Sunday, November 30, 2008

Penny of Thoughts

After several times I went to Bukit Jalil to settle down my house rental, finally today I settled down everything including paying the deposit and other fees. As usual, I came in the evening. I stayed in Azery's room while waiting for Debbe to come. Wanji also was there since yesterday. He gave me his portion of money for the house payment. Cika also just withdrew his money from the ATM.
In Azery's small room

best friends forever

Azery reading Twilight

Azery was very excited in promoting his Twilight book. He said that he had watch the movies two times at the cinema. What a waste of money. I haven't watch this movie yet because I was trying to save up my money a little bit so that I can use them when I travel later on. Then Helmy came and told us many new gossips and stories. We laughed very loudly and I think people from the living room could hear us. Helmy and I told Azery about our funny and interesting dreams. We all burst into laugh once again, I think we laugh more than usual.

Suddenly, I saw something in Azery's wardrobe. OMG! The inside of the wardrobe was full of fungus! It's white and clustered in many places on the wardrobe's wall. I quickly told Azery's about it and he was shocked. He thought that it was just a common dust. Helmy also convinced him that they were fungus, not dusty dust. Then, Azery revealed that he suffered several itchiness on his skin.

the bad and evil fungus

Then, at nearly Maghrib (as usual), Debbe asked me to wait on the 19th floor of Tower C. Helmy, Wanji, Cika and I immediately rushed there finding that Debbe was already there. Debbe brought us into the beautiful house. Then we did several checklist and agreement signing. I also handed more than RM5000 to Debbe to settle down our payment. After discussing for a while, we left the house. The only problem was we will be needed to buy our own fridge and washing machine while for TV, I will brought it from home.

After performing the compulsory Maghrib prayer, Azery, Helmy and I went down for dinner with Ida. Before that, I bid farewell to Wanji since he came here from Penang. I fetched Ida at Vista B before we continued our journey to Endah Parade nearby. Bella was supposed to join us but she had returned from home.

Endah Parade (Not really indah, really...)**********************************************

It's quite hot in the basement where we parked the car. The elevator also was very slow and late. At first, we dropped by a shop selling bed sheets. Helmy and Azery were very interested in buying one since it was discounted at 80%. The sale was up until 4th January. Therefore, they postponed their willing in buying the sheets.

We didn't know where to eat. It's actually very difficult to determined where to eat since we all didn't mind where to eat. Then, we walked into Carrefour and found out that there were at least three restaurant exist. We finally stepped into Station Kopitiam while Ida was lonely outside buying ice creams.

Station Kopitiam & Twilight


with the menu

Ida did buy ice cream, but not only for her, but for us as well. She was very kind. I know she was. Then, the boys ordered out the same things which were some kind of promotional set. It got rice, black pepper beef, fries, coleslaw, soup, fruits as well as iced lemon tea. It's just RM9.90 excluding tax. Helmy was very lucky today. He got ice cream with two lids and two spoons. It's kinda weird but funny. We also got Magic Cup! It's very magical though..

with ice creams

Thanks Ida for the delicious ice creams

4 person but 5 caps/spoons.. How come?

yum yum..

hmm, so tasty!

you should try this! hmm.. yummy!

it's thumb licking good!

We discussed on how to celebrate Najwa's birthday tomorrow. Ida didn't have any good idea to make a surprise party for her. Azery was also going to join the party but not Helmy. I also won't attend the party since it will be held at midnight.

Before we headed back, we dropped by Guardian because Azery had something to buy. He bought toothbrushes, dehumiditiser and lalala~

It's surprising that Azery and I have the same SODA t-shirt. Hehe.. But luckily I didn't wear it today..

Then, I sent them home. I send Ida first because ladies first and then the boys. We also tooked a coupled of pictures in the car before we got separated.

in the car

What a nice day. It was a relieve because all the problem regarding the house renting was settled down at last. I just need to meet Mr. Chu, the owner to get my keys later.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

A Journey of Life

I went to Bukit Jalil again this evening. For what? To view any vacant house again of course since I haven't got any place to stay yet. The house which I had stated before was handed to someone else since she had book it for such a long time. So I had to accept the fact that I lost the house.

The rainbow which I met along my way to Bukit Jalil. It was very calming to the the rainbow.

As usual, I went to Helmy's house first on the 26th floor. I was welcomed by Aiman after I pressed the bell button. Then, I sneaked quietly into Helmy's room. The door was partially opened, so I entered without any sound. I heard Helmy's voice. He was talking with someone on the phone. Therefore, I waited for him to end his conversation. Then, poof! I yell at him and he was very shocked like crazy. Then, both of us burst into laugh on his bed.

As usual, he played Dota again with his mini laptop while I played games in his HP PDA. I was supposed to meet Debbe at 6.30 pm but later she had to postpone it for 20 minutes. Then, Debbe sent me an SMS telling me to wait at 20th floor.

