Thursday, March 26, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

to Badd...

Badd is one of my best friends even though he is far far away in another region of the world. Manipal, truly Asia..

However, I still managed to pass him his birthday present which I bought from Korea last year. I passed the present to Wawa earlier this year during their semester break.

He was once my roommate in Cemara and also my neighbour in Cendana during our study in INTEC. We developed our friendship during Ko-PLN which was a program which was compulsory for JPA students. It's kinda a LDK (latihan dalam kumpulan) thingy.. Which was conducted by my beloved Pn. Hezlin, our Statistic lecturer.

My hobby with Badd is dance. We dance to KPop songs. Just watched video from Youtube and we would take an effort to learn the dance steps. Some of the songs we managed to learn was Into the New World (SNSD), Girls' Generation (SNSD), and Tell Me (Wonder Girls). Plus some steps from Kissing You (SNSD). Yes, it's all girls song because male song kinda difficult to learned the steps. Lol...

I can say that we spent most our time together along with the addition of Helmy and Azery to form a lahar group. When we were together, definitely we talked other that study. It might be about artist, KPop updates (like Klik magazine showed a false info about SNSD.. kan Badd?), music, movies and other stuffs which I should censored. Usually Badd was my dinner partner everyday (except when we had other occasion like birthday party which didn't involved one of us).

Last year, Badd experienced a floury Birthday surprise ragging. He was attacked by Apal and Jiji with a mixture of flour and eggs. I just watched the incident on the stairs to watch the funny moment. At first, Badd hide in TV room downstairs and also switched off his handphone (or in silent mode). We couldn't contact him at all until Apal found him in TV room.

He organised three birthday party last year.
1. with classmates at KFC
2. with housemates and neighbours at Cemara (Helmy's room)
3. with lahar gang at the Chicken Rice Shop.

last year's Badd's birthday photo collection

My wishes for Badd:
1. Happy birthday again.. sweet 21.. (sweet ke?)
2. Semoga panjang umur, dimurahkan rezeki, dikurniakan kekasih hati yg diimpikan
3. Semoga sukses dalam pelajaran walaupun agak susah untuk cemerlang (lulus sudah...)
4. Balik la Malaysia, nak menari lagi dengan ko..

Last but not least, stay cool, stay calm, stay lahar..

From: Iwa Allen

P/s: I wanna put a photo of Badd with all his birthday presents last year wearing his orange INTEC t-shirt, but the photo might humiliate him.. =)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

My New Favourite Thing...

It's a new Girls' Generation mini album, Gee! Even though it has been in the market (not in Malaysia of course) for the past 3 months, I still considered myself lucky to own this album. Thanks to Minu who posted this album to me from Seoul. He's studying there at Seoul National University. What a lucky guy..

First mini album - Gee

First album which I bought in Korea last year

Both of Girls' Generation album

If he hadn't posted this album yet, I might asked him to buy me Super Junior 3rd album - Sorry Sorry as well.. =p

Friday, March 20, 2009

This Week..

Tuesday - Digital Day

I went to Low Yat with Azery, Helmy and also Anis to buy something. We all had something to buy which is external hard disc. We surveyed a lot of shops in the building and it was very tiring to get the best one with the reasonable price. At first, we all planned to buy Western Digital brand, but later we ended up buying 320 GB Seagate. It kinda costly since it's coloured, not just a plain metallic silver one. Helmy and I bought laptop cooling pad, and I also grabbed an additional USB port.

Then, we went to Times Square, had our dinner and continue with our mission. Helmy bought contact lens, while Azery was a bit dissapointed because we couldn't find a Swatch shop to replace his broken watch string. I also bought a new sweater from Romp, and belt from FOS.

Wednesday - Endah Parade je..

Because of my driving license was nearly expired, I asked Anis to accompany me to the post office at Endah Parade to renew my license and also transferred my money to my ASB account. However, I found out that I need to renew it at the JPJ because only the competent driving license can be renewed at the post office. Huh, what a disappoinment.. Then, how could I renew my license since everyday I got classes, no time to go back to Shah Alam to renew my license. Weekend, the JPJ office won't be opened.

