Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Mari Memasak bersama Chef Iwa

Yesterday and today, I got mood to try out several recipes. One was Oreo Cheesecake given by Chef Amirah Sedek and another one Lemon Rosemary Grilled Chicken given my uncle, which is actually a Jamie Oliver's simplest recipe.

Oreo Cheesecake [done on Monday]

Actually, I'm not a big fan of cheesecake, but Cipak insisted me to try the recipe. She had tried it twice and still like it. Fariz also had tried the recipe, but she said tak sedap.

With the help from my brother, I bought the ingredients from Giant and later baked the cake.

It's a simple recipe. Not so many weird ingredients.

Even though I never tasted it before, the photo from Amirah's blog made me wanna try it.

I actually wanna make this cake for my brother's birthday on Thursday, but ended up we finished one tray of the cake. Luckily I made two trays, the smaller one I gave it to him.

Lemon Rosemary Grilled Chicken [done on Tuesday]

My uncle made this chicken dish during our visit to his house during hari raya. It tasted nice and the meat is so tender and moist. Not too dry. It's also a very simple English recipe. I think most of Jamie Oliver's recipes are quite easy. It just that I was too lazy to buy the ingredients.

After done with the cooking, I texted my sister who worked in Shah Alam to had lunch with us, and tried my cooking.

Wah, cuti2 ni, rajin pulak try macam2 recipe. Anis rajin, Cipak rajin, apetah lagi Mirah.


amirahms said...

waah!!!! nice chickens..tgk pun tau da sedap.. ko baked eh chicken tuh?

tak mati kebuluran la kite kat glasgow nnti insyaAllah...malas2 leh dtg umah ko makan..huahuahua..

Hazwan Samian said...

haha.. mmg nice and simple..

mestila aku yg baked.. sape lg yg tgh free kt umah ni..


amirahms said...

x dela..maksud aku ingat ko goreng ke grill ke camtuh...

Hazwan Samian said...


aku baked la..

senang.. masuk je dlm oven..

kyra said...

iwaaa..the oreo cheesecake is soo yummylicious!make another one again ok?:p

Hazwan Samian said...

hehe.. ok.. mmg nk buat lg pn..

amirahms said...

see...mmg sedap tau..napetah fariz nye x jadi..hehe..abes lah bankrup restoran san fransisco pas ni...

Hazwan Samian said...

haha.. fariz gne cap ayam kot.. sbb tu x sedap..

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