Friday, September 2, 2016

Merdeka Trip - Manjung & Lumut

Trip Highlight: Frenzy Waterpark

Assalamualaikum peeps,

This was our very first trip for our Geng Memakans, we're very excited about this trip! We had planned it a few weeks before, but the plan was getting more serious a week before the trip. We just had to reconfirm how many people would join us. Since Merdeka day break fell on Wednesday (in the middle of the week), so I decided not to go back to Shah Alam but joined this trip to Manjung instead. From Sungai Besar, it took us around one and a half hour to reach Manjung. I went with Salim while Kak Emmy with her hubby. We checked-in the hotel first before going out again for dinner.

Dinner @Horizon Garden, Seri Manjung

We had an awesome dinner here. Kakmin had made reservation at Horizon Garden. She ordered a lot of yummy dishes such as nyonya steamed fish, butter prawn, battered cuttlefish, tomyam, veggies and tofu. The tomyam was a bit spicy but I loved it! All the food was nice, but the service was kinda awkward. The waitress collected our plates so soon, right after we finished our food on the plates. Did they not think about the remaining dishes? Takkan nak ratah pakai senduk? Tak sabar2 ok. =/
Kakmin brought her hubby (Abg Wan) and brother (Idey) as well. First time meeting them, initially we're quite quite, then it was fine.

Marina Island

We spent the rest of our night here until midnight. We had a little farewell party for Azira who will continue her study for a year. We sat on the grass near the jetty and had cakes barehanded. Forgot to bring any plates or spoons. We just came and brought a cake and some presents for her. Salim and I lured Abg Wan to play Pokemon Go together. We're quite happy that night. At least our Pokedex entry had increased by a few Pokemon. Lol.

Then we rode the bulat2 thingy, not sure what it is called. RM10 for 5 minutes. Worth a try. Then Kakmin bid goodbye as Abg Wan had oncall tomorrow morning. The rest remained here until 12am to watch fireworks. Exactly 12am, the fireworks burst in the air, colouring the dark sky with sparkles and lights. Then we proudly sang our national anthem, Negaraku. Then, we made a quick round around the stalls and booths, bought some drinks before headed back to our car.

Farewell to Rara

Bulat-bulat thingy

were actually busy playing Pokemon Go

Star Bay Hotel

A budget hotel, it was actually very nice and comfortable. We stayed in a twin bed room (RM88 per night) and I personally thought it was worth it. The location is very strategic, not far from Marina Island.

Breakfast @Warung Roti Canai Tepi Sungai, Kampung Sitiawan

In the morning, we had breakfast at Kampung Sitiawan. The place is called Warung Roti Canai Tepi Sungai. It is located around 10 minutes from our hotel. After we parked our cars, we had a walk along the riverside before reaching the roti canai place. We ordered 10 pieces of roti canai and then waited for Azira to arrived. Then, the makcik roti canai got a little bit emo after we ordered additional air kosong. She said "kenapa tadi tak order sekali tadi dik?"

Roti canai RM1.20

Frenzy Waterpark

After had the roti canai, we continued our journey to Marina Island. This time to Frenzy Waterpark. It's a waterpark very much like Wipe-out TV game show, only it was less extreme. It's a huge air-filled balloon walkways equipped with several obstacles and challenges. At first we thought that this place was quite small, but later after spending almost two hours in the park we started to feel the pain. Most of us had body ache and muscle sores. Muahahaha, rasakan lorrr~ The entrance fee is RM20 per adult and there is two session each day (8.30 am - 12.30 pm and 3.30 pm - 5.30 pm). It was definitely worth a try. I passed most of the obstacles except for two or three of them. I failed monkey bars and also the bridge. Biasalah gemuk sikit memang susah nak lepas. Not sure how many time I fell into the water and the rest had to help pulling me up. 😂

Lunch @Papparich 

We made a quick stop at Kakmin's house and bid farewell to Azira. After performing our prayer here, we drove to Papparich near Aeon Seri Manjung to have lunch. As usual, chicken and prawn hor fun (kway teow soup) was my choice for today. I managed to caught a few Pokemon here including Pikachu at the Shell petrol station.

Aeon Seri Manjung

Our initial plan was to play bowling or to watch movie here. However, after finishing our energy at the Frenzy Waterpark this morning, we had no mood to play bowling anymore. We surveyed some shows at TGV Cinema but the showtimes also weren't very suitable for us. At last, we just wandered around the mall, bought some stuff from Kaison and I bought a pair of Crocs for my niece, Zara. It was on sale, RM59 for each pair (all designs and sizes).

Kaison, probably the best and affordable shop that we love!

Wan's Coconut Shake

We continued our journey to Lumut Waterfront but since the weather was gloomy and rain started to pour down we just drove through the area only. After that, we drove back to Marina Island and dropped by Wan's Coconut Shake. This was our last stop before going back to Sungai Besar later. The coconut shake was okay, some of us ordered fresh coconut drink as well. After quenching our thirst, we said goodbye to Kakmin and Idey before we drove back to Sungai Besar.

Before reaching home, we had dinner at Medan Ikan Bakar Hutan Melintang. Not sure why the service was kinda slow tonight, we had our food served after almost one hour of waiting.

After I dropped Salim in Bagan Terap, I drove back to Sungai Besar and dropped by the police station to fetch a tray of brownies for Kakmin. 

I loved how we spent our quality time together. All this while we only spent time at work during the day and occasionally dined out together after work. This time, we had more activities that we actually could do together. We had laugh and joy and body aches. Lol

Good night~


Hanis Amanina said...

Jalan2 cari makan! :D Frenzy Waterpark looks fun the most

Unknown said...

Best nya travel dgn kawan2 :)

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