Saturday, February 4, 2017

Legoland the 6th (+Waterpark)

Hello all,

It has been a while.

So let's update about my recent trip to Legoland and Singapore. In this post, I'm gonna write about Legoland first, and then Singapore trip in the following post. Like the title said, this was my 6th time to Legoland Malaysia. Maklumlah dulu kerja kat Johor Bahru, buat Annual Pass. Kui3.. There are a few additions in the park which we did not miss the chance to try them.

More info on Legoland please visit their official site here.

One day combo ticket (There park & waterpark) costs RM184 (Adult) & RM146 (Children). Save a lot when purchasing combo ticket!

Legoland Waterpark

Since the weather was kinda gloomy, the ticketing staff suggested us to go to waterpark first because if it rains, the waterpark will be closed. Okay we got it, so we went to the waterpark, get changed and ran into the pool. We tried all the slides which included family raft, body slides and tube slides. We managed to grab a few tubes and floated around the waterpark. The tubes were provided for free, no need to bring extra cash for tube rental. After we played all the slides, we headed for the theme park.

Miniland - Star Wars

A new section was opened which displays a lot of Lego diorama from Star Wars trilogy. At the entrance, we were served with 1:1 scale Darth Vader, R2-D2 and C-3PO figures. Inside the building, the Lego sets were displayed in various rooms which we truly enjoyed along the way. There are buttons which we could push and the Lego figures will move.


Ninjago is the latest addition in this park. It's a very interactive game where we sat on a moving 4-seater cart and performed hand gestures to attack the villains. Oh ya, it's a 3D rides, so we had to wear the 3D glasses provided. Each of us represent one character. It was a nice game, we really loved it! However, please be prepared because your arms will ache after the rides, depending on how rough you play it. Hahaha..

We also played the dragon roller coaster (both kids and adults coasters), pharaoh's ride (tembak2) and watched the 4D show. Since we came on a normal weekday, the queue was short and super quick. 

Ok malas nak tulis panjang, info about other rides can be found on my previous entries (label: Legoland)

Have a great weekend!

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