Monday, October 29, 2012

Food Trip Johor Bahru - Anugerah Steak Western Food

I had an awesome food trip with my best friend, Lukman. All we did during this weekend trip was eat, eat and eat. We had lunch at Sushi King that day and for dinner, we're planning to have western food. After did some research on Mr. Google, we decided to try Restoran Anugerah Steak Western Food. Lukman said that this restaurant is located not so far from his place.

Here is the address:
No. 18 Jalan Susur Tun Abdul Razak 6, 
80200 Johor Bahru
014-9186407 012-7415101

When we arrived here, there were not so much people. At least only three tables were filled with customers. I think was because people were still in Hari Raya mood so there didn't eat out simply because they had a lot of open house to attend? Haha.. So we placed our order and waited for our food. We were sitting outside to enjoy the coldness of night. But it wasn't really cold but quite warm. Lol

We had a couple of lamb chops, meatball with creamy sauce, onion ring and special drinks. The price was okay and simply affordable.

Meatballs with creamy sauce..

Onion rings

Red & Yellow - yup, that's the name of these drinks

Lamb chop

As you can see, the meatballs was served with strawberry jam. They tried to copy IKEA meatball concept perhaps. However, the creamy sauce was yummy but I think they should blend the sauce first to make it smooth. There's a lot of chunky garlic in the sauce.

The onion rings were fried into perfection. I don't know how they did it, but the onion rings could maintain their crunchiness during our dinner. Even after I finished my lamb chop, they were still crunchy. Yummy!

The lamb chop was great too. The meat was quite tender. I really don't like if the meat was tough because it really suppressed my appetite. 

In my point of view, the food was very nice and I really enjoyed them. The portion was just enough, not to little not too much. The service was great, they sent out the food faster than we expected. Usually, western food took quite a long time to be prepared.


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