Monday, September 15, 2008

Buka Puasa @ Kg Baru

Chicken Gordon Blue

I just came back from Kg. Baru after having a break fast with my ex-schoolmates. We had plan for this from last week. At first I asked Aiman about this, and he said no problem. Therefore, I told Hilmi, Wazir and Bobby about this plan.

We left Shah Alam quite late which is at 6 pm. We were supposed to meet Wazir at Kg. Baru at 6, but because of the lateness of the UiTM students, we all became late. Aiman also asked Haris, and Nabil to join us.

The traffic at federal highway was sucks! It's jammed all over the place and Hilmi called me several time asking where were we. He had waited at UM for so long until he skipped his evening class. Pity him. I asked Hilmi to bring some dates so that we can break fast in the car in case we didn't make it to the restaurant. Hilmi had become even fatter since the last time I met him which is during last year raya.

We arrived at Kg Baru at 7.30 pm. We had our meal at Chop & Steak where they served Western food. I had been to this place before with my family. We agreed to eat here because the food were quite cheap and reasonable. After placing our order, we went to the nearby mosque to perform Maghrib prayer. Then, we went back to the restaurant.

Some of us took a plastic of the famous bubur lambuk from the mosque. I didn't take any because I don't really like bubur lambuk. We had our meal with joy and we talked a lot during eating. It had been years I didn't meet some of them. We talked about our past expecially during our time at MRSM Beseri. Our conversation was quite funny and hillarious. Thanks to Nabil because in such a sudden, he paid for all our food.

me with the 'fat' Hilmi

Amir, Wazir, Hilmi, me, Haris, Bobby and Nabil

Amir, Wazir, Hilmi, me, Haris, Bobby and Aiman

Before we headed back home, we went back to the mosque to perfom Isyak prayer. I went back to Shah Alam with Haris because Aiman wanted to go to Batu Tiga. Haris dropped by KLCC to met his sister. During the journey home, Nabil and Bobby couldn't bear their sleepy eyes anymore and fell to a deep sleep. Nabil kept changing his position to suit his comfortability.

I thanked Haris for sending me home and told him to visit my house during hari raya because he knew my house already.

Sunday, September 14, 2008



I already started baking my own cookies for this coming Hari Raya which will be on next month. Like the previous year, I baked cornflakes cookies because it's favoured by most of my family members. My sister gave me some money to make some for her. My aunt at Segamat also made this cookies this year by using the recipe which I gave her.

I woke up very late today which was at noon. I didn't know what kind of ghost had possessed me because I never woke up this late. I started making the cookies by arranging the paper cups on the baking tray. Then, I mixed butter, sugar and honey in the pan on the kitchen. Later, I added cornflakes, honey stars, mixed fruits as well as almond flakes. I put the mixture into the paper cups while it's still hot because it would be hard when cold. Then, I baked them in the oven for several minutes.

It took 3 hours to finish because I did it on my own without any help. When the cookies were cold, I quickly arranged them in a plastic jar. Then, I sealed the jar with a tape and kept them in a box.

Then, I quickly prepared myself to go out. Today we were having a break fast outside at Restoran Kayu Manis Bukit Jelutong. It was my sister's treat.


When we arrived, my sister, brother in-law, brother and sister in-law were already there. We sat on a round table which could accomodate 9 person. When Maghrib azan was heard, I recited the doa and had cucur udang as our starter (which we brought from home). This was because the food hadn't arrived at that time. We weren't given any dates because the waitress said that it was out of stock. So we waited for the food.

Umi and ayah

Along and Alin

Angah and Kyra


Sufi and me

the food... slurppp...

The food arrived one by one. First, the rice, then the chicken and beef, sharkfin soup, fried shrimps, vegetables and the last one was fried cuttlefish. I had iced honey lemon as my drink. I really enjoyed the food here. They were very tasty and delicious, suited my taste very well. The food served here were all Chinese style. That's why they served sharkfin as well.

I ate until my stomach nearly exploded. This was because I'm the one who finished all the remaining dishes especially the veggies. The soup also made my stomach even fuller. Moreover, the drink was served in a big glass and I couldn't finished it.

