Monday, October 29, 2012

Food Trip Johor Bahru - Anugerah Steak Western Food

I had an awesome food trip with my best friend, Lukman. All we did during this weekend trip was eat, eat and eat. We had lunch at Sushi King that day and for dinner, we're planning to have western food. After did some research on Mr. Google, we decided to try Restoran Anugerah Steak Western Food. Lukman said that this restaurant is located not so far from his place.

Here is the address:
No. 18 Jalan Susur Tun Abdul Razak 6, 
80200 Johor Bahru
014-9186407 012-7415101

When we arrived here, there were not so much people. At least only three tables were filled with customers. I think was because people were still in Hari Raya mood so there didn't eat out simply because they had a lot of open house to attend? Haha.. So we placed our order and waited for our food. We were sitting outside to enjoy the coldness of night. But it wasn't really cold but quite warm. Lol

We had a couple of lamb chops, meatball with creamy sauce, onion ring and special drinks. The price was okay and simply affordable.

Meatballs with creamy sauce..

Onion rings

Red & Yellow - yup, that's the name of these drinks

Lamb chop

As you can see, the meatballs was served with strawberry jam. They tried to copy IKEA meatball concept perhaps. However, the creamy sauce was yummy but I think they should blend the sauce first to make it smooth. There's a lot of chunky garlic in the sauce.

The onion rings were fried into perfection. I don't know how they did it, but the onion rings could maintain their crunchiness during our dinner. Even after I finished my lamb chop, they were still crunchy. Yummy!

The lamb chop was great too. The meat was quite tender. I really don't like if the meat was tough because it really suppressed my appetite. 

In my point of view, the food was very nice and I really enjoyed them. The portion was just enough, not to little not too much. The service was great, they sent out the food faster than we expected. Usually, western food took quite a long time to be prepared.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Aidilfitri Trip - Singapore (Part 3)

Okay, this entry is gonna be short.

The next destination was none other than Bugis Street, a shopping heaven for tourists if they were looking for souvenirs and clothes. We boarded MRT from Raffles Place to Bugis Street. Quite a short journey. Oh ya, during this trip, we only used two MRT lines which were the red (North South Line - NS) and the green (East West Line - EW). So basically, it wasn't so complicated to used the MRT. The MRT stopped at Bugis Junction and as soon we arrived, we crossed the street to the market.

There were a lot of people in Bugis Street, it was very crowded. Locals and foreigners likewise. We entered the market but I didn't really have mood to shop since I already bought a lot from my last visit here. So I ended up buying one miniature of merlion and a couple of pin badges. Here, we walked separately, my parents, me and my brothers, my brother's family and Mak Induk's family. This was easier due to the heavy crowds. Bought several fruit drinks here including avocado. It was yummy! =d

Then, we continued our journey Arab Street by walking. It wasn't very far from Bugis Street after asking direction from the locals. We performed our prayer first at Sultan Mosque. This was my first time going to this mosque as during my last visit, we prayed at a mosque which is located at Orchard Road. This mosque looks so beautiful with shiny golden dome. There's a shopping street near the mosque where some restaurants and souvenir shops are located.

Sultan Mosque

Initially, we planned to had dinner at Zam Zam Restaurant but because it was closed due to Aidilfitri, we went to a restaurant beside it. I don't remember the restaurant name. We had lamb briyani and also lamb murtabak. I love lamb! Yippeeeee~

Signboard jela, kedainya tutup.. =.=

Lamb briyani

Lamb murtabak

After satisfying our hunger pangs, we then walked to Queen Street which is located not very far from here. Around 10-15 minutes of walking. Thanks to akak at the restaurant just now for telling us the direction. Our tour gonna ended soon. At Queen Street bus station, we boarded a bus back to Johor Bahru. It only cost $2.50 per adult.

Seriously, it was really tiring travelling under hot burning sun. It made me feel exhausted so quickly and drank a lot of water. But in the end, I feel very satisfied with our short tour because this was my first time visiting Singapore with my family. Alhamdulillah.. :)

Friday, October 26, 2012

Aidilfitri Trip - Singapore (Part 2)

After having lunch and shopped for some souvenirs at Orchard Road, we continued our journey to Marina Bay so the the giant statue of merlion. Merlion is one of the significant landmarks which is a must visit attraction. We took the MRT from Orchard to Raffles Place. The merlion is closer to Raffles Place MRT Station compared to Marina Bay MRT. However is you wish to visit Marina Bay Sands, feels free to stop at Marina Bay.

So, after alighting from the MRT, we headed outside under the hot sun. It was really sunny and hot today. Berpeluh2 ketiak ok! During our walk, we passed by a bridge which was built by Glasgow engineers. Sweet!! Ohhh I miss Glasgow so much! After taking photos with the bridge and also with the statues around it, we continued walking to the merlion. There are a lot of statues which include naked children jumping into the river, mother cat with kittens and a bull with a farmer as well.

