Saturday, January 31, 2009


A new song from Girls' Generation (SNSD) entitled Gee (not really new, had been a month it was released). I'm so addicted to this song. Arghhh! Can't get it out of my mind...
Gee gee gee gee gee~

First Comeback at Music Core (Jan 10, 2009)

Music Bank (Jan 30, 2009)

Aha! Listen boy
My first love story
My angel and my girls
My sunshine
Oh! Oh! Let's go!

Neomuneomu meotjyeo nuni nuni busyeo
Sumeul mot swigesseo tteollineun girl
Gee Gee Gee Gee Baby Baby Baby
Gee Gee Gee Gee Baby Baby Baby

Oh neomu bukkeureowo chyeodabol su eobseo
Sarange ppajyeosseo sujubeun girl
Gee Gee Gee Gee Baby Baby Baby
Gee Gee Gee Gee Bab Bab Bab Bab Bab Bab

Eotteoke hajyo (eotteokhajyo)
Tteollineun maeum (tteollineun mameunyo)
(Dugeundugeundugeundugeun) dugeun dugeungeoryeo bamen jamdo mot irujyo

Naneun naneun babongabwayo
Geudae geudaebakke moreuneun babo geuraeyo geudael boneun nan

Neomu banjjak banjjak nunibusyeo No No No No No
Neomu kkamjjak kkamjjak nollan naneun Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh
Neomu jjaritjjarit momi tteollyeo Gee Gee Gee Gee Gee
Jeojeun nunbit Oh Yeah joheun hyanggi Oh Yeah Yeah Yeah

Oh neomu neomu yeppeo mami neomu yeppeo
Cheotnune banhaesseo kkok jjibeun girl
Gee Gee Gee Gee Baby Baby Baby
Gee Gee Gee Gee Baby Baby Baby

Neomuna tteugeowo manjil suga eobseo
Sarange tabeoryeo hukkeunhan girl
Gee Gee Gee Gee Baby Baby Baby
Gee Gee Gee Gee Bab Bab Bab Bab Bab Bab

Eojjeomyeon joha (eojjeomyeon johayo)
Sujubeun naneun (sujubeun naneunyo)
Molla mollahamyeo maeil geudaeman geurijyo

Chinhan chingudeureun malhajyo
Jeongmal neoneun jeongmal motmallyeo
Babo hajiman geudael boneun nan

Neomu banjjak banjjak nunibusyeo No No No No No
Neomu kkamjjak kkamjjak nollan naneun Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh
Neomu jjaritjjarit momi tteollyeo Gee Gee Gee Gee Gee
Jeojeun nunbit Oh Yeah joheun hyanggi Oh Yeah Yeah Yeah

Maldo motaenneun geol neomu bukkeureowo haneun nal
Yonggiga eomneungeolkka eotteokhaeya joheungeolkka
Dugeundugeun mam jorimyeo barabogo inneun na

Neomu banjjak banjjak nunibusyeo No No No No No
Neomu kkamjjak kkamjjak nollan naneun Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh
Neomu jjaritjjarit momi tteollyeo Gee Gee Gee Gee Gee
Jeojeun nunbit Oh Yeah joheun hyanggi Oh Yeah Yeah Yeah

Neomu banjjak banjjak nunibusyeo No No No No No
Neomu kkamjjak kkamjjak nollan naneun Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh
Neomu jjarit jjarit momi tteollyeo Gee Gee Gee Gee Gee
Jeojeun nunbit Oh Yeah joheun hyanggi Oh Yeah Yeah Yeah

OMG! I'm so into this song! I even learn the dance steps by my own.. =)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Chinese New Year Break


Just before I went back to Shah Alam for CNY Break, I joined several of my friends to do some shopping at Sungai Wang which is located near the Berjaya Times Square. There, we separated ourselves into 2 groups; one group wanted to watch movie at Times Square while the other one wanted to shop at Sg Wang. I joined the shopping group since I had no intention to watch movie today.

