Thursday, July 31, 2008

Super Junior Arrival in Malaysia

I was so lucky that I read somebody's blog about Super Junior arrival in Malaysia earlier this morning. As soon as I know that they will arrive at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) today, I quickly called my best friends, Badd and Azery. We decided to go to KLIA this evening to have a closer look of Super Junior members. At first, Wawa wanted to join us but she had to cancel it because she had to accompany her brother to clinic. I'm quite worried because at first, I called Badd a lot of times but he didn't pick up his phone. Later I sent him a message about Super Junior arrival today and he replied my message shortly. We discussed about transport and so on until we reached a solution. Azery didn't want to drive his sister car because he is not confident enough to drive it although he already had a driving licence. Finally, I had to call my mom to borrow her car soon after she come back home from work.

I picked Badd at Shah Alam KTM Station at nearly 5 pm and later we went to fill the fuel first. Then, we went back to the station and waited for Azery there. As usual, Azery will arrive late because he always did that to us before. We were quite angry to him but we kept our anger because we gathered today to see Super Junior.

First flight will be from Korea at 4.30 pm and second will be from Hong Kong at 6.30 pm. The first flight included Heechul, Sungmin, Leeteuk, Eunhyuk and Yesung. The second flight included Siwon, Kyuhyun, Donghae and Ryeowook. Kangin and Shindong will arrive tomorrow. Hangeng couldn't come because he is a torch bearer for Olympics in Beijing while Kibum had some works to do. Because we were already late because of my mom returned home late and Azery also arrived late, we only had the chance to wait for the second flight. Siwon was in the flight from Hong Kong along with Kyuhyun and other Super Junior M members.

We waited at the arrival hall quite long. A lot of girls were already here with their blue balloons and some with Super Junior banners. It's quite shocking because only us are boys while other are girls. We waited until 7 pm and at that time, the girls started to scream as Super Junior members came out from the glass door. I could only see Siwon and Kyuhyun. Siwon was in green t-shirt with round cap while Kyuhyun wore white snow cap, white t-shirt and also sun shades. Their skin are so fair and white! I'm quite jealous of them. It's hard to recognize him because of his appearance. Badd and I snapped as many picture as we could. The girls were screaming like crazy and chased the SuJu members to their bus. My friends and I decided to leave as it was very impossible to approached the SuJu members with tight security and officers. The fans also weren't allowed to use escalator to go down to the buses and they took elevators instead.

Siwon (green shirt) walking towards the exit. It's very crowded here and difficult to take a good picture.

Kyuhyun (with snow cap) and I couldn't recognize the person beside him. He looks like Ryeowook but I don't know..

Siwon and Kyuhyun leaving the arrival hall. A lot of fans chase after them quickly leaving me and my friends behind. My friends and I were very shy to chase them. It's weird if boys chase after boys. =)

Pictures from Badd's camera:


Siwon and Kyuhyun

Pictures from Azery's camera : (none as he didn't contribute anything because he was buzy talking in phone)

Before the arrival, some girls shouted 'Super Junior hwaiting' to the cameraman as they were told to do so. My friends and I were very nervous and a little bit shaky during our waiting. Eventhough we stood close to the exit, we still couldn't snap good pictures of them. However, we were very satisfied as we saw Siwon with our bare eyes. I still couldn't believe that I saw Siwon myself. Thanks to my crazy idea and determination, we got the chance to see him live. However, we were quite mad again with Azery because during the waiting, he was busy with his phone call. We felt like we want to give him a punch at his face. We came here not to chat with our friends oh phone, but to see Super Junior. He looked like he didn't have any patience in Super Junior even though we know that he is quite a Super Junior die-hard fan. Only Badd and I were very eager and anxious about their arrival.

I'm quite upset on how the securities treated the fans. The fans even get scolded near the elevator. The securities should know that we spent some amount of money to go to KLIA. It's not free. I knew that the securities didn't even know who are Super Junior. Some of them also teasing the Super Junior by saying that it's like a 'baby milk' name. Badd and I were very angry hearing this thing. Some of them also said it's something related to Winter Sonata. It's kinda funny but I also felt like I want to put chillies in their mouth. They should just shut their mouth up.

