Friday, February 24, 2012

UK Stamps Collection

I bought these stamps from Royalmail website recently. Just for fun, I'm not a real stamp collector by the way. I have no plan on using them. So precious. Will be keeping them as UK souvenir..


Roald Dahl's The BFG

Thomas & Friends

Olympic & Paralympic London 2012

UK Attractions

The Royal Wedding - Prince William & Kate

Magical Realms - Harry Potter and The Chronicle of Narnia
I bought a lot of these just to use them for postcards. 

Niceeeeeee.... XD

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Happy Birthday Imani!

Happy first birthday to my lovely and cuddly niece, Imani yang tembam! 

Uncle rindu sangat kat Imani, bila skype je Imani selalu jerit2.. Uncle tak paham.. hahaha..
InsyaAllah uncle akan balik dalam masa beberapa bulan. Tunggulah ye.. XD

I love you just the way you are..

Oh, her eyes, her eyes, make the stars look like they're not shining
Her hair, her hair, falls perfectly without her trying
She's so beautiful, and I tell her every day..

*eh, tetiba feeling Bruno Mars pulak kan!*

Semoga comel2 selalu!

dan jadi anak yang solehah..


Isn't she lovely?

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wordless Wednesday #6

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Hansel & Gretel Opera

Last night was our first time experiencing Scottish Opera. It was awesome!

The title was Hansel & Gretel and I'm pretty sure most people knew this fairy tale from their childhood. The thing that I remembered most about this story is the delicate house made from cookies, sweets and pastries.

So after class yesterday, we headed to Theatre Royal Glasgow which is located at Hope Street not so far from Cineworld. The weather was a bit chilly as usual. The show started at 7.15 pm but we reached there early to collect our tickets. The ticket costs £10 per person (for group + student). So it's like we got double discount.Our seats were at the top balcony and the view was quite good actually. We could see the whole sets and the theatre itself is not very big. Most of the viewers were the elders. You we were like kanak2 sekolah here. Lol

Theatre Royal - Balcony View


Anis met her Scottish Edward

Plot summary:

Hansel and Gretel are getting under their mother's feet and, at the end of her tether, she sends them into the woods to collect strawberries. As darkness falls, they realise they are lost. Terrified, they spend the night on the forest floor. Next morning, to their amazement, they discover a house made of sweets and are soon helping themselves, unaware that are falling straight into a trap set by the fabled Wicked Witch..
- from the leaflet

We were mistaken this show as a theatre performance but instead it was actually an opera. So the scripts were all fully sung by the casts. The sets were simply gorgeous. From the house, to the wood and finally to the candy house. The vocals were terrific as well. But because they sang it in a soprano manner, sometimes we accidentally laughed.. XD

The show finished at 9.20 pm and we had our dinner at Chilli Grill right after that. This restaurant is located at the end of Sauchiehall Street. The food was awesome! I love the buffalo sauce so much! The chicken was good too! But the coleslaw was quite hard. Me no likey~

Half chicken with fries and coleslaw.

What a night. We surely enjoyed it to the max! =)

Alhamdulillah.. Lepas ni boleh fokus siapkan assignment pulak.. XD

Monday, February 6, 2012

Malaysian Night 2012

After months of waiting, practicing and organising, finally our Malaysian Night event came true. We had a splendid time that night which was so colourful and joyful. I hope everyone enjoyed our shows that night. We brought Malaysia to Glasgow just to eliminate our homesickness feeling towards our home..

The night started off with a video presentation showing the most interesting places to visit in Malaysia and then followed by our national anthem. All guests rose and we sang the national anthem proud-fully. Guest attendance was quite overwhelming with most of the Malaysian came along with a few locals. That's included our beloved lecturers and juniors.

After the welcoming speech by the masters of ceremonies (Anil, Tracy & Kumar), the first performance was a Malay dance. The dance was very graceful and full of lenggang-lenggok. Sangat kemelayuan. The dancers all dressed in purple tops with deep pink scarves. There were 8 dancers in this dance. Alex and Syifaa also got the chance to be on the stage to give a quick welcoming speech.

