Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Gift From Heart

Ewaaah, tetiba tajuk post kali ni macam agak emosi dan sentimental sikit. But that's not the point. Tonight I'm going to write about things that have become the norms among my friends *but not all of them* and also myself, which is about gifts and presents. Yeah, this topic might be simple, but not all people could deeply understand it.

Well, for me gifts and presents are all about things that can make the ones who received it feels happy and joy, that includes family and friends. It is undeniable that people will be extremely happy when they received something from you either as gifts or souvenirs, cheap or expensive stuffs, small or big presents and it doesn't really matter what you gave them as long as the intention came from your heart. Not something that you want to boast about. I'm happy when someone gave me something. And I'm happy too when seeing people wore or used stuffs that I gave them. =)

When any of my friends' birthday is coming soon, I will be very excited in searching for the suitable birthday present for he/she/them. Not too perfect, but an ideal gift should be something that they need, they like, or they want. You can ask them directly what they want, but if you want to plan something surprise for them, you can ask from their close friends such as room mates, house mates & 'BFFs' about what they really really want. Sometimes it works well for me, but sometimes it is quite difficult because others might not know what they really wants.

I always have my own budget in buying gifts. If in Malaysia, I keep the budget around RM10-20, but it can go higher if it is for someone special like best friend or ehem ehemm... But here in Scotland, I have to make a new budget since the currency here is quite very high. Maybe under £10 should be ideal. *RM50 kau untuk seorang, matilaaaaa*. If I bought a gift which is way too under the budget, I'll usually add something else like chocolates, cards etc.

Since two of my close friends' birthday are coming soon in December, I already started planning what to buy for them. Yes, it is a very thoughtful of me. *ecece, perasan gila*, despite I will be having a Drug Delivery System class test this Friday. Online sites such as Ebay and Amazon.uk might be helpful if you are lazy to go out for a shopping spree, especially during this raining season *the snow is very shy to fall down early this year, so we have rain instead*. Plus, they might have winter sales coming down soon. Things will get cheaper too! I heard that there is a Christmas market in the city. I still haven't got the chance to see the place.

No need to be so stingy in life. Life is short and you might want to do something good to people around you. If you friends can give you birthday presents, why not you? You could spend hundreds of ringgit or pound to buy gadgets and cool stuffs but you never gave your friends any presents? That's pathetic..Bukankah tangan yang memberi itu lebih baik daripada tangan yang menerima? If I translate it, it will sound like this "giving is better than receiving". Betul tak?

tahun depan nak hadiah best2 boleh tak? =p

By the way, happy studying peeps! Winter breaks is coming in 3 weeks time! =)

InsyaAllah we'll do well in the test if we practice  "usaha, doa & tawakkal" well..

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Salam Maal Hijrah 1433H

Salam Maal Hijrah diucapkan kepada family dan rakan2 sekalian..

Semoga tahun ini kita dapat laksanakan beberapa pembaharuan dalam hidup kita serta dapat lebih lagi mendekatkan diri kepada Allah swt..

Satu Muharram Detik Permulaan
Perkiraan Tahun Islam Hijrah
Perpindahan Nabi dan Umat Islam
Dari Kota Makkah ke Kota Madinah

Atas Keyakinan dan Iman Yang Teguh
Kaum Muhajirin dan Ansar Bersatu
Rela Berkorban Harta dan Nyawa
Demi Menegakkan Islam Tercinta

Hijrah Itu Pengorbanan
Hijrah Itu Perjuangan
Hijrah Itu Persaudaraan
Hijrah Membentuk Perpaduan

Oleh Itu Mari Semua
Kita Sambut Maal Hijrah
Tingkatkan Semangat Tegakkan Syiar Islam
Untuk Sepanjang Zaman

Doa Akhir & Awal Tahun

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Splendid Saturday #1

The Japanese album arrived today, while The Boys album arrived few weeks ago.. Great addition to my collection at home... =D

These lovely Pepero are bought from Chung Ying today! Stocks for winter perhaps? XD
*munch munch*

Friday, November 25, 2011

Fabulous Friday #1

As I checked my mailbox after coming back from the morning class, I found this postcard sent by my traveling friend, Helmi. He had been recently traveled to Seoul, South Korea. Nice is it?

