Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Hong Kong [Day 3 - Disneyland]

Hello all~

Today was our fun day! We were going to Disneyland! Yeayyy! This was my second visit to Disneyland after Paris. Thus, let's compare their fun level! From Tsim Sha Tsui, we took the MRT to Sunny Bay the we boarded another train to Disneyland via Disneyland Resort line. The journey took less than one hour. We had purchased the entrance ticket earlier at the airport at a discounted price which was HKD450 (normal price HKD500).

Although the weather was gloomy with grey sky, the crowds there were still overwhelming. We walked quickly to queue up at the entrance. We purposely chose weekday since there would be less tourists compared to the weekends. It was quite true though. The staffs checked our bags for dangerous items. Bottled water and packed food are allowed though. Tenkiu akak~

Main Street

Like other Disneyland, Main Street comprises of two rows of shops and restaurants. There are a lot of shops here ranging from souvenirs to clothing. During opening time, there's a musical parade marching towards the entrance.


We first visited this area to survey halal food at the Tahitian Terrace Restaurant. Yes, there are a few halal restaurants here, so we needed not to worry much. However, they open after 11am for lunch. So we walked further hunting for attractions. Our first ride was Tarzan's Treehouse. Quite a nice treehouse and it's reachable only by via bamboo water raft provided. Here, they displayed the life of Tarzan and also Jane. A lot of nice statues and props too.

Then, my brother and I went for Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars. It was an interesting fast rides and we screamed a lot. I managed to record a short video during the ride but only for a few seconds. I'm afraid my phone might fly away. Haha..

Mystic Point

Next, we continued our walk towards Mystic Point where Mystic Manor lies. Inside the manor, we got on the slow moving carts and along the way there's a plot we need to follow starting from the lost treasure until the monkey found it back. Syabas monyet!

Toy Story Land

Oh I love this area. The settings were very colourful and childish. It was so Andy-ish with toy blocks, green soldier and giant Woody and Rex statues. My brother and I played the Toy Soldier Parachute Drop which was basically hanging parachutes that move up and down several times.


Mickey's PhilharMagic

We're lucky to arrive here at show time. There was a 4D show here, show about Donald Duck who tried to take Mickey's place as musical instructor. 4D effects include sprinkles of water and wind blow.

Its a Small World

We entered this place at a very last moment before heading out from the park. A slow boat rides through miniatures from all over the world. Quite a relaxing ride. Zzzz..


Space Mountain

A first I did not want to ride this as I already played it in Paris but for my brother's sake, I forced myself to accompany him. A very fast roller coaster indeed circling inside a dark dome. Actually I wanted to play Buzz Lightyear's ride as well but it was closed down due to renovation process. Haishh..


A parade where all Disney mascots marched and rode the musical cars.

That's all for our trip to Hong Kong! The 4th and final day was spent packing our luggages because our flight was at noon. Thanks for reading. See you guys on my next adventure to xxxx.

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