IMU view from Helmy's room

I finally found the rainbow feet. Hehe..

Helmy and I went to the 20th floor and some minutes later, she arrived. She took us to a house a floor below. The owner still in the house and looks like he was ready to move out soon. This house has 3 rooms and 2 toilets. He showed us the rooms and told us what things he will leave behind when he move out later. He will leave:

Bed, sofa, tv cabinet, wardrobe, study table, and either fridge or washing machine.

The rental price is RM 1600 per month which is quite expensive. That's why I needed a deep thought to consider this house.

Then, Debbe brought us to other house at 20th floor. This house has 4 rooms and 3 toilets. The rental price is RM 1800 and fully furnished. In fact, this house was still under renovation when we view it. The owner will install ceiling fan and also tiling the floor. At first, I planned to stay with Helmy and therefore find a house to fit 9 person. However, Debbe said that the owner won't let that many people to stay in the house.

After discussing with Debbe the pros and contras, we decided to inform Debbe later about our firm decision. After Maghrib prayer, I left Helmy in his house and I went to dinner with Ida and Azery. Helmy couldn't join us because he already cooked his dinner.

We had our dinner at a restaurant or stall near the lake. It was raining that time. Before I left Vista C, I met Jah and Wan who were on their way to their home. We talked for several minutes and they recommended us to eat at that place.

Jah, Wan and me

At the restaurant, Ida told me about how she had a fight or misunderstanding with Bella. I thought Bella will join us tonight but the fight cause Ida and Bella not like friends. I don't want to jot down about the fight because it's kinda personal. Let them settle their problem by themselves. We had a long dinner tonight. We had plain rice, tom yam, daging masak merak, ayam goreng kunyit, and kailan ikan masin as our dinner. We talked so much because I haven't see them for a quite a long time. Therefore, there were a lot of fresh stories to be told.

Azery & Ida

me & Azery

Ida & food

my plate

After one and a half hour filling our stomach and also wasting our saliva, we finally decided to leave. It was still raining when we left that place. After sending Ida to Vista B, I send Azery to Vista C.

Then, I went home, driving under the rain water and the darkness of night. It was very cold and I had to constrict my bladder until I reached home.

What an enjoying evening~

Saturday, November 22, 2008

That's What Friends Are For

And I never thought I'd feel this way

And as far as I'm concerned

I'm glad I got the change to say That I do believe I love you

And if I should ever go away

Well then close your eyes and try

To feel the way we do today and then if you can remember

Keep smilin' keep shinin'

Knowing you can always count on me for sure

That's what friends are for

For good times and bad times

I'll be on your side forever more

That's what friends are for

Well you came and opened me

And now there's so much more I see

A so by the way I thank you

And then for the times when we're apart

Well then close your eyes and know

These words are coming from my heart

And then if you can remember

Keep smilin' keep shinin'

Knowing you can always count on me for sure

That's what friends are for

For good times and bad times

I'll be on your side forever more

That's what friends are for

Dionne Warwick

*Love this song! It made me flashback to the sweet memories I used to have with my friends in the past.

No SNSD Album This Year

No SNSD this year.. Wuu.. I've been waiting for their new album for too long.. It's supposed to be released this month but later it has been pushed forward to early next year. I got this news from Wikipedia and also AllKpop..

These are several reasons for the delay (which I found from many sites):

Yoona still buzy shooting her drama, You Are My Destiny (I still watch this drama) which will end by the end of this year.

If SNSD release their album this year, they won't be able to enter 2009 awards.

I had plan to buy their new album because I will go to Seoul this December. I really hope I can buy their new album but then, it is not possible anymore. I feel disappointed a bit. However, I need to think what album to buy during my travel there, maybe Big Bang (even though I already downloaded it), Super Junior Asia Tour or anything else which I haven't thought yet. Maybe I need to discuss with buy which album is worth to buy.

To overcome this misery, I will watch SNSD's Factory Girl on Youtube instead. Huhu..

Waaa..... ='(

Thursday, November 13, 2008

House Viewing @ Bukit Jalil

This morning, Cipak called me saying that Debbe, the Vista agent told her that she has an empty house to be sold. It's situated in Tower C, Vista Komanwel C. Cipak said that the price is RM1250 per month. Cipak also asked me whether I want this house or not. because Cipak already has a place to stay next year. I told her to give the agent my phone number.

Later on, Debbe called me and explained about the house. The rental price is RM1250 if we enter the house in mid December. However, my friends and I can't enter that house so early because our classes at IMU starts in January. Therefore, she told me if I want to enter this house in January, the price will be slightly higher which is RM1300. This house has 4 mattress, 2 water heaters and some small furniture. I agreed to view the house in the evening.

I left home at 2.30 pm because I told Debbe that I would be at Vista C at 3 o'clock. Soon I arrived there, I called Debbe and she asked me to wait for 5-10 minutes. I called Helmy and Azery to meet me downstairs near the guardhouse. Some minutes later, Helmy arrived with his 3 quater pants while Azery with his snowcap and cardigan like usual. When Debbe arrived, she asked us to wait at Tower C.