Thank you very much buddy! Next time, send me more postcards ok? =)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wordless Wednesday #2

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My Lebb

Baru lepas korek2 gambar kat Lockerz kak Kyra.. and jumpa gambar my lebb yang comel2 ini.. =)

Comel tak my lebb I ni?? hihihi...

Arissa & Imani, uncle rindulah kat korang berdua.. Dah la comel, buatkan uncle lagiii rindu! 

Monday, November 21, 2011

Mobile Blogging #1

Takde mood nak buat apa sekarang. Walaupun intro tak siap lagi, tapi still boleh buang masa lagi.. Insaflah wahai diriku..
*sedang baring atas katil sambil memikirkan banyak perkara & blogging via Galaxy Tab*
Meja dibiarkan tanpa orang...

Sunday, November 20, 2011


Despite of our hectic university life, my housemates and I managed to steal some time to play paintball yesterday. We have to do our introduction writing for our research project which need to be submitted within 5 days. Luckily I have started writing a bit so I have less worry about it.

We gathered in front of University of Glasgow at 8.30 am and boarded our bus there. This paintball event was organised by Glasgow University Malaysian Society (GUMS) and they also invite some Strathclyde University students to make the event merrier. However, not so many people joined this event, only 14 of us were in the bus. I think this might be because Stratclyde University Malaysian Society (SUMSOC) had organised the same event few weeks ago so people didn't want to come and play again.

Delta Force Paintball is located somewhere near the Glasgow Airport in Paisley. About 20-30 minutes drive from Glasgow. The game fee is £13 inclusive of 50 paintballs, a suit and a gun. We brought our own lunch for today. 14 of us were sorted into two groups; orange and white. We were mixed with other players as well, mostly locals. There were a lot of kids playing too, but in different teams. Wanji, Duwe, Joe and me were in the orange team.

We started our game at around 10 am up until 3.30 pm. Our first game was kinda difficult. It took place in pyramid setting. Since this was our first game, we were still blur during this game. However, the result turned out to be a draw. Second game was quite interesting. It took place in a forest settings. We played two parts: first attacking and later defending. It's a draw as well. We missed the third game because we had to perform our Dhuhr and Asr prayer plus lunch time. Our team mates said that it's a draw as well. We purchased extra paintballs because the initial 50 weren't enough to last until the final game. Fourth game was in the open space barrel area. This time we won despite having controversy during the first round. The fifth game back in the forest but different area. We had to conquer several huts in order to win. Sadly, we were heavily beaten 5-0. After this game, we cleaned up ourselves to return home. There was a sixth game actually, but we left the locals to play because it's nearly dark.

Well, it was very "paint-full" getting hit by the bullets. Seriously, it was. The bullets gave several bruises on my arms and legs. However, the game was joyful and I did enjoyed playing it. The last time I played paintball was 6 years ago in Perlis.

paintball leftovers..

Back in Glasgow, Nuaim came by and brought rice with several duck dishes. It was yummehhhh... Alhamdulillah... =d


rice with various duck dishes

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Wordless Wednesday #1

Bubur nasi Kak Pah.


Monday, November 14, 2011

Nottingham Games 2011

Alright, after Edinburgh Games which was held few weeks ago I joined another trip to Nottingham for Nottingham Games pulak. Reason? Not for sport again, just to hang around taking photos.

Nottingham is situated further down from Glasgow which consumed 6 hours journey by bus. Luckily University of Glasgow and University of Strathclyde had join venture to organise a bus trip together so we could go at a cheaper price. The ticket cost £28 plus £2 membership for Malaysian Society. The fee includes one meal (sandwich and mineral water). This trip was also joined by my housemates Wanji & Duwe, Hanafiah, Aleen, Bee, Kaklong, Najhan and a few of my batchmates and juniors as well. We left Glasgow at around 1.00 am and reached Nottingham at 7.30 am after series of stops along the way. There was a drunk kid in the bus yielding a nasty vomit twice during the journey. Yuxxx~ *sesak nafas*

It was colder in Nottingham to my surprise. Even colder than Glasgow. It's cold and damp. Tonnes of Malaysian came from all over UK and Ireland. The games organised were futsal, netball, badminton, table tennis, basketball and many others. Wanji played 5-side futsal, some of my batchmates played netball while majority of us played nothing. So our first stop after Sport Centre was South Portland building where Malaysia food festival took place. Then we walked through the parks and lakes. We spent most of our times photographing here before we headed to the Power League to watch futsal match.

