Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Nampaknya adik-beradik I dah discover game baru kat Facebook.. Game pasal kereta & pembengkelan yg bernama CarTown..

Layan gak la main game ni.. Bleh design2 kereta lumba sendiri.. Then kereta2 ni bleh guna utk enter showroom, deliver pizza dan road trip..

At least bleh la isi masa yg tersangat lapan dlm masa sebulan dua ni.. ^^

Inilah bengkel I.. pekerja2 I terdiri daripada adik-beradik sendiri.. hahaha...

My first car.. Design Pikachu & Pichu.. Cute tak???

My second car. Honda Accord.. Design? IMU jorh.. mst IMU bgga dapat student mcm I ni.. hahaha...

Ni dah xde idea

Ni plak kereta KFC..

Selain itu, bleh gak main race2 dgn kawan2.. sape menang dapat duit 500... Bleh guna utk upgrade kereta sndiri..

vroommm... vroommmm...

Monday, September 27, 2010

Penang Trip

This was the most precious moment of my life. Finally our Geng Lahar managed to go on a trip for the very first time together. We chose Penang this time because I heard that Penang is a food heaven for tourists (yeaa right! *roll eyes*). Since all of us have dragon stomachs, Penang sounds so tempting.

Day 1

We started our journey from Vista Komanwel, Bukit Jalil. We took LRT to Bandar Tasik Selatan and continued our journey to LCCT by using ERL & bus. Oh yea, we started our journey on Friday afternoon after everyone got back from their classes. I didn't have afternoon class that day, but Ida, Bella, Lukman & Azery had.

The flight journey was short. Less than one hour. Iyela, domestik je pun.. We checked-in our budget hotel (Broadway Budget Hotel) at Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling, Georgetown. After we settled down a bit, we went out to hunt down restaurant nearby because we were so effing hungry at that time. So we found this Restoran Kapitan. The tandoori chicken is so delicious! Please try it! Memang mencanak2 makan malam tu, siap order dua kali! We were so pelahap at that time because of the kesedapan. The tandoori was served with naan (but need to order separately).

Back in our hotel, we planned for our activities tomorrow before we blacked out on a nice comfy beds.

Day 2

We were planning to rent a car in the morning, but the hotel receptionist said that we better rent it in the afternoon because if we calculated it on a 24-hour basis, we could return the car next day noon as well. So it rounds very reliable. In the morning, we had a walking tour around Georgetown visiting a lot of temples and mosque. Snapped some photos here and there and the weather was kinda warm. The places that we visited today were Masjid Kapitan Keling, Cheah Kongsi, Masjid Melayu Lebuh Acheh and many others. By the way, we learned about this places from many brochures that we took from the airport yesterday. They were really helpful!


Fort Cornwallis is a fort obviously. Like A'Famosa in Malacca. There are a lot of cannons placed here and at that time, there was some sort of event there. Maybe a family day of a company or whatnot. There's a lame magic show performed by a lad. It's very lame you know, the tricks are ridiculously stupid. The weather was extremely challenging today, we were drowned in our own sweat.


We went to a lot of Kongsi. It's a historical place for Chinese I think. The designs are quite the same for each kongsi. Kongsi kongsi kong sini~ *tetiba nyanyi kan, nanti kena sepak baru tau*

We really walked a lot in the town. From the town centre up till the seaside at Tanjong City Marina. We were looking for a place to have lunch actually, but mostly the restaurants didn't serve halal food. =.=

Then we walked back to Padang Kota Lama and had Rojak Pasembur and Cendol there. OMG, today was the most f****d up day of my life! We were charged RM100+ for a tray of pasembur! What the hell?? About RM20 for each person. This was utterly rubbish! I already knew about this story when I read newspaper few weeks before but I wasn't sure that it was too real. By the way mamak, your rojak taklah sedap mana pun! We didn't really finished it and plus we messed up the table with the sauce. Serve you right! Mencarot2 kitorang dibuatnya! So the lesson for today is "please ask the price first before taking the food".

Still emo-ing with the rojak incidence, we drove to Kek Lok Si Temple. It was hard to find a parking here but finally we managed to find one. Kek Lok Si is the biggest Buddhism Temple in Penang I think. Because it is really huge and is located up the hill. We had to climbed hundreds of stairs to reach the temple with a lot of tempting souvenir shops along the way up.


On our back downhill, we bought several souvenirs. I bought a few fridge magnets for myself and my family. The price was okay la, RM10 for 3 or 4 like that. Wanna buy I PG t-shirts but in the end didn't buy one.

Our next agenda, Lukman drove to Wat Chayamangkalaram which is located in the city itself. *eh, kejap pakai city, kejap pakai town*. It is obviously a Thai Buddhism temple and we could simply know it from the name of the temple. We entered the wat shoeless, and took photes here and there. A lot of candles were provided at a price to worship the God. Not our God, so we didn't care.