The house is situated on th 20th floor of Tower C. Helmy also stayed in the same tower but on 26th floor. For me, the house is quite okay. It's clean, empty, clear and windy. After surveying the rooms and toilets and also the living room and also kitchen as not forget, the balcony. I also captured some pictures inside the house.

Living room

bedroom with free mattress


kitchen (with Azery's ghost)

We went down to sign some kind of offer letter and Debbe asked me to pay one month deposit tonight. Therefore, I told Wanji and Duwe to deposit their money to my account as soon as possible.

Then, I hang up at Helmy's house to see his cutie mutie tiny Acer laptop. It's very cute though. At that time, Akmal was sleeping on the sofa in the living room while Faiz ABC was sleeping on the bed. Azery was very naughty today. He disturbed Faiz who was in a deep sleep. How dare he? hehehe.. lols.. Then, we went to Azery's house at another tower. I transfered some movies and videos to Akmal's external hard disk which was brought by Helmy. After some times, we went out to had some meal.

I drove to Sri Petaling to find a place to eat. Azery and Helmy also didn't know where to eat because they usually cook at home. After driving for a while in the shops area, we found The Store building with some shops in there. We went there instead of Kedai Mamak.

We had an early dinner at Leo's Cafe. It looks like Secret Recipe but much lower class. I chose to eat Buttermilk Seafood Yee Mee, Leo's Signature Toast and Apple Juice, Helmy prefered Tomyam Fried Rice with Chicken, Thick Toast and also Apple Juice while Azery ordered out Yee Mee and Iced Cappucino plus plain water. We also took some photos there.

Leo's Cafe

Azery & me

Helmy & Azery

me & Helmy

yum yum..

It's raining out there. The atmosphere was quite cold. We ate our food happily while discussing some recent issues (What's the issues?). Azery and Helmy very interested to move out with me but it's kinda complicated. There didn't dare to betray their current housemates. What a good boy.. Hehe..

After sending them home, I directly went home in the coldness of rain. Shiiii (bunyi hujan)..

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Hmm.. I still couldn't make decision in choosing which place to stay next year when I enter IMU later on. I will enter IMU in next January which is about 2 months from now but still, I have no place to stay there.

I had called some agents but I still couldn't make a good decision. Most of the agents offered me a furnished condo unit at Vista which costs about RM1500. That's a lot of money though, even it is shared with my other 2 friends.

Some agents told me that if I want a basic condo with no furniture which usually costs approximately RM1200, I can only view the house in December. I guess I have to wait then. I prefer Vista because it's very near to IMU but the price is the problem right now.

Then, Anis told me about an apartment in Bukit Jalil which is the Arena Green. The apartment unit here is quite cheap, maybe about RM700 per month. However, the distance from IMU is quite far away which is about 15-20 minutes walking distance. God! I might be sweaty like hell when I reach IMU for classes.

I really hope that I will get a cheap place to stay. I don't want to burden my parents with expensive rent fees because usually, I will get the scholarship later, not in the early semester. I need to buy my own furniture for the place as well. Just the basic furniture. No need excessive furniture for students, as long as we feel comfortable.

I hope my friends which are already becoming IMU students can help me finding me place to stay at Vista. I had asked some of them but looks like I still haven't got a good offer.

Till then, bye bye for now.


Saturday, November 8, 2008

Big Bang 2nd Album - Remember

I've been waiting for SNSD new album for so long. However, Big Bang's album was out first than them. Big Bang had released a Japanese album, Number 1 and also Big Bang 2nd Album, Remember recently while SNSD still hasn't release their new album. Rumor said that the new album will be in this month. Therefore, I need a little bit of patient eventhough I had waited for this album since I finished A-Level last June.

In Big Bang's new album, there are a lot of new song as well as remix songs from the previous album. I love the remixes of Big Bang's two hit songs which are Lies and Last Farewell. I love the remixes and had put them into my playlist. Besides that, Haru Haru song also got an acoustic version which is also good to hear. However, I haven't started liking the new songs such as Sunset Glow, Wonderful and Remember. I'm not a kind of person who will fall for the songs the first time I hear them out. I need more time to like the song and need to listen to them for a lot of time.

Big Bang - Remember

Big Bang in Baskin Robin commercial

By the way, thanks Badd for the information about the new Big Bang album. Without him, I wouldn't know about this album. Badd has been very informative about music and always tell me about anything new in K-Pop industry. He was also responsible for telling me about Wonder Girls new song which is Nobody.

I watched Music Bank this evening on KBS World. Usually I didn't really watched this show since there are so many Korean artists, singers and groups I didn't know performing in that show. But today I was lucky enough to watch Wonder Girls performed Nobody in the blue outfits and they won for this episode.

I want nobody nobody but you~
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