Friday, July 31, 2009


I found this video from Allkpop. SNSD sang to KARA's songs which were Pretty Girl and Rock U on Song Battle. In my opinion, it was great and lovely. Yuri was so cute with the 2 devilish mickey girls. Love SNSD!

Jessica, Sunny, Sooyoung and Seohyun sang Pretty Girl.

while Sunny sang Rock U with Sooyoung as the backup vocal.



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by Allkpop

If you wanna pretty every wanna pretty~

Rock your body I say, rock your body I say
Shake it shake it shake it


award yg diperolehi dari Fariz aka Parish aka Sengal aka Gem2

Dan AWARD ini dianugrahkan kepada

1. Nama : Hazwan
2. URL/Web :
3. Email : /
4. Hobby : main internet, bergosip, kumpul transformers
5. Cita-cita : expert on drugs and medicine juga
6. Mulai Nge-Blogwalking : ntah, tak perasan lak...
7. Kota Kamu : Shah Alam

add on award dari orang yang sama

AWARD ini saya nak kasi percuma kpd:
1) Anis Wahida
2) Amirah Sedek
3) Aleen Besh
4) Kembali kepada Parish di Sri Pentas


1. Menyebutkan serta meletakan link pemberi AWARD pada blog anda.
2. Copy>Paste Form Biodata diatas, kemudian ganti dengan informasi pribadi anda.
3. Bagikan kembali AWARD tersebut kepada sahabat2 blogger anda.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Trio Outing

Today, got no class..

So, I joined Anis and Cipak to go shopping at Berjaya Times Square.

We didn't do much today, except for eating and shopping. We had our lunch at Vivo. It's out first time eating here and it wasn't bad. The food was very nice and the price was quite reasonable. We bought the set one because it was cheaper compared to ala carte. Anis and Cipak ordered Baked Fish Pasta while I was more comfortable with Roasted Chicken Chop. The meals were served with soft drinks.

Baked Fish Pasta

Roasted Chicken Chop

We also passed through an opening soon restaurant which was Hankuk Ramyun which is a Korean restaurant. We were looking forward to try it in the future.

Then, we continued our shopping. Anis was looking for new shoes, while Cipak didn't target anything today, same as me. But we all ended up buying something. Cipak bought a new colourful bag, while I, as usual bought a pair of Transformers shop. I went to almost all the toy shop in the mall including at the isolated places.

We dropped by Krispy Kreme to buy several donuts. We all chosed the same flavour which was Cookies & Cream. Before we went back, we had our dinner at KFC.

It's Baking Time!

Hah! Finally, our dream did came through. What's our dream?

Well, we want to bake cookies together. Who are we? Well, actually it was supposed to be me, Iwa Stone and Anis Olsen only, but later Bee Lawson want to join also. She said she never baked before. Wah, this girl is so lazy, even I had baked several times at home. Ok, enough with Bee, let's continue with our day.

Yesterday, after one hour Statistics wonderpon class, we went to Carrefour to buy the ingredients for our cookies. The recipe can be found at the internet and here. Carrefour wasn't a good place to shop for bakery stuffs since there's not so many choices there.

At about 3.15 pm, we started our little project. Ding dong, Anis and Bee came. Duwe was assigned to take as many pictures of us. Hehehe... =)

We put all the ingredients except for fine sugar because according to the comments on the recipe, the cookies will be too sweet. So we just added the brown sugar and eliminated the fine sugar. Then after the cookies were finally baked, the cookies look big and flat. So, for the later dough, we made it smaller and fatter. The dough was kinda soft, I think we should add more flour.

The result was very damn good! It taste as good as Famous Amos and Zi Qian's one. Hahaha.. Zi Qian was our inspiration to start our baking project. Thanks for your delicious cookies that day! Totally loved it!

We lepak2 until all the cookies had been baked and we divided the cookies into two. One for girls and one for boys. The cookies in my house already finished by this morning.

And yeah, we got more left over ingredients and we were planning to make more cookies later.

Yum yum~

Crunch crunch~

Monday, July 27, 2009

SNSD & SHINee Dance Break

Before SNSD performed their hit song, Tell Me Your Wish (Genie), 5 of the group members performed a dance with SHINee.. Quite interesting..