I didn't buy anything because I was already overbudget during this week. Therefore, I just enjoyed myself strolling aroung the shopping complex which was quite crowded with people who did a last minute shopping for the CNY. Some of my friends bought new shoes, t-shirts and bag.

We had dinner at the Food Avenue on the 10th floor of the Times Square. I tried the Spicy Ipoh Kuetiau and also Appla Juice. The kuetiau was very hot and spicy. It took quite a long time to finished my meal. My face was already covered with sweat during the eating. If Ridhwan and Fyruz were going to have this meal, I was sure that they would suffer a lot!

Port Dickson

On Saturday, my family and I went to Port Dickson for holiday. We didn't plan to go somewhere further because the traffic was going to be jammed like hell. Our past experience taught us to not go to the far place because it would waste most of our time on the road.

This vacation was also joined by my married sister, and also married brother. It's kinda a family reunion. We brought a lot of marinated chicken to be barbequed during the night. My mom brought a lot of things from home since our staying place got a kitchen. It's actually a penthouse which is situated near the beach.

Since we arrived at PD quite late on Saturday, I decided not to do anything with the beach yet. So, on Sunday, we all dipped ourselves into the sea and also enjoying ice-cream sold by the ice-cream vendor alongside the beach. After swimming and floating for a while, we had our barbeque. My brothers and I barbequed the chickens, cuttlefishes, shrimps, and also some ikan kembung. While my mother fried some noodles for us.

it was raining that night

The next day, we threw ourselves again into the sea. But this time, I got the chance to ride the jet ski. At first, I refused to try, but after a while, my sister forced me to play since our ride time still had the remaining 10 minutes. Therefore, I tried the jetski with my younger brother sat behind me. It's kinda fun though. I kept on screaming whenever I drove the thing faster.

At noon, we all check-out and headed to our different location. My sister (and husband) and my brother (and wife), went back to Shah Alam while the remaining family members followed my parents to Johor to visit my grandparents.

my kampung at Batu Pahat

my cousin, Siti

waiting in Adidas shop

Sunday, January 18, 2009

IMU Orientation for P109

At first, I didn't want to join this orientation since it would be very dirty and tiring. However, when I saw my group members were always the least among all the groups, I decided to go on with it. Our group members always 5 or 6 persons while in fact, our total members is 12 including the new student. Many of them didn't join this orientation. Because of the lack of members, we always got little marks for our performances. Our Orientation Officers (OO) also were very helpful to us such as Kak Ainur, Grace, Kevin and the others (actually I still couldn't manage to memorise their names).

the Lollipopians

Day 02 - Happy Weird Family (dresscode) & Mini Games

We were required to dress up in costumes of characters from variety TV shows. I only became group mascot today which was a giant lollipop. The other members dressed up like Popeye, Bee, Mickey Mouse and some other characters. We were required to do whatever the MCs asked us to do. I was so unlucky because the MC asked me to dance a sexy lollipop dance. Huhu..

The mini games for tonight were mimicing Wee Kiat's action and also making people laugh. We won the first game and got free token from the second game because it was a bonus station.

Day 03 - Pharma Musical (dresscode) & Mini Games

Our group theme was Beauty and the Beast. Only 6 of us took part in this performance because the others couldn't make it, some of them felt sick already. I became the Beast, Fyruz became Belle, Irene as Mrs Potts, and the others as minor characters. We performed our mini sketch, and later dance to Disturbia song. Wanji from Super Sexy Stalker dressed up as Peter Pan while Duwe from Why group dresses up as Aladdin.

Wanji 'Peter Pan'

Tonight's mini games were carrying ping pong ball by using chopstick and also sliding water bottles passing a line on a table. We won the second game. The token which we got could be exchange for clues for the detective games tomorrow.

Ben playing the piano

Day 04 - Detective Games

We were shown a video of the murder of the IMU researchers then we went to the family park to find the clue. The tasks given at each station weren't easy at all. We needed to crawl like army until my elbows and knees got several minor cuts, carrying egg in spoon while walking like crazy, and some other tasks. We got floured and also splashed with garlic water, plus got inked with chinese ink on our face. It was a very dirty night. I spend one our in the bathroom to clean up all of this mess.

