Friday, September 27, 2013

Sentosa Island | Singapore

Assalamualaikum & good day peeps..

Okay, now I will continue writing about the 2nd part of my one-day trip in Singapore. After roaming around Marina Bay, we headed to Sentosa Island by taking MRT from Bayfront to Harbourfront. Then, we took Sentosa Express which is a monorail system to Sentosa Island. The entrance fee is $4 inclusive of return monorail ticket and entrance to the island itself.

We stopped at Waterfront station where Universal Studios Singapore is located. We're not planning to enter the park but just to take photos with the big Universal spinning globe. The surrounding shops were very tempting as well such as Candylicious, Hershey's and Hard Rock Cafe. We entered these three places and bought some stuffs like chocolates and candies. In Hard Rock Cafe, I bought a Sentosa Singapore pin badge for my collection. So now, I officially have 20+ pin Hard Rock Cafe pin badges. The price is either $18 or $20 depending on the designs and how limited it is. I skipped buying the t-shirt due to budget restriction, maybe some other time I will come back.

In Hershey's shop, we bought a box of mixed chocolates at $10 and 6 bars of cookies and cream chocolate at $12 while in Candylicious we bought several bags of Jelly Beans and more Hershey's chocolates. Then we had a coffee break at McCafe. I tried the coffee caramel frap while Zu had strawberry banana smoothies which was quite sour. >.<

Siloso Beach

After quenching our thirst and had enough rest (yela, asyik berjalan je sakit kaki kan, kenalah duduk2 sekejap) we took the Sentosa Express to Beach Station. Here, we walked along the Siloso Beach enjoying the sun. Enjoy ke? Panas gila... A lot of foreigners especially mat saleh lying naked on the beach. Hahaha..

We walked a few metres then turned back because we were too lazy to walk further. Thus, we walked back to the station and climbed the hills to Imbiah where there is a giant merlion monument. This is actually Merlion Park. You can enter it with certain fee. We passed by a series of colourful mozaic-patterned fountains until we reached the merlion. We spent a few minutes taking photos before we took the monorail back to Harbourfront.

Bugis Street

Our next destination was Bugis Street. We had to buy some more souvenirs for our friends and families. We took the MRT from Harbourfront to Bugis with some interchange. We directly walked to Bugis Street and shopped for some stuffs like keychains and magnets. They offered keychains at a fairly cheap price which was 24 keychains for only $10. The magnets are 5 pieces for $10. We grabbed here and there and stuffed everything into our bags before we continued to our next destination.

Sultan Mosque & Arab Street

As usual, it's a must to visit Sultan Mosque. We performed our prayer here before returning back to Malaysia. There's a giant fan inside this mosque and the mosque is very pretty with gold dome. There's a street behind the mosque in case you want to purchase more souvenirs. Plenty of halal restaurants are also located nearby such as Zam Zam Murtabak and kedai mamak.

Then, we took the bus at Queen Street which is located not so far away from the mosque. The bus back to Johor Bahru only cost $2.40. As soon we reached JB, we had dinner at Oldtown White Coffee and we also divided our souvenirs equally.

Okay, that's all for our Singapore journey.

Where is my next destination? Make a guess.. :p
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