Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Farm in the City @Seri Kembangan

Assalamualaikum dan Salam ceria semua~

Located in Seri Kembangan, just behind the Giant hypermarket, this place ain't Farmville where you can plant your crops and harvest them. Instead it's some sort of mini zoo with some animals and vegetation. The entrance fee is RM30 for adult and RM25 for children and senior citizen. Or was it RM20? I think RM25. There's a family package as well for RM109 where you'll be given  entrance for 2 adult and 2 children, 4 free drinks (2 box drinks and 2 Vitagen). RM10 food voucher, and also 2 free pony rides for the kids. Quite a good deal actually.

That day five of us went there; me, Umi, Ayah, and the two kiddos Icha and Iman. We went in the morning to avoid the hot sun at noon and the kiddos are kinda puteri lilin as well. Hehehe. 

The farm is divided into several parts. Firstly, we entered an area with a lot of tortoises and turtles. There's 2 giant tortoises where we feed them with vegetables. We can ask the veggies from the carer there. The kids seems to enjoy this activities.

Then me moved to the Birds Farm. Some birds that could be found here includes peacock, small birds, chickens, ducks and few other birds. All birds. We can feed them as well. All animals can be feed in this farm. Quite nice actually.

After that we continued our tour to Savannah. Here resides the deer, goats, chickens with a lot of feathers, a couple of wallabies and a big goat. The goats were so hungry until they stand in the two feet just to grab the veggies from our hands. Very very very greedy.

Next, to the Longkang Fishing. They provides nets and small pails in case the kids wanna catch the fishes. The fishes are very small and quite difficult to grab since they swim at the bottom of the longkang. Icha enjoyed playing with the water while I bugged her telling to go to the rabbits faster. Because I didn't want to get wet with the splash.

The rabbit farm is located just beside the longkang. Here lies a lot of tame rabbits and guinea pigs. They are so cute but not very clean and smooth. Their furs were wet. Only a few were totally clean. When we held the veggies, a lot came around us. So cute and nice and one rabbit bit Iman's finger. Maybe she was too happy feeding the rabbits.

Then we went to feed the fishes and swans at the lake. A lot fishes, a lot bigger than in the longkang. The swans were pretty and clean. A few ducks roamed around here as well. The fished struggle to eat the food we threw at them, vigorously. I think the swan fought with the fishes as well.

Butterfly Farm is located near the lake. A few butterflies could be seen. There's an owl as well. Niceeee.. Harry Potter is coming. Haha.. We went inside for a quick walk only since this place wasn't interesting.

Finally we went to the Exhibition Hall where more animals are placed such as snakes, giant rabbit, scorpions, beaver, and many others. After that, we brought the kids for a pony ride. Since we got the free tickets, the two kids rode the pony happily. At first they were so scared but after we comforted them, they truly enjoyed it and asking for more. 

There's a souvenir shop and photo booth at the entrance/exit. We could view the photos taken by the photographer there and purchased them. There's a restaurant here too.

That's all for my farming story.

Till then, bye~

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