Sunday, December 20, 2015

Phuket | Thailand [Day 1 - Around Phuket]

Hello peeps~

So it's time to write about my trip to Phuket a few months ago. This trip was joined by my BFF Emie & Lukman. Our last trip was in 2011. That time we were still students and it was only to Singapore. That was 4 years ago. It had been a while since we last traveled together.

Okay, this time our AirAsia flight tickets costed about RM200 per person and we added meals for lunch. We tried the new menu which was tomato rice with ayam percik. It was okay but I still prefer nasi lemak Pak Naser. We reached Phuket airport at noon and took a minivan to our hotel to check in. We stayed at Royal Palm Beachfront Hotel which is located at Patong, where the beach is located just in front of the hotel. Quite a strategic location and good price as well. I booked through Agoda and we got RM90 price per night. However I only booked a room for two thus they charged us RM90 more per night for extra bed. So total was RM180 per night. We didn't do much on the first day as we only had half day today. So we decided for a walking tour inside the town.

Patong Beach

The most important thing to try here was the pancake/crepe sold by the motorcycle vendors. There are a lot of vendor here, you could choose which one you like. This thin-layered pancake is quite famous in Thailand especially in Krabi and Phuket. I have tried the one in Krabi and thus wanted to try here as well. The price for the pancake ranged from 40 baht to 80 baht depending on what topping you chose. Our favourite was nutella banana. Yummmmm~

After having a quick snack, we walked towards the beach. Not planning to get wet here, we just strolled along the beach watching other tourists do water activities. Cuci mata gitu. Here, you could rent the mattress and umbrella which are available along the beach. Some guys offered us tattoo services. I was like, whatever~ Many water activities are available here such as jet ski, banana boat and parasailing. I have read somewhere in FB, must be careful here if you wanted to play the water sports because there are a few tourists were scammed here. So please beware or you will lose some money here.

Hard Rock Cafe Phuket

Our next stop was Hard Rock Cafe Phuket which is located about 15 minutes away fro our hotel. Not that far though. On this first visit, we were surveying first and we came here again later to buy stuffs. We took order from some people. Jadi personal shopper gitu. Our main focus was pins and t-shirts. There are more people who collects t-shirts than pins. We took some photos here and there before proceed to our next agenda which was dinner! I couldn't wait to taste the real Thai food!

Dinner at San Sabai Restaurant

Since Emie previously had been here before, so he suggested us to dine here. It's a halal restaurant. Our menu for tonight were cashew chicken, tom yam and mango salad. The food was good but it's strange that the tom yam wasn't spicy although we had opted for extra spicy. Hmmmm.. Nora bagi 4 bintang~ Quite a lot of Malaysians here as I could see same people from our flights earlier. 

That's it for our first day. Tomorrow we're going to join a group tour around the city, We had booked a tour package from a booth just outside the restaurant. Emie is so good at bargaining thus we got a special price. Hahaha.. :)

City tour - 800 baht (tomorrow)
3 Khai Islands - 1500 baht (the day after tomorrow)


Monday, December 7, 2015

Melantak Steak Hub | Melaka

Salam semua~

Hari tu aku berkesempatan menjejakkan kaki ke Melantak Steak Hub yang terletak di Melaka. Ini alamatnya.

No. 12, Jalan KPKS 1, Kompleks Perniagaan Kota Syahbandar,
75200 Melaka.
No. Tel: 016-6603510/019-6567040

Website : Melantak Steak Hub
Facebook : Melantak Steak Hub

Apa yang istimewanya restoran ini? Dah lama aku teringin nak pergi sini sebab hari tu Atih makan kat sini pastu hantar gambar kat kitorang. Terus membuak-buak perasaan ingin pergi. Restoran ini ala Men'ate jugak la. Daging dia kira ikut timbang. Banyak jenis daging ada. Angus ribeyes, wagyu, lamb, lamb racks, ribs, salmon, dan lain-lain lagi. Aku ambil lamb dua ketul yang berharga RM35. Harga ni semua dah termasuk side dishes ye iaitu mashed potato dan coleslaw. Tapi serius sedap cara dia masak daging tu. Kalau boleh nak pergi selalu. Tapi nanti pokai pulak.

Minuman pulak tak banyak sangat pilihan, ada air kotak dan kordial RM2 segelas. Air kordial bottomless ok. Menu lain termasuklah pasta (kitorang try bolognaise & carbonara) dan nasi goreng.

Alhamdulillah, agak puas makan kat restoran ni. Sedap ok! Daging pun lembut dan side dishes yang mengiringi juga memuaskan hati. Mungkin tak boleh pergi selalu tetapi bagus untuk special occasion macam birthday ke, anniversary ke. Boleh reserve table dengan menghubungi nombor telefon di atas ye. Nak walk in pun boleh tapi takut penuh. Kedai ni banyak hari yang penuh jugak la.


Pinggan kebahagiaan


Okay, bila nak repeat?

Pulau Tioman | Pahang

Hey guys.

Today I'm gonna write about my trip to Pulau Tioman few months ago. This trip was organised by my parents who booked a package from Matta Fair. We had postponed this trip several time due to work commitment and unavailable timing. All of us joined the trip. The cost the package was around RM320 which includes accomodation 3D2N, meals and snorkelling.

Day One

We departed earlier one day and stayed overnight at Endau. We booked  budget hotel which could accomodate all of us. Our boat schedule was at 10.30am tomorrow. That night we had seafood dinner at a restaurant nearby, Restoran Nusantara.

Our ferry departed from Terminal Feri Tanjung Gemok which is located just 10 minutes away from our hotel. Our ferry left the pier at around 10.30am if I'm not mistaken. The journey took 2 hours. Lama gila ok! The journey of course not so smooth with some bumps. Kebushhh kebushhhhh~

Two hours later, we reached Salang jetty. By the way, Salang is the furthest back on the island, thus our turn to alighted from the boat was the last one. Our accommodation for 3D2N trip was at Salang Pusaka Resort. It was a very nice area with a lot of chalets and some restaurants. Be careful around here as there are a lot of komodo lizard (biawak) around here. Please take care of your children.

After checking in our rooms, we had breakfast at the restaurant nearby. Lunch was not included in the package, therefore this one was on us. Actually the food was good here. There was nasi goreng nemo in the menu which was basically a seafood fried rice. I was thinking they put the real nemo inside the fried rice. Lol.

Later that day, we went out and take a stroll along the beach. The beach was nice, we could just snorkel from here. Many tourists were already inside the water at that time. Since we still haven't claimed our snorkel set yet, therefore we just swam at the beach. The kids played with the sand, they brought their own beach toys set. Pastu gaduh berebut2. Kids.

Day Two

It's our snorkelling day! Just enjoy the photos okay? I'm lazy to write anymore. Haha..

We had to take turn in snorkelling as we have small kids. The snorkel area was nice as well, a lot of black-striped yellow fishes could be seen as well as Dory. However the corals weren't very nice though. Maybe we had to dive down deep inside the sea to see the pretty corals. But the most important thing to bring during snorkelling is bread. Fishes love breads. Hahaha..

For dinner, we had barbecue set. They served fishes, cuttlefishes, chickens, sausages and lambs. The food was so awesome but the portion was so big until we could not finished them all.

Day Three


Another long journey from Endau to Shah Alam. Esok kerja pulak tu. Huhuhu..
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