Saturday, October 16, 2010

Beijing Part 2

Day 4

As usual we started our journey to historical place which has a stunning scenery which was Summer Palace. This palace is located beside a lake which gave us chilling experiences walking throughout the place. The wind was so cold which made me went to toilet more often.

We continued our journey to one more government place like Freshwater Pearl in the morning. We were told the freshwater oyster differs much from saltwater oyster where freshwater oyster can produce up to 15 pearls in one clam compare to one only in saltwater clam.

After lunch, we went to Silk Store. As silk are very expensive, I bought nothing but my mom did buy some cloths for baju raya next year.

There was an optional activity which was watching the Kungfu Show at Jin Sha Theatre. It costs about 150 yuan per pax which is about RM75 to watch it. All of us went to watch except Cik Mat. The performance was awesome, the kungfu was realistic, not the fake one ok..

At night, we went to Lotte Mart to find something interesting to buy but in vain. We bought nothing except a bottle drink.

Day 5

One more optional activity was done today which is visiting the Olympic Park. In our original itinerary, we only stopped at a very distance place to take photos but some of our rebelled and want us to get into the stadium area itself. So Mr.Chen had to buy tickets for us which cost about 100 yuan (RM50). It was worth it actually because we got the experience to enter the Bird's Nest Stadium and also walked near the Water Cube. After tonnes of photos were taken we continued our journey to some other place.

Diamond Centre. What the hell we do here? More bankruptcy was seen on people's eyes. This tour brought us to many expensive places which I found not really significant to our experience. Why the government made us went to these places? Just scrapping our money away you know. However, what's interesting in this Diamond Centre was there is a Malaysian guy work as the manager here. He's Steven from Cheras mali. He storied to us about the boring routine in Beijing and how much he wanna go back to Malaysia. The lucky part is that he sold to us jewelery on a very cheap prices. Good.. good.. Then he gave us a jade locket each for FREE...

After lunch, we went to Dr. Tea House to buy tea. I bought a Slimming Tea or also known as Golden Green Tea.

Then we shopped a lot at one local market, Sunny Gold Market. This market is quite small compared to other markets that we went tomorrow. I bought several fridge magnets, gloves, necktie, winter scarf and a pair of shoes.

Before we returned back to the hotel, we dropped by Hard Rock Cafe Beijing to buy some t-shirts as souvenirs. My parents bought one for each of us, including for my brothers at home.

Day 6

Today's activity were mainly shopping. In the morning, we went to Panda House which is located inside the Beijing Zoo. Beijing Zoo is actually the biggest zoo in Asia. There are 8 pandas in the zoo. The total population of pandas around the world is about 1000 so it is important to save more pandas from extinction.

In Ya Show market, once again we went crazy shopping in here. My suggestion is that please bargain until 70% discount because the display price is very out of logic. Imitated shoes can cost about 1000 yuan (RM500) so what the hell? You can bargain until 50 yuan like I did. Haha.. What did I buy today? Trench coat and Gucci beg.. Thanks to Helmi who bargain for me. He's totally clever in bargaining for things. I'm too shy to gaduh2 with the shop owner. Watching him bargaining can makes me pening kepala.

After lunch we went to pray at Nan Dou Ya Mosque.

Then we shopped more at Tian Ya Market or Hong Qiao Market. I didn't know which market did I went to. Here, I bought another shoes and Polo t-shirts.

Day 7

Woke up very early and left the hotel at 5.30 am. Our flight to HK was at 8.00 am.

Safely arrived at KLIA at 4.30 pm..

So that's all what we did during our trip to Beijing.. I had a great time, great experiences, great new friends and great photos taken. Last but not least, I lost a LOT of money too. ^^


PahPihPuh said...

Ape lagi,dah dpt loket pree tue..meh la kat aku.. Ko x pkai kann..

Unknown said...

amboi cipak.. pantas aje nk tu nk ini.. hahaha..

Anakmu said...

Bapak...mahu jugak loket tu

Unknown said...

hehe.. loket tu bentuk bese2 jela.. bentuk cam donut tu.. sgt cliche bentuk jade tu..

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