Day 05 - Cultural Runway & Telematch

After class, I quickly ran back to Vista and made my Korean costume which was Hanbok. I was chosen to become the model tonight with Yien. Because I'm the only boy in Lollipop group, I had no choice. I made my costume by using newspaper because we were encouraged to use recycable materials.

After performing the catwalk, my teammates went on the stage to describe about our costumes. Later, we had telematch at the family park again, and it's dirty again. Our team was so not in mood today. Irene even wore high heels and jeans. We were the most quiet team I guess. Other teams were busy cheering along the way but not us. There were 5 stations tonight but the last 2 were cancelled due to overtime. So, we only played 3 games. Luckily we won all the 3 stations.

Day 06 - Spooky Friday Night

It just a party. The answer for the Detective Game was revealed tonight. We had nasi minyak, satay, and orange juice as our meal. The chicken was quite spicy though. Later, the winner of the orientation was announced. There were also awards for several categories like the best costume, the king and queen of the orientation and the best cheer. Our group didn't won anything tonight, I could say that out team was the most passive one during the whole orientation. However, I still enjoyed the orientation.

Fund Raising

Each orientation group were required to sell things to raise the charity fund. Our group sold lollipop and also sweets. Other groups were seen selling Jco donuts, cocktail, meatballs, sandwiches and many more.

lollipop badges

my OOs

doing task to get senior's signature

poor Qian Hui...

I felt so relieved that the orientation had ended. During the orientation, I got no time to do revision and doing my assignment. It's a very tiring week. Got class in the morning till evening, then orientation at night.

Fariz's Birthday @ Vista

Last Sunday, my friends and I planned to celebrate Fariz's birthday at my place at Vista C. Instead of going out, we planned to cook ourselves. After buying all the things that we needed for the party, we started cooking at 6 pm. We expected the party to started at 8 pm onwards.

At 6, the girls from the house upstairs (Anis, Mirah, Bee & Leen) came to my place to help us , the boys (me, Wanji & Duwe) with the cooking. We had decided to cook fried kuetiau, egg sandwiches, mushroom soup, garlic bread and also chicken nuggets. We took almost 1 hour to prepare all these dishes except the kuetiau. Wanji wanted to fry the kuetiau later.

party preparation

After the girls returned to their house to perform Maghrib prayer, the boys cleaned up themselves for the party. This small party only involved my friends from my class in INTEC, 7M6. At 8 pm, the girls came back again but the birthday girl (Fariz) and her housemates (Cipak & Fyruz) came later than 8. We waited for quite a long time for them to arrive. Then, suddenly three other boys from other house came. We all suddenly felt a bit confused. Who invited them?

Then the other boys went to Wanji's room while the girls and I discussed about this matter. Would the food enough for all of us? We cooked for 10 only, but now it has expanded to 13 guests. Then, we started eating the food ignoring the other boys. However, the girls felt uncomfortable with the other boys since they didn't really know the boys.

Later, we sang Happy Birthday song to Fariz (real name : Farah Izyan) and let her to cut her cake bought by Fyruz. After blowing the 2 big candles, we distributed the cake and filled our stomach with it.

At 10 pm, the girls from Vista B (Fariz, Fyruz & Cipak) went back to their house since it's located quite far from Vista C. Then, the other boys left leaving me and the girls from upstairs. We all screamed like crazy when the boys left because finally, we were free. Now, we could talk without filtering out words. The girls explored my laptop while Anis busy bluetoothing the song from my phone to hers.

Then, we all watched my travel video to Padang-Bukit Tinggi, Indonesia last year. Then, Duwe came back from Mel's house. He didn't join the other boys to watch football match in kedai mamak. Soon after that, the girls also left our house. Luckily they already cleaned up all the dished and the table. It's good to have a lot of girl friends, they could become handy most of the times.


~Happy Birthday Fariz~

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