What a 'full' day today. The food really made me full until I felt uncomfortable during performing Terawih prayer.


Friday, September 12, 2008

Goodbye My Friends

I just came back from KLIA after watching the sad moment there. Many of my friends will flight to Bangalore today. They will further their studies in Manipal. In fact, when I'm writing this post, they are still in the flight on their way to India. Their flight will consume 4 hours.

After Jumaat prayer, I went to IMU to sent my acceptance of offer as well as paying the reservation fee which costed RM 2090. I asked Helmy to accompany me because I didn't know where the admission office. After had a little walk inside IMU, we went back to Vista C to visit Azery at his house. I stayed there for an hour. Azery copy some Korean songs from my pendrive and also movies from my DVD collections. The boys in the living room were busy singing karaoke song as well as playing games.

After performing Asar prayer, Helmy and I went to Vista B to fetch Ida, Aimi and Najwa. Bella was supposed to join us, but she had an appointment with the dentist. Azery also couldn't join us due to schedule conflict with his Korean language class.

The journey to KLIA took about 40 minutes. Soon after we enter the building, Wawa called me asking where I was. Later, I met her in the Food Garden with her family. Then, I met Mary, and lastly Badd. Badd joined us at our table for a moment before he went back to his family table. I gave Badd the cookies I made for Hari Raya to be shared with his classmates as well as presents for my fellow friends. We had our break fast there. I ate Rice with Thai Chicken and Ice Lemon Tea. It's not very expensive there, just like in the fast food restaurant.

best friends forever

my meal

After performing Maghrib prayer at a hidden praying room which is located on the 4th floor, we went upstairs to the departure hall. I took several pictures with Pah, Senah, Mary, Jiji, Wawa and of course, Badd. Then, the students gathered for short briefing by JPA. Badd joined us for the last time before he went down to the custom counter. We had a hug with Badd and wishing him goodbye and good luck. One by one person left the area, all covered in tears especially Munya. Finally, I saw Mimi after struggling looking for her before this. We quickly took picture together and the JPA officer teasing us by saying "sempat lagi tu". Not forget, Wawa gave me a paper bag containing a box of small cupcakes and a small Transformers toy. Thanks very much Wawa for giving me my favourite toy.

Helmy, Jiji and me

the boys

with Mary

with Senah

with Pah

Helmy, Wawa and me

with Mimi and Senah (apsal adik Badd ade kt blkg tu?)

Wawa and Badd (Ida and Najwa interfaming the picture)

We chased them to the Viewing Area (Anjung Tinjau). Then, the girls joined us back with ice creams. Aimi bought me and Helmy a cup of McDonald's chocolate sundae each. Thanks Aimi!

taken form above

the girls

opening the big door (what door?)

Finally, at about 9.30 pm, we headed back to Vista to send my friends back home. Siput (Saffa) followed us from behind because she didn't know the way back. I also saw Joash and Si Han at the side of the road between Vista B and Vista C. I'm not sure whether they noticed me or not.

Goodbye my friends!

Me might not see each other for years from now on..

Should I cry? Oh God, I feel so empty...

Memorable Thursday

Why is it memorable?

Because it was the last day I can't hang out with my best friend and ex-roommate, Badd. We have been friends for two years abd one year as roommate.

Why is it the last day?

Well, it's simple. It's because he's flying to India tomorrow to further his study. We might not seen each other for 3 or 4 years in the future until we all finish up our degree. My degree will only start next year because Pharmacy intake in IMU (International Medical University) Bukit Jalil is in January, So, I had a very long holiday now.

We went to Midvalley to break fast with other lahar members. I arrived at 2.15 pm and I took a little walk in several shops while waiting for Badd to arrive. Only Badd and I arrived earlier than others because they had classes to attend at IMU. They said they will come after Asar. I walked insdie Jusco to survey some new toys especially Transformers but the stock there were very little. I guessed many people already bought the toys.