During our way back to Shah Alam, we talked a lot about Super Junior. We also thought about where we are going to have our dinner later. We had decided to go to SACC Mall and had our dinner at Secret Recipe. We talked a lot about Korean groups like SuJu, SNSD, Wonder Girls and Big Bang. We also planned to go to Badd's place next months to exchange our music video collections because this might be our last day we meet each other. After this, Badd will go to India to further his study.

Badd with 'omona' pose. He looked fatter than before.

Azery and I

We might not be going to KLIA tomorrow to see Kangin and Shindong because we don't really like how we were treated today. It's also quite a waste of money as fuel price is very expensive nowadays. We don't have a lot of money because during our breaks (transition between A-Level and Degree) we didn't get scholarships. It's quite difficult to ask money from my parents as my brother's wedding is approaching and they need a lot of money to be used. So, we will just wait for Super Junior performance in MTV Asia Awards 2008 and watch them on TV this Saturday.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Funny Conference

I just had a very funny and interesting conference between me and my fellow 7M8 friends (plus Elia) on Yahoo Messenger. Even though I'm not from 7M8 class, but I really enjoy with them. Sometimes, I feels like I like them more than my own classmates. No offense, but it's quite true. They are more funny, more havoc and more open minded. I often go out with them, go shopping, loitering under street light in front of Kolej Akasia and sometimes we had our meal together. I'm surely miss them after this. They are all going to Manipal, India to pursue their studies and Elia will go to Ireland. All of them will study medicine and of course I'm not like them. I'm taking pharmacy. Looks like I will have no one to hang out crazily later on.

About our big chatting, we were discussing about our 'Kelab Janda' or Widow & Widower Club created specially for one who was left by his/her couple. This is not an official group but I really like the idea of creating this group. The conversation about this club is extremely funny, weird and not logic. We created this club after something sad and terrible happened to Senah lately. I felt sorry for her. I hope this club will give her hope and she will continue her life happily ever after. The president of this club is of course Mary who clashed with her boyfriend twice (same guy). The vice president would be Senah. Other than that, Wawa as secretary, Apal as garbage disposer, Pah as Head of Activities, and Elia as fashion designer as she is rich and has a lot of money to invest. Not forget, me myself as Dance Tutor. Even though some of the titles are not relevant, we just created it just for fun. To overcome our extreme boringness and prevent stress.

Even though out beloved President did not approve the title that I gave them earlier, I assumed that she will accept it later. I don't why I join this club even though I never had experience with love. I never had a girlfriend and I'm not expecting to get one very soon. For the time being, let me just concentrate on my study. I don't have to worry about my couple and wasting my money by calling or text messaging her. It's good to be single. Nothing to be ashamed of. I like myself. Besides that, Apal who is in relationship right now also join the club for fun and having no exact purpose. We haven't asked Badd to join our club because he seldom online. I really love this club very much.

Everyday I will do the same thing. Downloading videos from Youtube, chatting with friends (especially Wawa, Mary, Mimi and Senah who online almost everyday). However, the most person who I chat a lot is of course Wawa. We are chatting, gossiping, making jokes, photo sharing and not forget talking bad about others. However, something bad had happened to Wawa's brothers. Both of her brothers were warded in hospital recently due to excessive fever, continuous vomiting and other unknown symptoms. I hope her brothers will get well soon. Poor Wawa, she had to sleep in the hospital to accompany them until she had a spine ache. Hwaiting Wawa! You can do it.

Recently, I'm very addicted to Big Bang, a band from Korea. Their songs such as Lies and Last Farewell are very nice to hear and I like them. Thanks to Badd who asked me to like this group. Because of these long holiday, now I have the time to explore more about Korean bands. I really hope to see my friends soon because I'm starting to miss them so badly.