The pairings are as follows:

Hyoyeon - Onew
Sooyoung - Key
Yoona - Taemin
Yuri - Minho
Jessica - Jong Hyun



Like Fariz, I also want a post about D.I.Y. She bought a table, while I bought a glass display cabinet.

Last night, my younger brother and I rushed to IKEA to buy this glass display cabinet. Last week, my brother gave me an RM100 gift voucher which will expired in 2 weeks time, therefore I must go quickly.

We arrived at IKEA at about 9.00 pm, then we jalan2 at the Showroom, looking for the cabinet that I wanted. I also picked a wall clock which was only RM3.50. Very cheap.. I was thinking of buying a weighing scale, but later I was lazy to waste my money on it. I can just asked my mom for it.

I got home at 10.30 pm, then quickly assembled the cabinet.

After about 1 hour, the cabinet was finally completed. I arranged my Transformers inside there, but it was very crowded. So, I just sumbat2 my toys inside it.


Sunday, July 26, 2009


Since I'm an uncle now, I will show some photos of Angah & Kyra's baby.

The baby was delivered yesterday, at 6.30 pm but only today we were allowed to visit them.

We went to SJMC this morning at about 10 am. Then, everybody took the chance to carry the cute tembam baby. She was so cute and her name is Arissa Humaira.
The baby keep on smiling and slept all the time and sometimes, she's yawn. Huaaa...
Plus, her hair is kinda thick for a newly born.. but who cares? As long as she's cute like me *perasan kejap*

So cute! =)

with grandma

with grandpa

with mak long

with uncle din

with uncle lin

with uncle iwa

newly happy parents

in the ward

Looks like our family member increased by one. Lalala~

Saturday, July 25, 2009


Now it's time to lahar~


We had quite a fun and tiring day yesterday. After Friday prayer, Anis, Azery and I went to Midvalley Megamall because yesterday was supposed to be our lahar day. However, something incovenience occur, Helmy didn't want to join us, while Ida and Bella suddenly wanted to go at 4 pm which is after Q&A session. It's ok la like that, but please tell us earlier. Poor Anis, she had to rush to LRT station to met us at Sg Besi.

KTM Bandar Tasik Selatan

It had been a long time I didn't step my feet at Midvalley. The shops inside near the entrance from KTM Station had changed. Now got a lot of dining place there, like The Warung.

Then, we walked, walked, walked, bought our things. I bought an Optimus Prime (the old one) and also a small The Fallen figure. While waiting for Anis to finished her shopping, Azery and I had a quick meal (we shared actually) which was a Korean dish at the food junction on the top floor.

Then, Ida and Bella arrived, they said they wanted to watch movie. We were quicked shocked because we didn't plan to watch any. So, Ida and Bella watch Ice Age 3D while we continued our journey.

Before Ida and Bella headed to the cinema, we had dinner together at The Chicken Rice Shop. We celebrated Ida's belated birthday with a small Chocolate Mousse cake. It was yummy! Thanks to me and Anis who sponsored the cake. Anis bought Ida a purple dotted drink bottle as a present. Ida wah shy-shy cat when we showed her the cake. It was cute! Just enough for 5 people.

Happy Belated Birthday Ida!

Ah, and today got a lot of monsters thingy at Midvalley. It's somehow related to Mega Sale. We took some pictures with the monsters.

Then, when Ida and Bella was watching movie, we killed our time by window shopping at The Garden. Azery bought two pants today, one from Giodarno and one jeans from Padini inside the ISetan. I took the chance to survey some Transformers toys.

Then, we were thinking of having pancakes for our supper, so we headed back to Midvalley to go to Paddington House of Pancakes. There's A LOT of menu! We were so tired reading the menu one meal by one meal. Lastly, we ordered the Treasure Box while Azery try the Banana pancakes.

The food was awesome! The pancakes were very soft and fluffy. Our Treasure Box contains a lot of mini pancakes, fruits, almond, and ice cream served with maple syrup. While Azery's food was just three pancakes, with banana, sweet custard and ice cream. Oh ya, and then Yan and Ling dropped by to say hi.. =) .. Haha, kantoi with them..

Treasure Box

Then, we met up Ida and Bella outside the restaurant before we went back to Vista.

*The train got problem when we got back! It sucks!

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