Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Phuket | Thailand [Day 2 - Around Phuket]

Hello all~

I am back! At least for a while before laziness creeps inside of me again. So, out second day in Phuket was basically a private van tour around the island. We had booked the tour yesterday after having dinner at a restaurant nearby.

Our tour guide was Ms Sookfun and she was a very nice and talkative lady. She helped us a lot in taking photos. Our first stop was Kata Viewpoint. It's a higher ground where we could see and observe Phuket town from above. We spent about 15 minutes here as there was not much to do here. You can take photo with a tame eagle here, with some fee.

Next stop was Big Buddha. I think there is a lot of Big Buddha in Thailand. The entrance was free but we need to climb the steps to reach the temple. It was actually a temple under the Big Buddha statue. Spent a few minutes here taking some photos and selfies before heading down to try the local coconut ice cream which costed THB40.

One of the famous landmarks in Phuket was Wat Chalong. It's a very majestic golden shrine and I thought that it was a very nice building. Inside the temple, it was very golden in colour; the wall, the beam and also the statues were all covered in gold.

Thailand is also famous with cashew production. We dropped by a cashew shop/factory where we were demonstrated on how cashew nuts were processed. Beginning with the plucking and separation of the nuts from the fruits. They sell a lot cashew variants with different flavour. Since cashew itself is very expensive, we did not buy any. We did try some of the testers though. Haha..

Asides from cashew buts, visiting honey shop was also a must (a must because we followed a tour). Here they displayed a huge bee hives which is kept inside a display glass shelf. A wide variety of products we sold here such as honey, bee pollen, honey ice cream and others.

Last but not least, our final stop for the day was Phuket Old Town. Here you can find a very colourful shop lots and it was nice to take photos. As the dusk was approaching, we were sent back to our hotel.

Okay, that's all for today's update.

to be continued....
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