Monday, August 25, 2008

Goodbye Apal!

Huk huk huk... (crying fakely) One of my friends flew away again last Sunday. This person is one and only my ex-roomate, Apal or the real name is Naufal. Apal will further his study in Degree of Medicine at Universitas Ukrida which is located at Jakarta, Indonesia. He was supposed to fly to India with his other group of friends, but because of his exam result, he didn't pass to go to India. I think he was quite lucky to fly earlier than his friends. Indonesia is not quite not bad also. I had went to Indonesia several times before, and I like it. The things there are quite cheap and Jakarta also has quite a lot of interesting places to visit.

I woke up at 5 am and after performing Subuh prayer, I left home which is at about 6 am. I drove all along the way to KLIA alone and also used my mom's Touch & Go card to pay the toll. It took about 45 minutes to reach KLIA. During my way. Wawa sent me an SMS telling that she already left home. Only me and Wawa were free to see Apal's flight today because others didn't have transport to go to KLIA.

I arrived at KLIA at 6.50 am and texted Wawa to asked where was she. However, she hadn't arrived yet and so I went to toilet first. Then, I went to a bookshop to browse some magazines while waiting for Wawa. Then, Wawa met me in the bookstore. Later, we went in front of the RHB Bank which is located near the escalator for the passengers. A lot of people gathered here dressing in dark blazer. We searched for Apal but in vain. We called Apal several times but he didn't pick up his phone. Later, Apal told us that he had problem with his blazer. He didn't get chance to wear blazer that day because the blazer wasn't ready by that time.

Then, Apal met us in the crowd and we took several shots. Anas also was there. Anas was my ex-housemate in Cendana a year ago. Other INTEC students who will go to Indonesia with Apal are Wahidi and Isabel. Then, Apal went to JPA briefing at one side of the place and then the pray was recited to pray for their safe journey.

Wawa, me & Apal

Anas, Wawa, me & Apal

Finally, it was the time. Apal hugged his family members before he bid farewell to us. Tears could be seen in Apal's eyes but he had to cover his tears because he was ashamed to cry. Hehe..
I hope he will succeed in his future and become a very respectful doctor. Goodbye!

Who will be next?


Anonymous said...

sedeynye apal da fly~
x dpt fly ngn kitorang~

Hazwan Samian said...

agak r.. sian apal..

cahaya wawa said...

sampai ketemu lagik...

Anonymous said...

sian gak ngan Apal..
xpe2, Wahidi kan ada,bley teman die di kala sunyi

Hazwan Samian said...

bukan wahidi je, anas ngn isabel kn ade gak.. hee..

Anonymous said...


isabelle bley tlg uat juadah berbuke
anas ajk + teman g teraweh
and wahidi tlg kejut kan sahur..xgitu iwa?

Hazwan Samian said...

gitu la gamaknye.. masing2 ade tugas tersendiri...

Anonymous said...


dan moge masing2 jlnkan tugas dgn seadanye. jgn cam Mibo,tetibe lak emo. kak lak bley tdo ngan senyenyaknye. =p

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