There are two merlions here. One large and one small. I took photo of the small merlion first before heading the the large one. We were so unfortunate as the large merlion statue was under some kind of construction. Thus, we couldn't the the water ejecting out from its mouth. However, this feature still could be observed with the small merlion. It's like a small fountain. There were obviously a lot of tourists here. Some travel guides were seen holding a variety colour of flags. This was to avoid their tourists got lost and could find their way home. Lol

We spent about half an hour here taking photos and admiring the beauty of technology. Singapore is really a modern and sophisticated country as their building mostly are very tall and have a modern look. Looks so classy and glassy. From this bay, we could also see the Esplanade theatre and also Singapore Flyer. The Marina Bay Sands looked so enormous, gorgeous and majestic. I really hope someday I will be able to get up there. Perhaps in another trip?


Since the weather was extremely burning, we had to rest under the bridge first to cool ourselves down. Time ni badan dah melekit2 dengan peluh. My brother bought an iced cold coffee. Ahhhh, it was so good having cold drink under this kind of weather.

Next destination?

Bugis Street and Arab Street.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Aidilfitri Trip - Singapore (Part 1)

Assalamualaikum and salam sejahtera!

On the second day of Syawal, my family and my uncle's family joined forces to organise a day trip to the city of lion, Singapore. Since we were all in Johor Bahru at that time at my grandmother's house therefore it was quite was quite easy to go to Singapore. It's not that far. 

After having breakfast at my grandmother's house, we drove and parked our car in JB City Square which is located just opposite JB Sentral. Then, we walked on the bridge towards the JB Sentral to board our bus there. Don't have to pre-book the bus because bus services from JB to Singapore are very frequent. The most popular bus service is Causeway. Before boarding the bus, we had an immigration check and had to go through security scanner.

We took a bus to Kranji, it only cost RM 1. Actually be boarded the wrong bus as our initial intention was to board a bus to Queen Street. If you board the one to Queen Street it will cost RM2 - 2.50. Yes, quite cheap and very affordable. The journey to Kranji only took 20 minute.

At the Kranji MRT Station, we bought tickets to Orchard which cost $3.30 if I'm not mistaken. From Kranji to Orchard the journey was quite long. Almost one hour after passing by less than twenty MRT Stations. Oh ya, this trip was joined by 12 people. Ramai jugak kan.. Hehehe.. Imani was sleeping at the earlier part of the journey. Arissa however became very active. People on the MRT always looked at us. Pongpangpongpang.. Lol

Kranji MRT Station platform

Imani's having fun in the train

We arrived at Orchard MRT station at noon. We window shopped at Ion Orchard first before heading outside to the Orchard Road. Ion Orchard has a lot of exclusive shops and retails. We had a quick visit in Muji where they sell Japanese stuffs especially home appliances. We went to the food court downstairs but the food all look so not halal and very was-was. I also managed to take a brochure of Harry Potter: The Exhibition. This exhibition was held in Marina Bay. It really attracted me but after thinking for a few time, I gave it a pass. I already went to Harry Potter Studio Tour in London during summer this year. It should be enough.

Orchard MRT Station

Girls' Generation yawwwww

Ion Orchard

Colourful statues

Kriukkkk kriukkkk perut berbunyi. We had our lunch at Ayam Penyet Ria which is located in a mall across the road. My uncle dropped by Levi's Store to buy a couple of jeans. He said it's hard to find his size in Malaysia thus when he found them here, he just grabbed them. Two jeans for $180. Quite cheap I guessed? I don't know since I don't wear Levi's. In UK, they sell it at 3 for £100 at Livingston Designer Outlet. Then we walked inside an underground pathway to cross the road.

Ayam Penyet Ria

Ayam penyet

Soda gembira, milo & blueberry drinks

Air batu campur (ABC)

We arrived at Ayam Penyet Ria and waited for a while because it was quite full at that time. After waiting outside for a few minutes, we finally was called inside. I ordered ayam penyet with rice and soda gembira. The ayam penyet good but the sambal was a bit spicy. The soda gembira was a total failure. It tasted weird and it really didn't match the flavour with the one I had in Indonesia. Gagal laaaa... But the air batu campur was good. Sedap je bedal Mak Induk punya. Hehehe.. I'm not sure about the price since they didn't put the price on the menu. Plus, I'm not the one who paid. Lol

After satisfying our hungry stomachs, we bought several souvenirs from many shops nearby. This mall is full of souvenir shops. So just survey which one sells cheaper souvenirs but with good quality. I bought nothing since I already bought a lot of Singapore souvenirs last year during my trip with Lukman and Emie.

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