Fariz and Cipak also followed us since they got things to buy. We met Ho Liaug, Eugene and Zhi Yi at CIMB Bank. I also got sick today. Suddenly, I got unstoppable sneezing and it's a sign that I would get flu. Back in my apartment, I slept throughout the night after consuming a highly sleepy flu pills.

Thursday - Spontaneous Outing

Today was a bad day for me. My shoes base suddenly 'tercabut' during the Biopharmacy practical lab. So, I had to walk by dragging my left leg and it's making sound kinda heardable by others. Irene suggested me to buy a shoe glue but I preferred buying a new shoes.

After lab, I asked Helmy to accompany me to Endah Parade (again?) to find a new shoes. During our way to the Vista C gate, Helmy told me that maybe he and Azery will go out this weekend to find a Swatch shop at Midvalley. Suddenly, a brilliant idea came up. We headed up to Azery's apartment and asked to join us. Instead of going to the lame Endah Parade, we switch our route to Midvalley. I was still sick today, with the remaining flu. But I brought my medicine as a backup.

The first shop we dropped by was the Swatch shop where Azery finally managed to replace his watch string. Then, we headed to Bata where I bought my leather shoes. Helmy was planning to buy a new shoes too but because of his feet were too small, no size suited him well. Later we went Radioactive and both Azery and Helmy took the chance to buy new shoes. It's kinda cheap though.

We had our dinner at the food court. Azery and I tried the Korean cuisine. Mine was BBQ chicken which consist of a bowl of rice, chicken, soup, kimchi, fishballs and also tea. When enjoying my meal, my mind suddenly refreshed about my trip to Korea last year. It was a memorable one.

Good news also, Azery's sister called him and told about a package which was sent to him. It was a package from Korea where Azery and I asked our friends there to buy stuff for us. I was very excited and impatient to see my Girls' Generation Gee album..

What a happy day..

Monday, March 16, 2009

Family Day

mini towel as doorgift

I just had a family day last weekend. This event took place at my aunt's place at Banting which is about 45 min drive from Shah Alam. Even though this was supposed to be a Family Day for my maternal side, but some of my relatives still couldn't manage to attend this gathering. Some of them were quite stubborn, and perhaps shy to meet the others. Plus, this event was conducted to celebrate my grandmother's 73rd birthday.

Here are some photos captured during the Family Day...


making coleslaw

azan competition

public speaking



musang berjanggut (separating 9 types of nuts & spices)


potrait drawing

nenek's birthday celebration

prize giving

wall of fame

my parents

incompleted family photo (some left earlier)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Super Junior Vol. 3

Ffter listening to Super Junior new single entitled Sorry, Sorry, the full album is finally out. This might be a heavenly great news for Azery as he is so keen in Super Junior new album, is it? No, not really.. He's too busy with study until he didn't know about the new single.. However, I was too kind to spread the news to him, of course he's a bit shock about it.

At first I heard the song, it's like : OMG, so weird.. Their voice are kinda digital and techno and I was wandering how they gonna sing it live. But because Badd said that he listens to this song a lot of times, I decided to follow his step. It works, I'm starting to like this song.

This song is kinda like Gee, it's a fast track with many repeating words.. If in Gee, SNSD repeats 'Gee' many times, but in Sorry, Sorry, Super Junior repeats 'Sorry' many times. They came from a same company though, that's why it's kinda similar.

Sorry, sorry, sorry

I still haven't got the chance to listen to the full album yet, but I had listened to Why I Like You from the comeback performances at Music Bank. The song is okay for me..

Thursday, March 5, 2009

10 years ago

In such a surprise, my primary school friend, Rashaad, posted a photo in his Facebook.. A photo of us in primary school but I'm not sure which year because we had been classmates from Standard 1 till 3 together. 1 Coklat, 2 Tabah & 3 Tabah in Sekolah Kebangsaan Raja Muda, Shah Alam.

Irwan, Hazwan, Rashaad & Qayyum

Miss the old times with them! ='(

We are not as close as we used to in the past.. But we still contact each other though..

