for public.

The entrance fee is RM85 for both parks. For individual park, it cost RM50. As a Legoland annual pass holder, we obtained 10% discount thus the final price is only RM76. Jimat2.. =) 

There's not many people in this place since it's not school holiday. The parks targets children as their main customers, not adult or teenage. This is because from the rides and attractions, it's clearly made for children. However, my friends and I thicken our faces and played almost everything. Lol

Hello Kitty Town is located on the first floor. The ground floor is where we purchased the tickets and also there is a souvenir shop here selling expensive stuffs. Very typical theme park, selling expensive things..

So I'm gonna share a few photos in Hello Kitty Town. Say no more, enjoy!

The pinky entrance

Performance by Kitty and Daniel

Performance ala2 obersi gitu..

Heartful Forest 

Hello Kitty house- The house is very pretty with a lot of Hello Kitty decorations.

Jewelry class - we were given a bracelet and a charm each.. but we cheated so we took two instead.. haha.. and it's free of charge.. :)

Cookie class - we didn't exactly bake the cookies, just decorated them with strawberry jam and chocolate syrup.. The cookies is definitely very yummy, but we're only got one each. We want more! We want more!

Spinning cup goes round and round... round and round~

This park quite small compared to The Little Big Club. There's no so many rides here, just the house, forest and playground. I think The Little Big Club is more exciting and fun. What's nice in here is that in the Heartful Forest, we played a maze game. Need to collect clues and then save Kitty and Daniel from the bad guys. 

Gonna write about it in the next post..



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