Monday, October 25, 2010

Langkawi 2nd Time 2010

Even though my semester break only got one more week left, my family and I managed to go to Langkawi to relieve our stress.. Stresskah? Cuti sampai 3 bulan, kini tinggal penghujungnya...

As usual, we went on weekend. Tiket murah uols, RM210 untuk 4 org hasil booking zero fare pada tahun lepas. Skang Airasia pun dah tak mampu nk bagi tiket semurah ni. Dah kaya la katakan, nk buat airport baru gitu..

This time, we went there just for makan2 and shopping only. No need to go the historical places or other attractions since we all have been there before. Btw, as the tittle suggests, this was my 2nd time to Langkawi this year after my trip with my BFF last March.

Owh ye, Sufi tgh exam pulak tu. Hari Jumaat ada paper, then malam g Langkawi. Lepas 3 hari kat Langkawi, hari Isnin sambung balik exam. Cool tak? Kalo ko tak skor, mesti Umi mengamuk nanti. Mana ada orang lain exam, dapat g jalan2????

On Friday, since we arrived at Langkawi at night, we did nothing except having our late dinner at Padang Matsirat. Then we checked-in to our motel, Tanjung Malie Beach Motel located just beside the Underwater World.

Then on Saturday, we started our day with shopping. We shopped a lot at Hj. Ismail Group, Ram's Collection, and Idaman Suri. Of course we bought a lot of chocolates as well as barang2 dapur seperti cawan2, mangkuk2, dulang2 and senduk2.. Lunch at restaurant tepi jalan at Kuah. Then we dropped by Nusantara Maju - Perusahaan Gamat Asli to buy some gamat stuffs. In Langkawi, like everyone want to open gamat business. Then balik motel, sambung tidur. At late evening, we mandi laut at Pantai Cenang, just in beside my motel. Dinner at Restoran Nelayan for seafood.

keluarlah genie in the jug....

promo gamat

seafood galore

On Sunday we jalan2 at Langkawi Fair at Kuah. It's a shopping mall which has Billion Supermarket in it. We bought three ready-packed Basking Robbins; vanilla, very berry strawberry and jamoca. However, the taste was not as the same as the freshly packed one. Kecewa sangat.. Rugi RM9.50 per cup.. Then lunch at Wan Thai Restaurant. Makanan kat sini semua sedap2.. Then balik motel, sambung tidur lagi. Petang2 dinner at nearby restaurant. Before we headed to airport, we singgah sebentar at The Zon, Underwater World to buy more chocolates.

khuysuk makan eskrem

sunset at Pantai Cenang

Ok, bye bye~


LoLLy~ said...

terbaeklah adek ko! ahahaha

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