Then, I read some magazines in MPH Bookstores where I met Seetal Kaur, my ex-classmate at MRSM Beseri. OMG! It's had been years we didn't see each other since SPM. She looked a little bit surprise about my new look. Well, back there in Beseri, my hair wasn't a long as today. It's like Mawi. We had a short chit chat because she need to go to watch movie with her friends at 3 pm. After saying goodbye, I continue searching for a good and nice and interesting magazines. Then, I went to tha cashier to pay for the things I picked. I met Badd on my way to the counter.

After that, we continue touring the mall. We went to Converse where Badd bought a new red-yellow sling bag to be brought to India. Then, we dropped by Topman to window shop. Surprisingly, we met Ass there. He just arrived there and he bought a collar t-shirt. Then, we all went to ATM because Ass needed to withdraw some money. We continued our tour at Zara, Guess and some other expensive shops. Then, Ass left us because he need to be back at Seremban before Maghrib while we went to Jusco.

After wasting some time, Helmy, Ida and Bella arrived but without Azery. He's gonna be late again like usual. Actually he had some work to finished up. We went to Madam Kwan where Badd and I already booked for 6 person. The time was 6.30 pm at that time and it's just perfect to order food for our break fast. Helmy and I ordered Mushroom Chicken Rice, Badd - Nasi Lemak, Ida- Cantonese Kuetiau and Bella - Bojari Rice. We talked so much at that time just to wait for Maghrib. We talked, laughed, teased as well as watching people there. Then, I called Anis to ask about her problem. Azery came, and he ordered his food.

Badd, me and Helmy

Ida and Bella

Azery and Ida

The food arrived stage by stage. First, the sauce, then the soup, followed by the chicken and finally the rice. Then, the waiter told us that we can break our fast now. So, I recited the prayer and we had a couple of dates as the starter. Unfortunately, Badd's meal hadn't arrived yet. So, we just ate our meal first without waiting for him. We told the waiter about the food several times. When, my plate nearly empty, Badd's nasi lemak finally arrived.

my Mushroom Chicken Rice

starving pose from Ida

starving pose from Bella

Badd and I always talked about something secretly especially about the worker there. It's a boys bussiness, so we kept it secret from Ida and Bella. Hee.. Then, we paid the bill which cost RM 143.20. It's not too bad for 6 hungry people (starving would be more accurate).

My comment about the food : Very delicious indeed but please add more rice proportion! It's not enough for fasting people. Poor Azery, his noodles on in a small plate.

After performing our Maghrib prayer, we went to many gift shop to find a suitable present for Badd as his flight present. Helmy droppeb by the Big Apple to buy half dozen of donuts. Finally, we bought a hippo plush toy with a blanket attached to it for Badd.

Bella and Ida

Badd, Bella and me at the gift shop

Then, we headed home as it's nearly late at night. 5 of them boarded the same train while I boarded the other train alone because of the different direction.

at KTM Station (I'm at the other side of the station)

going to KLIA tomorrow with them again to send Badd and other Manipal students.

Teluk Batik Beach Resort

Last Saturday, my family and I had a trip to Teluk Batik. Before reached Teluk Batik, we went to UiTM Seri Iskandar to fetch my brother. It's fasting month now, so we didn't plan to hit the beach.

This resort was quite empty. Not like usual where there were many people stayed there. I think because of the increase in fuel price, people chose to sit home instead of going out. On the evening, we went to Lumut to buy some anchovies and dried fish to bring home. Anchovies stock at my house also nearly finished. The thing about anchovies which I hate is to cut them into two pieces in the middle and remove the black dirt inside it. The anchovies are small and it'd very tedious doing this job back at home.

the view from our room

the beautiful landscape

Then, we headed to Billion supermarket because my brother need to bought some necessities. Hostel life is always like that. We need to bought a lot of things especially food and toiletries. My brother said that the food at the cafe are suck. He cannot even swallow the food as they were tasteless.