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Tagged by Apal

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Ceh, kurang asam punyal Apal.. Adeke pegi tagged aku.. Tak pasal2 kne tulis mende alah ni.. Kali ni tulis dalam BM la, baru mesra sket..

10 facts about Apal who tagged me
(10 fakta tentang Apal yang tag saya):

1. Nama dia Muhammad Naufal bin Nordin / Apal / Mayu / Kete kebal
2. Dia lagi gemok daripada aku.. Lihat saja ukur lilit pinggangnya..
3. Dia pakai spek mata.. Ala2, budak kaca mata (yeiks!)
4. Aritu 2 kali aku kuar jalan2 ngan Apal selepas dia balik dari Indon
5. Dia belajar medic di Jakarta.. Tggu la aku datang nanti Apal, ko kena belanja aku..
6. Dia merupakan roomate aku kt Cendana.. Ske gila main game.. Smpai x blaja..
7. Apal ni jenis yg x kesah, dia ikut je apa2 yg kte plan.. Cool.. Senang berkawan ngn dia..
8. Aku pernah lawan menari kat Times Square ngn Apal.. Seronok lak... rindu zaman dulu..
9. Umah Apal kt Sg. Buloh.. Tp xde pokok buloh pun kt umah die.. Teringat tym raya kt umah Apal dulu2.. makan 2-3 round, main UNO dan lain2..
10. Apal merupakan sahabatku dulu, kini dan selamanya.. =)

10 fakta tentang diriku:

1. Nama Muhammad Hazwan bin Samian aka Hazwan aka Iwa (kwn2 rapat je panggil Iwa)
2. Ske gila ngn Kpop.. X caye, cuba tny Badd.. Ske Girls' Generation, Big Bang dll..
3. Sekarang tgh obses dgn cte Boys Over Flowers yang bes gilee.... Habis Anis & Azery aku hasut utk tgk cte ni...
4. Ske bergosip ngn Anis & the gang.. Kalo ada Badd ngn Ida, bertambah2 la gosip baru.. Tidak lupa juga kpd Wawa & the gang.. Nk sebut sume ke? Xyh la..
5. Skang belajar di IMU Bukit Jalil yang serba tidak seronok.. Xde kedai makan yg bes2 dekat sini..
6. Tgh tggu duit biasiswa masuk.. Byk barang nk bli & bayar hutang ibu bapa..
7. Rindu kat Badd yang sudah lebih 6 bulan x jumpa..
8. Ske kaler hijau, tp kaler lain pun ok je.. Beg ijau, selipar ijau, kasut ijau, jeans ijau, baju ijau, modul IMU pun ijau, pencil case ijau, botol air ijau, pokok ijau (eh, xde kaitan...)
9. Tgh dlm proses menghabiskan 7 buku Narnia (baru baca 2 je pun).. Buku Bioscience ngn Physiology pn blom abes bace.. huhuhu...
10. Suka buang masa dengan edit gmbr atau video.. Lihat la koleksi gmbr dan video di Facebookku.. Hehe.. Hah, aku juga gilakan Facebook.. Beware!

5 blogger yang aku nk tag:
1. Wawa
2. Mery
3. Fazd Kamsani (perampas Siwon)
4. Aiman Maarof
5. Kembali ke Apal


Just So You Know..

I'm currently following Boys Over Flowers drama. It's a Korean drama of course..

I love the soundtracks very much. Some song are happy, and some are sad. But a still like them. Plus, I also add them to my song playlist, which I played everytime I on my laptop; whether to finished up my lab reports, facebooking of photoshopping.

SS501 - Because I'm Stupid
T-Max - Paradise
SHINee - Stand By Me
Someday - Algoinnayo
Ashily - Lucky
Kim Yoo Kyung - Byeolbinnoonmool
Seo Jin Young - Jogeumeun
Tree Bicycle - One More Time

Like everytime I listen to these songs, I will definitely remember the story.. The difficulties in love between Jun Pyo and Jan Di.. And sometimes I felt touched by the drama. Like Anis said, I'm a sentimental person...

Should I be a sentimental person?

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