Friday, February 27, 2009

Poor Rabbit..

Today, there's something strange and unusual things happened in the park where my friends and I usually went for jogging. Usually, we could see birds, tortoises, mosquitoes, fishes and dog around the lake, but today there was an animal which doesn't belong to this park.

It's a hairy brown cute rabbit...

to make sure the rabbit didn't get away.. must hold everytime..

"crunch.. crunch.. yummy!" the rabbit muttered

Rabbit? How come there's a rabbit at the park? This place isn't like a Teletubbies land where you can find rabbits on the ground playing happily outside and inside their holes.

So, we took the chance to play around with the poor rabbit (play around?).. and also camwhoring like usual.

Anis & Cipak + Rabbit

me + rabbit

bee & me + rabbit

group photo

with two visitors

Moreover, Cipak also bought a carrot from a Tom Yam restaurant nearby which cause a little controversy with the waiters. They thought she wanted a carrot juice, but instead she asked the raw carrot. The waiters also had a little discussion on how much should they charge for the carrot and it ended up to be RM1 for it. Cipak said that she felt a bit embarassed when purchasing the carrot. Then we feed the hungry rabbit, very hungry. We enjoyed watching the rabbit eating the carrot with a crunchy crunchy sound, kinda cute.

I think that the rabbit was released by someone because it was quite tame. That someone must be reaaly stupid to release the rabbit there. The rabbit must had suffered a lot. What is it going to eat? Grass? Stupid...

Then we jogged like usual and before we went back, we hit the outdoor gym on the hill.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

100th Post!

Congratulations to me.. It's my 100th post in my blog..

So, let me just share with you the drama that I recently watched and also addicted to. Can't stop thinking about this drama and really anxious to watch the rest of the drama.


This drama is a remake of Taiwan's Meteor Garden and also Japanese Hana Yori Dango. It's basically about F4, four handsome and rich guys from an elite school. At first, the main character, Jun Pyo (Lee Min Ho) was a quite annoying and evil guy who I think doesn't have humanity and respect in himself. But later on, I'm starting to like him because his attitude was improved.


The girl, Jan Di also is a quite cute and funny. She always helps the poor students who are afraid of the F4. The girls in the school are all obsessed with the F4 members, but not Jan Di. She hates the F4 because they do whatever they want without considering the others feeling. But later, she develops a feeling towards the F4 members.. What will happen next?

Last night, I watched 3 first episodes back-to-back and sleep at 3.30 am. As the consequences, during the CAL session (Physiology), I became very sleepy and felt dizzy a bit.

Episode count:

Date - Episode count
25 Feb - 7 episodes
26 Feb - 5 episodes
27 Feb - internet connection was damn poor tonight.. can't watch anything..
28 Feb - 4 episodes

*Totally addicted!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Outing.. Again.. [the next day]

Today's outing wasn't as havoc and chaotic like yesterday because there were only three of us; me, Uya and also Pah. Today's goal was to shop around the Midvalley (not me of course due to financial matter). I just accompanied my friends walk around the building.

Both of them did buy something and I only bought a copy of Gempak and also a Pasta cooking book [to improve my survival skill]..

We had lunch in Kenny Rogers where Pah belanja me since I'm not afford to buy expensive lunch. Poor me.. ='(

I survey a lot of Transformers toys during this outing. First, we went to Jusco where there was almost nothing in the Transformers section, then to Metrojaya, still got many, then to Isetan in the Garden which interested me a lot and lastly to Anime Tech on the top floor of Midvalley where the loose toys (without box) sold were quite cheap. I just need to wait for my scholar to come ,maybe in less than a month from today. I also got other things to buy such as external hardisk, and also a webcam.

New camera? Maybe I'll just keep it in view. Mimi's new camera yesterday was quite reasonable to buy but I already asked my mom to buy a better and more expensive one, like the photographer one. But then, I was thinking about it. It's tedious to bring along during travel because it's kinda big and cannot be put into my jeans pocket like I used to do with my old digital camera. Poor camera, finally you got stolen by a stupid moron and force me to use my camea phone instead.

We also had a quick tour around The Garden, heaven for the rich. Because the shops there were highly branded. Even the toilet was named Premiere Toilet where you have to pay RM5. RM5 for toilet? I rather ran back to Midvalley to pee... It's free..

I had been very patient during my outing lately because I still got no chance to buy anything for myself. Money.. money.. money.. when will you come to me? Huk huk huk...

Goodbye my friends! I have to wait for another 6 months to meet you alls again. To Apal, if God allow, me might see each other in Jakarta during my travel later.

Take care~

Have a safe trip to I***a (some of them are very sensitive to this country's name) lol~

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Outing... Again...