Suddenly I feel like I want to put some pictures in this post to refresh back the memories we used to experienced together,

having fun at Berjaya Times Square

open house during Aidilfitri at Apal's house

resting ourselves outside Sunway Pyramid

enjoying mycoprotein (artificial meat) during ALM BBQ Night

BBQ Night

homestay at Labis

in front of Kolej Akasia (don't try the pose at home, it's not nice for people to see)

having breakfast before we reached Lanchang for our field trip

shopping at One Utama Shopping Complex

Last but not least, me with my 'kekasih gelap' during Minggu Mesra Siswa 2007

Currently addicted to:

Big Bang

You Are My Destiny
Korean Drama - KBS World 7.20 pm

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Girls' Generation aka So Nyeo Shi Dae [SNSD]

Maybe some of you don't know who are Girls' Generation or So Nyeo Shi Dae (SNSD). Well, I can introduce them to you in this post. SNSD is a girl band from Sout Korea under SM Entertainment. The debut in late 2007 which means they are quite new in the music industry. The members include Yoona, Tiffany, Yuri, Hyoyeon, Sooyoung, Seohyun, Taeyeon (the leader), Jessica and Sunny. You can find more information about them in Wikipedia or in their official website

Back row (from left) : Sunny, Yuri, Tiffany, Sooyoung, Seohyun
Front row (from left) : Taeyeon, Yoona, Jessica, Hyoyeon

Their first album titled Girls' Generation was quite a success. This album contains 11 songs which are:
oo1. Girls' Generation
oo2. Ooh La-La!
oo3. Baby Baby
oo4. Complete
oo5. Kissing You
oo6. Merry-Go-Round
oo7. Tears
oo8. Tinkerbell
oo9. 7989
o10. Honey
o11. Into the New World

Besides, they also recorded several soundtracks for certain movies such as Touch the Sky, If (Taeyeon solo) and Little Boat. They also recorded Love Melody song for Winter SMTown. Jessica, Seohyun and Tiffany also recorded Oppa Nappa (Bad Oppa) song. Into the New World also gets its own remix.

SNSD also seen often in Korean TV shows such as Star King and Star Golden Bell. I've watch these shows in Youtube and they are very funny. Even though they were attacked by many controversies, I will always support them. I don't what others say about them. I just happen to like them. Well, people tends to make mistakes. So, I don't blame them if they do anything wrong. Besides, they are still in young age which is about my age.

I think not many Malaysian knows about SNSD. This is because Korean music is not really promoted here. We need to search in the internet to find out about Korean music. For me, I don't really have interest in Korean music at first but later, I was influenced by my friends which are Badd and Azery. After I was introduced to SNSD and Wonder Girls by Badd and Super Junior by Azery, I started to search for more Korean groups in the internet. Later, I found out about TVXQ and also Big Bang. Now, I forced myself to like them but it requires a lot of time to have interest in a certain group.

Here are some of their music videos from SNSD famous songs.

Into the New World

This is the first single from SNSD. I really love this song. The dance is very interesting. At first I think this is a sad song but after watching their live performances, my first impression was totally wrong.

Girls' Generation

Even though Into the New World is their first single, but I know this song (Girls' Generation) first. The dance for this song is cute though.

Kissing You

This music clip featured Donghae from Super Junior. They are all so cute with their lollipops! Donghae is so handsome in this video.

Baby Baby

Baby Baby is the last single from SNSD before they ended their first album promotion. Even though that this music clip is official, but it's looks like a video combination made by fans.

Oppa Nappa

Oppa Nappa is also called roomate single by fans. This song is sung by Jessica, Tiffany and Seohyun or JeTiHyun. This video is very simple but yet sweet.

I heard that they will be releasing their new single in this month along with Super Junior. I'm hoping tho hear their new single soon.

MTV Asia Awards 2008 Roadshow @ Cineleisure


Yesterday (July 19th), Wawa, Azery and I went to Cineleisure Damansara to attend a very important event which will give us chances to win MTV Asia Awards 2008 tickets. The MTVAA 2008 Roadshow started at 12 noon.