After mangkalaram around, we headed to my favourite spot, Toy Museum which is located at Tanjung Bungah. The entrance fee is RM10 and it was quite worthy. I tell you, there are A LOT OF TOYS here! Suits me well with my childish heart. LOL.

Not just toys, this museum also exhibits 1:1 scale of figure such as Prince Caspian, Spiderman, Batman, Ninja Turtles and many more. The toys include Pokemon, Harry Potter, Gundam, Transformers, Barbie, Disney cartoons, Marvel cartoons and a lot more. If I list down everything, you will be bored.


Since Tanjung Bungah is located just beside Batu Ferringhi, we decided to find a place for dinner. It's very difficult to find seafood restaurant served by Malays here because mostly the restaurants are belong to foreigners. I think we had fried kuetiau as our dinner as a small restaurant there. Then we had a walk along the beach, dirtying our shoes. We enjoyed watching sunset here. There were horses around in case you wanna ride them but I'm sure it's expensive.

Next stop, Queensbay! We came here to enjoy the night life here. Not a wild nightlife okay, but sopan-santun one. I called Jah to ask her which place is good for dinner *dinner again! yeayyy!*, and she suggested Hammer Bay. So we went there and had our seafood heaven. After making our belly buncit, we went back to Queensbay area and bought some fruit rojak and more souvenirs from the many stalls opened there. Pedas wooo rojak buah dia! We sat on the rocks while enjoyed the cold breeze came from the sea. Bayu laut ke bayu darat? Siapa terer geografi mesti reti jawab...


Day 3

Today was my turn to drive. Our theme for today was 'love the nature'. Ewaahh, gedik pulak, nak kena tumbuk? By the way, the car was not a manual car, it's an auto. So officially, today was the 2nd time I drive an auto car becase I rarely drive an auto. At home, I drive manual only okay.. The first time I drove an auto was at Langkawi with Lukman and Azery somewhere in April.

After having roti as breakfast, I drove to Taman Negara Pulau Pinang (Penang National Park). It is located somewhere further upper than Batu Feringghi, and I had to drove on the long and winding roads. Sangat mencabar okay!

We bought the tickets for canopy walk. Entrance to the national park is free, but you have to write down your name before hiking inside. Hiking ke? Jalan sudehhh...


We spent few hours inside the park enjoying the beautiful nature created by Allah. Subhanallah, the nature are indeed very cooling and beautiful. We had our canopy walk and rested a bit near the small stream came from a waterfall. There's a lot of mosquito as well. And then the rain fall down. 

Tokong Ular was our last stop before we headed to the airport. The road to the temple was quite confusing, I kept on changing directions to reach here. Snake Temple is a temple filled with snakes. I also don't know the reasons behind the snake existence. But you could take photos with the large python inside the temple.


I really enjoyed this trip very very much. I really appreciated you guys especially  in making this trip a dream come true. Your co-operations are highly appreciated as well.

Next trip together, any idea??

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dua hari bersama Badd

Semalam dah bercerita pasal beraya kat rumah Cipak kan? So hari ni nak story pasal outing kitorang semalam pulak. Outing ini melibatkan 6 sekawan yang cukup akrab dan tidak menimbulkan sebarang masalah dalam persahabatan.

Pada jam 8 pagi hingga Asar, I dan Badd menghabiskan banyak masa untuk tidur dan online sekali-sekala. Oleh sebab I tidur kat rumah Badd malam semalam, so segala akitiviti I serahkan kepada Badd termasuklah bila nak bertolak keluar untuk berjimba2..

Finally, kitorang decide nak keluar lepas Asar dan juga menunggu Lukman & Ajery pulang dari kelas ugama *CSU*.. Selepas solat Asar di rumah Lukman, kami berlima bertolak ke Midvalley melalui Jalan Kelang Lama. Hanya Ida seorang saja wanita sebab Bella sudahpun berada di Midvalley bersama BFFnya yang bernama Bell.

Separuh masa pertama dihabiskan untuk menemani Ajery mencari selipar lawa serta payung. Then, lepak2 kat Zen makan kek kononnya nak isi perut sebab semua tgh lapar. Tak boleh dinner dulu sebab nak tunggu Lukman buka puasa. Gigih ko puasa ek Lukman..

Then dinner kat Belanga, masakan Melayu.. Antara makanan yang diorder malam tadi ialah Nasi Kerabu Beef Tenderloin, Nasi Dagang, Nasi Goreng Belacan, Mi Kari, Mi Bandung, Lompat Tikam dan juga air pelbagai warna dan perisa. Then Bella & Bell join kitorang untuk borak2.