We had our break fast at the resort. My mom already paid for the buffet which cost RM25 per person. It's quite cheap because in Shah Alam, you will never get this kind of cheap buffet. There were many kind of food, drink and desserts served. I tried the char kuetiau, rice with dishes (fish fillet in cheesy lemon gravy, chicken, butter prawn, fried crabs and many more). Certain types of salads also were served as well as dates and fruits. There were also several kind of porridge; rice porridge and sweet porridge. I took mango juice as my drink. I also had a little bit sip of the ABC because it's not really tasty and sweet.

with the food.. yum2...

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Happy Fasting!

To all Muslims, Happy Fasting! Looks like we are going to fast for one month again like the previous years. Hope this Ramadhan will bring us peace and joy in our lives.

For boys, please fast for the whole month, while for girls, fast as many as possible because you cannot fast during period.

Most of my friends will leave Malaysia this month during Ramadhan. What a sad month~

Monday, September 1, 2008

31 August 2008

I knew that today's was the 51st Malaysia's Independence Day, but I didn't go anywhere to celebrate it. There's a parade at Dataran Merdeka as usual and it was shown on TV. However, I had other plan to do today which is to go to Elia's house at Ampang because she was holding an open house for her flight to Ireland tomorrow.


I followed my parents to AEON Bukit Tinggi, Klang to do some shopping. The main purpose we went there was to buy a handcam because later in this year, we will go overseas to travel. It might be useful later on. Mega Sale was still going on in that place and today was the sale day for the big sale. We bought Sony Handycam which was sold with a promotional price. Therefore, it was cheaper than it supposed to be. We also had a little walk inside Jusco and bought some necessities. I bought something for Elia as her flight present.

Then, we had our lunch at Andalas Kopitiam. I had Kuetiau Tomyam as my meal as well as warm lime drink. Then, we headed home because I need to go to Ampang as soon as possible.


I drove all along the way to Ampang alone by using KESAS highway. It's easier to use this highway because I know the roads well. The weather was also didn't look good. It was raining heavily. Then, I fetched Azery and Jiji at AU3. They waited for me at a bus stop and I nearly missed them by a kilometre. Luckily Jiji called me telling me that they were behind me. Then, I made a u-turn and then we directly went to Elia's place.

We arrived there at about 3.15 pm. Senah and Pah nearly took their leave because they had been there for an hour. Senah also had some plan with her mom. Elia sent them to the nearest LRT station while we, the boys ate the food there. I ate spagetti, as well as nasi minyak. Azery loved the apam very much and he ate 4 of them. Later, Elia's other friends arrived. They were Elia's ex-schoolmates. I wonder why all Elia's friends are mostly boys. Hee...

We had a little chit chat and when the time was nearly reached 5 pm, we took our leave because I had other place to go with my sister after this. We took some pictures in front of Elia's house. I couldn't come to KLIA tomorror to send her off.

Azery, Elia and Jij

me, Elia and Jiji

me, Elia and Azery

After sending Azery and Jiji home, I drove fastly to my home. I took half an hour to reach home.

Eye on Malaysia

When I arrived at home, I quickly perform my Asar prayer and had a quick bath because my body was very sweaty due to the hot environment inside Elia's house. Then, my sister and her husband came and we directly went to Eye on Malaysia which is located at Tasik Titiwangsa.

Today was the last day to ride this big wheel because this thing will be move dto somewhere else after this. The banner said that in October, the Eye on Malaysia will be placed at Malacca. Not so many people were queuing to buy tickets. It costed RM15 for an adult.

my brother and I

queuing for ticket

Then, the time has come. It's our turn to ride this wheel for the last time at Titiwangsa. The cabin is air-conditioned and I loved the cold environment inside it. We were rotated up in the air for about 6-7 turns, I also didn't remember. We took several pictures inside it and also the view outside. This wheel is located just beside Istana Budaya.

with my sister

Eye on Malaysia at night

I bought a fridge magnet as souvenir which costed me RM4. That was cheap. Then, we had our dinner at Chop n Stick at Kampong Baru. We had Western meal. I ordered mix steak along with apple juice.

Then, we went to my sister's house at Puncak Perdana. My brother and I slept there overnight. My brother played PSP and PS2 there while I was busy transforming the Transformers toys owned by my brother in-law.

so many Optimus Prime!


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