I had asked Wawa and Azery to be at Section 18 KTM Station at 10 am so that I can picked them before we went to the roadshow. However, Azery who is lack of self-timing arrived at 11.15 am which was 1 hour late. Because Wawa had arrived earlier, I accompanied her to have a quick drink at Restoran Al-Awwal. I agreed to gave her a company because she said that it was her treat. We have a long chat and called the 'slowpoke' Azery several times to asked him when he was going to be here. Badd couldn't join us because he had important thing to do at his kampung. His mother need to manage something about his late grandmother's property and something about collecting durians.

When Azery said that he already passed Subang Jaya station, we quickly went to KTM Station to fetched him and we drove directly to Damansara after that. We arrived there just on time and had a little tour inside the Curve. Cineleisure Damansara is situated beside the Curve, Ikano Power Centre and also Ikea.

Cineleisure Damansara

During our walk, we always blamed Azery for being late and cause us to no get a free MTVAA balloons from the promoter. After that, we watch the roadshow which was hosted by a VJ. I don't really know who the VJ was because I rarely watch MTV channel. A lot of Chinese attended the roadshow. The VJ picked several people and asked some questions to them. The winner won a goodie bag and also a ticket for MTV Asia Awards. Because we were too shy to raise our hands, we just watched the event for several minutes because Azery felt sick due to his 'fever' which he got in the commuter on his way to Shah Alam before.

the VJ

the stage

Wawa and I sign up for Genting membership which will enable us to win MTVAA tickets if we are lucky. We were given a voting paper each to vote for our favourite artist. We also can win tickets by this way. After getting bored with the roadshow because we couldn't hear the VJ clearly, we decided to watch movie. Therefore, we bought tickets for Hellboy 2 The Golden Army. Actually I wanted to watch the Dark Knight, but the tickets were all sold out and Azery didn't really like Batman. We also missed Faizal Tahir performance but it's not a big matter as we are not really his fans. We all voted for Datuk Siti Nuhaliza.

Wawa & Azery

me & Azery

Wawa & me in front of the toilet

Hellboy 2 story is very amazing. The effects are all superb! This story also has a little bit of comedy element. I didn't finished my 7-Up because my bladder couldn't hold more water and I went to toilet after 1 and a half hour the movie started.

After watching the movie, we went to perform our prayer and had our lunch at Secret Recipe. At first, we were looking for a Korean food restaurant but we couldn't find it there. We had a long talk during our late lunch. Wawa and I ordered Tom Yam noodles while Azery wanted to try Japanese Soba. We also tried Garden Salad. Luckily I didn't ordered Japanese Soba because it was not really appetizing and mouth watering. It was just a black noodles with a lot of veggies. Our tom yam were much better than the soba thingy.

my Tom Yam Noodles.. slurrppp!!

Then, we went tho some bookstores such as MPH and the Borders because Azery had something to buy which is a Korean dictionary. He is very interesting in learning Korean language due to his madness to Super Junior. However, he didn't buy anything because he had not enough money. He wanted to borrow from us but what can we do? We don't have extra money to lend him. Money is a very crucial things especially during holiday where we didn't receive our scholarship.

Azery browsing for some Korean dictionary

After that, we went back home. I dropped Wawa and Azery at Shah Alam KTM Station before
I headed home.

Hmm, what a tired day. Even though we didn't walk that much, but I felt very sleepy that day. I didn't regret that I didn't raise my hand during the MTV Roadshow because I am a very shy person. We still can watch MTVAA on TV though..

Friday, July 18, 2008

Howls Moving Castle

Plot (from Wikipedia)

The film starts off with the protagonist of Howl’s Moving Castle, Sophie, a timid and unsure 18-year-old girl who works in her late father's hat shop. She has a chance encounter with the mysterious wizard Howl, who rescues her from some menacing soldiers. However, by doing so, Howl brings Sophie to the attention of the Witch of the Waste, who visits Sophie and puts a curse on her, transforming her into a 90-year old woman. Unable to tell anyone of the curse, she sets off on her journey to the Waste, to beg Howl to lift the curse. On the way she meets a magically animated scarecrow whom she names Turnip Head. Together they find Howl's moving castle.


I just watch this movie last night because all my paper bag works were done and I have nothing else to do. I'm not in the mood to play games and therefore I watch this movie which I took it from Badd's laptop.

