Friday, October 15, 2010

Beijing Part 1

Day 1

Kuala Lumpur --> Hong Kong --> Beijing
First by Cathay Pacific and later by Dragonair..

We arrived at Beijing at midnight and directly went to check in at Yi Hai Bussiness Hotel.

Our trip was guided by En. Usop (from Malaysia) and Mr. Chen (from Beijing). Our group only comprised of 13 ppl so it was easier to handle. My family, Helmi (my friend from Beseri), Mr & Mrs Doctor (En. Rashid & Cik Sal) with their daughter Farhana, Rynna, Kak Intan & Abg Nabhan.

Day 2

We had our breakfast at a Muslim restaurant. Our breakfast comprise of fried rice, telur dadar, cabbage and some kind of chinese kuih like chakoi..

Our first destination was Tian An Men Square or also known as The Forbidden City. We spend almost 3 hours walking around this huge are taking photos mostly at every stop. This is just merely a historical place, so what else to do except taking photos. I mean, loads of them!

Lunch at A Fun Ti Culture Restaurant. Plain rice with up to 12 dishes like chicken, beef, mutton plus a lot of vegies.

Then we went to a place of traditional herbs to get free foot massage. This place is owned by the government, so all the herbal medicines sold here are very pricey. My mom bought a medicine for heart problem because the sinseh checked my mom's pulse and tell her that she is prone to heart disease.

We visited Niu Jie Mosque which is the oldest and biggest mosque in Beijing. Beijing has approximately 5 millions population but only 200,000 are Muslims. We performed our prayer here.

Before we ate dinner, we watch an acrobatic show at Jin Sha Theatre. The show was awesome, the stunts are great. I like the motorcycle show in the big globe scene the most. 5 riders enter the globe and spun in there like crazy. We were so afraid that they gonna crashed into each other but they didn't. Maybe because they are all pro enough..

Dinner at the same restaurant as our breakfast. Menu like usual.

At night, 4 of us (me, Helmi, Sufi and Rynna) walked around the hotel including the lame shopping mall (Lotte Mart) behind our hotel and the shops nearby. Buy nothing except grapes and oranges. The grapes taste nice. Different than Malaysian grapes.

Day 3

After breakfast at a restaurant, we went to Jade Museum. FYI, we couldn't eat breakfast at the hotel because the food served weren't halal. So we ate all of our meal in Muslim restaurant. At the Jade Museum, we were given a briefing about jade and its family about their origin, sources and colours. My mom bought a locket for herself.

After that we went to Crystal Shop. My mom bought a couple of brooch. They are pretty and supershiny.

We had our lunch at Cloisonne Art Centre. The restaurant and surau are located at the 3rd floor while at the 1st floor, they sell cloisonne souvenirs. So what is cloisonne? It's an art of copper/steel and they are made into vases, souvenirs, plates etc. They are very expensive like usual.

The weather suddenly became darker and more hazy.

We continued our journey to the Great Wall. We spend 2 hours here. I only climbed up to the 1st stop because I pancit already. Then we bought certificate for climbing the great wall. The Great Wall is actually 5000 km long and crossed from China to Mongolia.

Then we headed to Baofuling shop where it sells Chinese medicine.. again..

After dinner, we went back to hotel.

-to be continued-


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