Ida muka bangga sebab dapat menghanjeng Badd

Bella menitiskan airmata pabila berpisah dgn Bell sebab kitorang ada agenda lain pada malam itu.

Next destination.. KAJANG...

Nak buat apa ek kat Kajang ni? Lagi hebat dan meriah dari Semenyih ke? Nak makan sate kajang?

Oh tidak.. Agenda utama kami ke sini adalah untuk berkaraoke bersama-sama untuk menghilangkan stress. Kami berkaraoke di MusicBox selama 2 jam.
persembahan pembuka tirai

Sebelum pulang ke Bukit Jalil, kami lepak2 untuk supper di maple dulu. Makan roti sardin, roti naan, roti telur dan juga burger otai..

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Beraya di Rumah Cipak

Akhirnya dengan bantuan google map serta ibu Cipak, kami berlapan tiba juga di rumah Cipak di Gombak. Kelapan-lapan itu ialah Lukman, Ida, Bella, Wan, Jah, Anis serta Badd dan I merangkap drebar.


Walaupun pada mulanya kami berkomplot untuk berkonvoi bersama2, tetapi pada akhirnya kedua2 kereta terpisah ke jalan yg berbeda lalu ktrg terus bersetuju utk bertemu di Gombak sahaja.

Kami disambut mesra oleh En. Amin iaitu bapa kpd Cipak. Hidangan yg disediakan termasuklah nasi beriani udang, ayam rahsia, salad telur dan kuah dal. Tidak lupa juga kuih raya yang tersergam indah dalam balang2 bertutup silver.

Badd serang kuih raya dulu..

Ayam perapan mountain dew cipak mmg kelas!

salad telur pon sodap!!

Memang meriah suasana di rumah Cipak pada malam itu. Bising tak ingat dunia. Tak lupa juga sesi bergambar secara berkumpulan.

Semasa balik, kami ditunda oleh ibu Cipak yg baik hati untuk mencari jalan keluar dari kawasan rumah Cipak kerana jalannya agak berbelit2. Bahaya ye Cipak kereta tiada signal kiri.. Sila hantar ke workshop.. =p

Papepun, terima kasih diucapkan kepada Cipak sekeluarga kerna telah menyediakan hidangan yg enak2 belaka. I like~

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri~

*ini adalah gmbr dari kamera Ida.. Jah blom kasi lg gmbr2 die..

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Seminggu Berhari Raya

Pejam celik pejam celik, rupa2nya dah seminggu lebih I tak update blog nih.. Lama jugak tuh.. Sepertimana tajuk entry blog post hari ini, I akan update2 sikit pasal perjalanan hari raya I di Malaysia ini.

Hari pertama raya kat Shah Alam dulu seperti biasa, then amek2 gmbr famili.. Pastu bila da siap2 makan, bertolak ke Johor pulak. Singgah kampung di Batu Pahat sebelum meneruskan ke Johor Bahru. Beraya2 sakan sambil mengumpul duit raya. First day je dah collect RM400 plus plus.. Meriah sungguh... Tp I tetap kalah dgn Arissa sebab dia dpt duit raya lagi banyak dari I tau. Jeles2.. Nak jadi baby balik la.. Boleh tak?

green theme

Arissa di rumah Pak Tih

main bunga api kat kampung

Bila dah balik Shah Alam, kitorang sambung beraya di rumah saudara mara yang tinggal kat area KL. Alhamdulillah, hingga hari ini, hanya 1 rumah saudara je lagi yang belum dilawati.. Maklumlah, saudara mara ramai yang amat sampai loss count. Mana taknya, umi punya adik beradik dah 10 orang, ayah pula 11 adik beradik. Tak ke ko pitam kena beraya kat semua rumah sampai perut ko penuh then malam tak bleh tidur sbb acid reflux.. Eh, baru teringat, rumah Angah pun belum pergi beraya lagi.. hihihi...

Pada 16 September, rumah I mengadakan rumah terbuka Aidilfitri. Almost semua saudara mara datang. Alhamdulillah. Kawan I ada 3 orang je datang iaitu Mimi, Wawa & Apal. Thanks sebab datang.. Badd, bila ko nak keluar dgn aku? Janganlah asyik stuck dgn permaisuri agong je. Spend some time with friend occay?!

Nak beraya rumah kawan2, xde geng la pula. Lagipun I ni bukan jenis suka pergi beraya rumah kawan2 unless diorg buat open house ke.. I tak main terjah2 ok... Tapi Mirah & Cipak ada ajak beraya rumah diorg tapi kena plan2 sendiri bila nak pergi..

Btw, budak2 MQ dah pun fly malam tadi. Tak pergi hantar diorg pun sebab pkol 11 malam selepas I pulang beraya, I mendodoikan diri atas katil lalu tertidur hingga pagi.. Hahaha... See u guys next year ok?

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