I love this movie because it is full of magic. I like fantasy story with a lot of magical elements. and that's why I also like Harry Potter and Charmed. This story is very confusing at first because I couldn't really understand the plot very well. As the story goes on, I started to understand who Howl is. Markl is very cute as well as Calcifer (the fire). The turnip head also very cute, kind and helpful. Pity Sophie because she was curse by the evil witch. Even though she was turned into 90-year-old granma, she didn't get angry so often and accept her condition for the time being.

She stays in Howl's castle and later she falls in love with him. She helps Howl cleaning the castle. Sophie is very kind. She takes care of the witch when the witch is powerless due to the removal of her power by Saliman. Sophie helps Howl to get his heart back and makes him alive again while Calcifer still want to stay with them even his contract with Howl has broken.

Overall, this story is so sweet. I love the storyline and the animation..

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Hmm.. why I changed this blog from Bahasa Melayu to English?

I don't know.. I just feel that I need to improve my English skills as I only got 5.5 for my writing in IELTS. Hehe, what a shame.. I'm totally shocked when I received the IELTS slip. I never expect to get that low. Usually I got at least 7 in my class. Therefore, I must do something to improve my English. I'm just worried that International Medical University (IMU) will not accept my application because of my writing is so bad. By the way, thanks to Nabila because she already asked IMU about this situation. IMU said that we just apply first, and then if we need to repeat our IELTS, we can do that during our time in IMU later on.

What a relief...

I don't need to spend my precious RM500 just to repeat this test.

But still, I have something else to be worried..


Arrgghh, the result will be coming out next month which is on August 14. We can check the result online by using PIN number that Pn Rita had given to us earlier during the exam.

Biology = This is a killer subject for me because almost all the questions are fresh and cannot be found in past year papers.

Chemistry = This is also a killer subject as I never got A in this subject along with Biology. I don't know why is it so hard to get A's in these subjects.

Mathematics = I don't really worry about Maths because this subject is quite easy for me. I scored full marks in certain papers before this.

Statistics = Easy but yet tricky. The questions sometimes are not directly asked. We need to read it multiple of times to understand what the question wants.


In this modern world, the ability to use English is very important. It helps us a lot especially when we travel or study abroad. Besides, all the application on the internet are mostly written in English.

Writing my blog in English surely can attract more visitors to read my blog. I really hope that more people will visit my blog and write down their comments on my posts.


I love Transformers =)

Monday, July 14, 2008

Works on Weekend

It had been 2 days I didn't online because I'm buzy with the preparation for my brother's wedding. I helped my sister and my brothers to paint my house and also rearranged the furnitures. These works consumed my whole weekend! Argh.. I missed my Gangstarz because of this.

On Saturday, we started painting the living room and also the dining area. My sister came in the afternoon and brought us chicken rice as our lunch. Then, she and my brother went to hardware shop to buy paints and some painting tools such as brushes and rollers. My sister chose maroon and cream colour for these areas. We painted the house until night came. The time was so fast.. Later, my brother in-law arrived after Isyak because he had some work to be done before this. He brought us our dinner which is KFC. After enjoying our quick dinner, we continue painting the dining area.

paint the house red

Because of the enormous amount of dust in the house, I suddenly infected by flu. I really hate working with flu in my body system. Argh, I'm so tension with this flu. It disturbed my working process. Therefore, I'm retired early to bed and let my brothers and sister continue doing their job. After taking a short bath to clean myself up, I prayed before I laid my body on the very comfortable bed. Zzzz...

The next day I woke up and found that the dining area looked very beautiful and totally different than before. It has big vase of flowers which my brother in-law made by collecting the unused flowers in the house. My mom loved to buy flowers, but she had no time do decorate them.

Then, at 4 pm, my parents came home from Johor. On Friday, they went there to distribute the wedding invitation cards to our relatives in Johor including my grandparents. I didn't join them because I want to help cleaning and decorating the house. My parents brought back many crackers (keropok) and some chocolates as a doorgift for the guests later.