Soon after the dance, the guests were invited to queue up for dinner. Buffet style dinner. We served a wide variety of food from Malay, Chinese and Indian cuisine. I happened to be in charged of food department so I had to work as a food server. I was assisted by a few others like Anis, Zi Fen and Choo Wei. Malay food consists of tomato rice, ayam masak merah, salad, pajeri nanas and ondeh-ondeh. Chinese food includes the egg fried rice, fried noodles, black pepper chicken, sweet and sour chicken, mixed vegetables and a few desserts while there were a couple of Indian food such as butter chicken and poppadom. There were all so scrumptious and delicious. I hope the locals didn't find them too spicy. Because Ian Towle said that the food was really spicy.. >.<

Choir performance took place right after the guests had finished their meals. The songs performed includes Satu Malaysia and Rasa Sayang. The stage was very happening especially during the solo parts.

The Indian dance was great as well! It was performed in a very energetic way. Well, it was choreographed by a friend from India. No wonder it looked so nice and original! Only 6 people performed this dance. According to them, half of the dancers backed out from the dance a few weeks ago. However, it was still great though.

We had a game session after that. The games department had arranged three games which required participation from the audiences, the Scottish preferably. We had a few rounds of tofu transfering game, skipping ropes and limbo. Three of our lecturers participated in these games. They were so cool and sporting! The winner got their rewards too which was a box of chocolate each.

Since we did not planned for Chinese dance performance, we had replaced it with hip hop instead. We performed Born This Way followed by dance break before it was resumed by Tell Me Your Wish by Girls' Generation. I know it's a K-pop song but it was still nice to perform.. =)  I joined the later one. The amount of people joining the hip hop dance was quite a lot compared to the other two dances.

We had our own flash mob as well. It started off with Judas followed by Party Rock Anthem and Bad Romance. Fashion show took place right after the flash mob. I joined both flash mob and fashion show so it was quite rushing for me to get changed. I was a bit sweaty before the fashion show. =.= I wore a light brown baju melayu with samping and I was paired with Bee when doing the catwalk.

The night ended with a round of applause by the audiences and the emcees thanked the guests for coming to this wonderful event before bidding goodbye.

Post Malaysian Night photos:

Of course we had to stay back to clean up the mess after all the guests had left the hall. Towards the end we all sang Pharmacy song which we learned from IMU.

It was a very successful event. Even though only a few locals from our batch turned up, we still got the support from other batches and our juniors likewise. Thank you very much for your help! We really appreciate it. =)

Great job P109! =D

Alhamdulillah, everything went well during the event. There's no accident whatsoever and everything went smoothly.. 

Kita satu bangsa, kita satu negara, kita satu matlamat ooooo

Kita satu bangsa, kita satu negara, kita satu Malaysia~

*Thanks Sean & Alson for the awesome photos! I couldn't blog without those photos.. =)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Joe's Belated Birthday

Peristiwa ini berlaku pada Sabtu lepas. Sebenarnya Joe nak buat usrah tengah hari tu, tapi kitorang barge in rumah dia pagi2 pukul 9 untuk buat surprise. Surprise tak surprise, memang surprise kau. Kesian Joe terpaksa bangun awal. Malam tadi pulun buat assignment sampai pukul 4 pagi katanya.

Sampai bilik Joe, kemas2 sikit then potong kek. Syed Faiz beli kek, kitorang bawak cupcakes yang dibuat pada malam sebelum tu. Kenyang jugak breakfast kek ni..

Lepas tu usrah kejap. Tajuk pasal "Ideologi Masa Kini" yang mencakupi nationalism, sekularism, kapitalism, sosialism dan komunism. Topik agak kesejarahan sikit. 

Lepas tu sambung selebrasi kat Chilli Cottage. Dekat je, jalan kaki dari rumah Joe. Konsep ala2 Chicken Cottage tapi kat sini ada jual makanan pakistan sekali. Ada kari, kebab dan lain2. Sempat makan pizza je lepas tu terpaksa minta diri untuk praktis nari2 kat Vertigo. Burger pun tapau masuk dalam beg. Alhamdulillah..

Apa2 pun, 

Happy Birthday Joe!
Semoga panjang umur, murah rezeki & diberkati dunia dan akhirat.
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