Cosmo's World

Today, I went out again with my friends but this time, to Berjaya Times Square. Here are some photos of our outing. This outing was joined by Apal, Wawa, Azery, Uya and also Mimi.

waiting for LRT at Sri Petaling

First, we had our lunch quite early because some of us hadn't eat anything since morning. Apal & Azery were damn hungry. Then, we planned to enter the Haunted Chamber but some of us didn't want it, so, we cancelled our plan. We just walk around the Times Square and then proceed to Low Yat Plaza.

lunch at food court

At Low Yat, Mimi bought a new digital camera. Samsung brand and pink in colour. She also bought an external hardisk which was quite cheap plus stylish. It's red in colour and the capacity is 320 GB. Azery bought a new Sony MP4 because his old shiny blue MP3 was stolen by a stupid thief.

Mimi bought a new camere.. the pink one.. so cute!

Camwhoring in Low Yat

When Apal and Azery were busy with their gadgets, the girls and I followed Wawa to buy a dozen of donuts. We ate them without Azery and Apal because we had lost contact with them. They were too busy choosing which gadgets they wanted to buy.

enjoying Big Apple donuts! Yum yum..

Then, we did some little shoping at Romp, Metrojaya, and FOS. I didn't shop anything since I got no extra money to spend, perhaps I'll just extend my patience until JPA bank in my scholar money.


Then, Wawa went back early because her mom was sick at home, like the whole family were sick during the past weeks. Then, we all went back to Bukit Jalil with many obstacles and difficulties. We got lost several times because none of us knew the roads around KL. We ended up making many U-turns in the same place. So funny...

After dinner at the tasik near Vista, we sent Mimi to the LRT because she's going back to Terengganu tonight.

Goodbye Mimi~

I'm star
ting to miss my friends again. I'll have to wait for another 6 months to meet them.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Thank You My Friends

Thanks my friends for giving me these memorable gifts...

1. Pencil holders from Uya & Pah (which was bought from Bangalore, India)

2. Narnia books which I ordered from Wawa because it is cheaper in India compared to Malaysia.

3. Couple t-shirt from Wawa even though it's kinda oversize.. hehe.. =)

4. Toys from Wawa also bought from India

So sweet of y guys.. Thanks a lot!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

This Week

More things happened this week...

1. Outing with Wawa, Apal & Senah

Last Monday, I went to Midvalley Megamall to meet my friends whom I haven't seen them for the past 6 months because they were all studying overseas. Apal studies at Jakarta, Indonesia and Wawa & Senah at Manipal, India.

I really missed them so badly. That day, we watched Slumdog Millionaire at GSC. I have downloaded this movie but lucky me, I haven't watch it yet. We walked quite a lot that day and it was very tiring, especially during the waiting for Senah and Apal to arrive. They came so late, and so, Wawa and I rounded the mall for several times.

I also took the chance to survey my favourites toys, Transformers at the Anime Tech, then I went to the cd shop to browse the Korean Artist cd and dissapointed because Girls' Generation cd was nowhere to be found in the shop. It's kinda weird because the new group, A Brand New Day cd was there. How come the most popular group in Korea, Girls' Generation cd wasn't there in the shop?

me & Senah

Apal & Wawa


me & Apal

part-time models

2. Recreational Activity

Suddenly, I feel so rajin to go to the park to jog and walk with my friends. Before this, I was hardly to be seen around the park to keep myself healthy. I prefer to sit at home rather than wasting my time jogging around the park. But if I got company like Anis, I wouldn't hesitate to join her.

We also tried the outdoor gym which is located near the hillside besides the restaurant. There are a lot of equipments to try, like the running things, the weight lifter and the gelek-gelek one.

Anis & I travelling across the globe

3. Malaysian Studies Bazaar

Last week, the Pharmacy Bazaar was quite a dissapoinment for me as it was quite boring. This time, the senior, P108 batch organised a bazaar at IMU. The theme was '5 Regions, 1 Nation'. The decoration and set were very stunting and beautiful. They divided the area into parts which represents each parts of Malaysia; North, West, East, South and Sabah & Sarawak. They sold multiple kind of delicious food but of course it was kinda expensive. Bazaar food always more expensive than the market price.

5 Regions, 1 Nation

with Azery

with my Oos

I tried the satay, laksa, mi siput, fish crackers as well as sirap selasih. The food was good, got the taste, the flavours as well as the originality.

In the evening, after class, I took the chance to play the congkak and batu seremban (or batu tujuh) with Anis, Ida and Bee. We played for quite a long time for about one hour. It's very enjoying playing these traditional games and have fun with my friends.

playing the congkak happily

Batu Seremban promoters

Ida & Anis

Batu Seremban professional player

Not forget, they served different type of performances during lunch time. For example, Zapin dance, Chinese intrumental and dikir barat.

zapin dance

Chinese instumental

The second day of the bazaar (Photos)

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