My brother already started to paint the wall at the staircase while I helped to clear the floor which has a lot of unnecessary items. After that, I continue with my paper bags. Only two boxes left for me to finished making the paper bags. After this, I can have a long rest..

My mom prepared us grilled chicken as our dinner along with salads and fries. Not forget, out beloved rice, sambal ikan keli and also tempoyak. I made Sunkist syrup as our drink. Then, we continue rearranging the furnitures and put on the new curtains which my mom bought from Indonesia. Then, my sister and brother in-law went back home because my brother in-law had some works to do.

It's very tiring doing all these works. Now all these works are done, I can relax myself and waits for the next weekend to come because my friends and I had decided to go to Cineleisure Damansara to attend MTV Asia Awards 2008 Roadshow. We just hope that we'll win tickets for this prestigous award. Hehe.. =)

Friday, July 11, 2008

Even Stars Make Mistakes


Here are some videos of my favourite groups making mistakes during their performances. These are not my videos, I took the videos from youtube. It's quite fun watching these videos. They make me laugh so badly. Who can expect that SNSD and Wonder Girls can make mistakes?

No one is perfect plus they are human like us. Making mistakes in performances is surely forgivable and common among the entertainers. Fans can accept that because the overall performance is still great and fantastic. By the way, they look cute! =)
I really enjoy watching this videos again and again. Haha~

SNSD slipping during Kissing You song

Tiffany (SNSD) slipping during Baby Baby. Luckily Seohyun blocked her from falling down.

Yoobin (Wonder Girls) falling down during dancing

SunMi doing mistake in Tell Me


There are also some videos that show SNSD and Wonder Girls playing around during their performances. I don't blame them for not doing serious in their performances but they deserve a little entertainment as they have worked so hard promoting their album and doing performances for many times. They must be very tired get not enough rest. Poor them..

Yoona and Yuri (SNSD) playing with their lollipops

SoHee and YeEun (Wonder Girls) chatting during Tell Me

*I don't own these videos. I just grabbed them from youtube.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

MTV Asia Awards 2008 and Super Junior

Suddenly Badd and I are very interested in going to MTV Asia Awards but you know, the tickets aren't for sale. People can only go there by invitation which can be obtained in several events. This MTVAA 2008 will take place in Arena of Stars, Genting. The thing that makes us really wanted to go is because Super Junior is going to perform on that night. SNSD aka Girls' Generation also got nomination for Korean Favourite Artist along with SuJu, Big Bang and also Wonder Girls. I'm voting for Siti Nurhaliza...

Super Junior


Siti Nurhaliza

But it's really almost impossible to get the tickets. The tickets can be obtained from Zouk, roadshow and several contest conducted by MTV Asia. The roadshow will be held on 19 & 20 July at Cineleisure Damansara but it's hard to get there because I don't really know the way to reach there. I've enter the quiz and hope I'll be lucky to win the tickets. I've already ask Badd to make video mimicking any artist who get nominated which is SNSD because we both know how to dance to their song such as Girls' Generation and Into the New World. We have been practicing this dance a long time ago when we were at our college, Cemara. At first, Azery also join the dance but he gave up earlier because he said that he is left-handed. This makes his dance moves opposite to mine and Badd's.

I really hope I can attend the awards but it's just impossible. Impossible and impossible.. Maybe I should quit dreaming to go there. I also can't watch it on TV because my dad already remove MTV Channel from our Astro subscription. Looks like I can only watch it on youtube then.. Huhuhu.. So unlucky..

Hmmm... there is other thing that I found very interesting in youtube yesterday. As I was browsing Super Junior video, I found a video which Siwon and Hangeng of Super Junior star in it. The title is Timeless. So, I watch the video and I like it. This is actually a music video.. The storyline is very sad and I almost cry (but didn't cry). The story is about Siwon being a bad guy who recently undergo a heart transplant. He kidnapped a girl who turn out to be Hangeng's girlfriend. Then, Siwon shoot Hangeng with his gun and run away. Later, Hangeng died in hospital. Siwon met the girl (the girl didn't know Siwon because he wore mask during the kidnapping incident) and returns some kind of locket to the girl which has a picture of Hangeng and the girl in it.

