Friday, July 17, 2009

Thursday of Week 5

I went out to watch Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince yesterday at Berjaya Times Square with my friends. Since I'm the only one who didn't have evening class, I went there first, alone. Wanji and Duwe got BM class at that time.

I got things to buy, therefore I might need some times to browse through the mall, looking for suitable birthday presents for Ida and Wan. After getting their things, I went to several toy shop to buy some Transformers toys again. I'm so unlucky because the cheaper shop was closed today, so I went to another toy store to get them. Huh, I could buy the toys with lower price the the shop but it closed.

I grabbed Cannon Bumblebee, Optimus Prime (Armada) and small Jetfire figure. While waiting for my friends to arrived, I wasted my time a bit at Borders browsing for nothing, just walking just to kill some time.

After having dinner at Kenny Rogers with my friends, we entered the cinema hall. Achik and Fyruz also joined us.

Then the movie started. It kinda long, more than 2 hours I think. I was quite sad of the storyline, it changed a lot. Plus, no battle scene in Hogwarts which made me disappointed. But the special effects were as usual great! The origin of Voldemort also wasn't told clearly, the half-blood prince also the same, not much information about them. If people haven't read the book yet, they might not understand the story well.


Ah, and during the morning class, after English presentation, we got practice for Physiology project. I felt quite isolated since all of my group members speak Mandarin. So, I just made myself as quiet as possible while jotting down their blood pressure and heart rate reading.

And today, after not seeing each other for a long time, I had lunch with Ida and Anis. We lepak2 for some time at the cafe. We were also planning for our next outing which will be on the next Friday.. Lalala~

Geng Lahar kini kembali!


Itsuki said...

nampaknya ade org kena belajar bahasa mandarin la plak pas ni ek..

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