Power League is located somewhere further. Very far, we walked about 40 min to reach there. Along the way, we dropped by a post office and I bought a few postcards as souvenirs. We reached the league in a tiring mode. We didn't really watch the match, instead we gathered on a very huge field sitting and eating our lunch. Wanji main pun kitorang tak tengok. I bought popiah and shared with Azery. I ate my lunch which were nasi lemak sambal bilis and donuts which I brought all the way from Glasgow.

After Wanji finished his match, we headed back to the campus to perform our prayer. There's a Muslim prayer room in the South Portland building. We had a rest there until dusk. Before that we took a little tour inside the food festival. Many food were served such as nasi ayam, nasi lemak, laksa Sarawak, cendol, satay and kuih-muih. I met Miss Eti who was once a lecturer at INTEC selling food here. We met several IMU students in the prayer room; Karim from Edinburgh, Akmal from Manchester and others. At that time, Aleen, Bee and Kaklong were busy downstairs searching for food.

Night came by. The weather was getting colder. We headed to the Sport Centre because there was a final futsal match. After the game ended, we returned back to our bus and had another 6-hour journey back to Glasgow. 

What a day! It was very tiring with the huge amount of walking but at the same time it was fun!


Saturday, November 12, 2011


Kalau kat Korea, 11.11 merupakan sambutan Pepero Day. Apakah itu Pepero? Pepero merupakan biskut batang yang dicelup dengan coklat. Kalau di Malaysia, jenama Rocky memang agak biasa dilihat di kedai2.. Ni kalau Wawa dapat Pepero, memang sesaat habis satu kotak. =p

Inilah Pepero. Nampak sedap tak? Adorable gitu, tapi sayang kot nak makan kalau lawa2 gini..

di Malaysia, inilah pepero...

Oleh sebab hari ni 11.11.11, maka semua orang fikir nak buat hari ini lebih special kan. Ada yang bertunang, ada yang kahwin, ada yang keluar hospital dan macam2 lagi situasi yang menggambarkan kesedapan tarikh 11.11.11 ni. Siap ada yang tukar tarikh anniversary jadi 11.11 gitu. Apekah???

Hari bagi aku biasa je. Tapi sebab nak nampak macam best, hari ni aku dengan Wanji buat donat. Lagipun hari ni ada kuliah dekat SUMSA, maka ustaz pun cadangkan buat potluck. Ni merupakan kali kedua buat donat, first time buat masa Raya Haji hari tu.

Inilah donat kami. Walaupun rupa agak menawan kelam-kabut, tapi teksturnya agak keras ye. Tapi rangup2 gitu.. Sedap jugak sebenarnya.. XD

bersalut coklat

bersalut Oreo

bersalut coklat putih

Bolehlah kan donat ganti pepero.. Sekufu tak??

Okay, itu je nak update untuk kali ni. Nak bersiap2 pergi Nottingham tengah malam ni. Ada Nottingham Games tapi aku tak join apa2 la seperti biasa. Just pergi tangkap2 gambar je.

Wish me safe journey ok... 


*p/s : to Helmi, have a safe trip to South Korea ok, I jeles ni.. =p

Friday, November 11, 2011

Photoshoot #3 | Clyde River Bridges

Yesterday, my housemates and I went out to buy some kitchenware from Bonnypack which is located somewhere across the Clyde River. It wasn't very near, a lot further than Glasgow Central Station and Glasgow Central Mosque. Bonnypack is a cash & carry stores selling a range of stuffs from toys, gifts, kitchenware, electronics, housewares, clothes and many others. We knew this shop from Joe.

Since we knew that we would be crossing over the bridge, so we brought our DSLRs together for photography trip even though the weather was quite gloomy with light shower. I just realised that there are more than 20 bridges which cross the Clyde River connecting both sides. You can see the bridge list in one of the photos below. Plus, the bridges aren't just normal bridges, they were built with great architecture. We only managed to photograph two bridges which were Carlton Place Suspension Bridge and another white bridge.

We only had two bridges because time was a limiting factor that day. We had to rush back to perform our prayer.

Since we went back by assessing Argyll Street, we took the chance to took this bling-bling steel reindeer in front of the WHSmith bookstore. This baby is so amazing, there is one in St Enoch Shopping Mall as well. :)

And look what I bought from Bonnypack! My new baby, Ultimate Optimus Prime. It was surprisingly cheaper compared to its retail price. =)

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