Here are the videos which I grabbed from youtube. The video is consisted of two parts. I don't remember who upload the videos but thanks for uploading these nice videos on youtube..
[I don't own the copyright of these videos]

Timeless MV Part 1

Timeless MV Part 2

I don't really know Super Junior at first but because Azery and Badd loves them, I'm also influenced to like them. They are really good in singing, acting and dancing. That's why I like them. Plus, they are all good looking.. hehe..

Then, Badd influenced me with SNSD (Sonyeoshidae) or Girls' Generation.. The first video we watch is SNSD performed Into the New World. Then, we learn to dance to the song. Later, when I'm searching for Into the New World song, the song is different. Totally different. Then, I search for more information and found out that Badd's video is not Into the New World song, but it's Girls' Generation... Then, I search for Into the New World video on youtube and I'm very attracted to the dance. More complex dan faster than Girls' Generation. So, we learn this dance also. We usually dance at night to avoid public attraction.. Haha.. Besides, we also dance to Wonder Girls' Tell Me..

SNSD singing Tell Me by Wonder Girls

SNSD Goodbye Stage

I'm sure miss my days with Badd as my roomate and I really miss the song we used to dance together. Now, it's only me..

Monday, July 7, 2008

Kunjungan Azri Marican

Minggu lepas, Azri Marican telah datang ke rumah aku. Dia datang pada hari Rabu petang. Aku memang dah lama tak jumpa dia semenjak dua tahun yang lalu. Rupa dia, saiz dia semua masih sama lagi. Haha..

Mulanya, kami ingin keluar bersama bersama Izzat, tetapi Izzat ada hal pula di Kedah dan tidak sempat pulang. Aku ingin mengajak Helmi tetapi dia pula sibuk melawat Mak Su dia di Johor. Akhirnya aku dan Azri keluar berdua je sebab dah tiada orang lain untuk diajak.

Pada hari Khamis, kami pergi ke SACC Mall dengan tujuan mencari kasut untuk Azri. Dia nak beli kasut untuk dibawa ke oversea nanti. Katanya, dia dah dapat tawaran ke University of Bristol bersama-sama dengan Wazir. Selepas ke SACC, kami ke Kompleks PKNS dan seterusnya ke Plaza Alam Sentral. Semua tempat ini boleh ditujui dengan hanya berjalan kaki. Maklumlah, Shah Alam ni kecil sahaja.

Pada Jumaat, pada mulanya kami ingin ke One Utama. Tetapi oleh sebab Izzat tidak dapat hadir, maka kami pun pergi ke Bukit Raja sahaja untuk menonton wayang. Kami menonton cerita Wanted lakonan James McAvoy dan Angelina Jolie. Cerita ni memang best tetapi pada mulanya tidak berapa faham jalan ceritanya. Efek peluru semua memang best. Selepas itu, kami makan malam di Pizza Hut SACC dan mencuba menu Starbites yang baru. Sedap juga pizza ni, ingatkan tak kenyang, rupanya kenyang juga.

Selain itu, kami juga bertukar2 video daripada laptop masing2.. Antara video yang aku ambil daripada Azri ialah video My Girl OST - Never Say Goodbye..

Marion & Nesty - Never Say Goodbye
My Girl OST

Pada jam 10.05 malam, aku menghantar Azri ke stesen bas di Seksyen 17. Tiket basnya ke Kulim adalah pada 10.30 malam. Selepas bersalam-salaman dan mengangkat beg, aku pun meninggalkan Azri di situ. Setibanya di rumah, Azri mengSMS aku menyatakan bahawa dia sudahpun menaiki bas.

Hmm, lepas ni tak tahu la bila lagi boleh berjumpa dengan kawan-kawan MRSM Beseri dulu. Reunion untuk budak-budak kelas E (kelas aku) sudah pun aku aturkan pada 2 Ogos nanti. Harap ramai yang dapat hadir sebab memang dah lama tak jumpa mereka (kecuali yang duduk dekat-dekat sini).

Rindu mereka semua~
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