Wednesday, July 29, 2009

It's Baking Time!

Hah! Finally, our dream did came through. What's our dream?

Well, we want to bake cookies together. Who are we? Well, actually it was supposed to be me, Iwa Stone and Anis Olsen only, but later Bee Lawson want to join also. She said she never baked before. Wah, this girl is so lazy, even I had baked several times at home. Ok, enough with Bee, let's continue with our day.

Yesterday, after one hour Statistics wonderpon class, we went to Carrefour to buy the ingredients for our cookies. The recipe can be found at the internet and here. Carrefour wasn't a good place to shop for bakery stuffs since there's not so many choices there.

At about 3.15 pm, we started our little project. Ding dong, Anis and Bee came. Duwe was assigned to take as many pictures of us. Hehehe... =)

We put all the ingredients except for fine sugar because according to the comments on the recipe, the cookies will be too sweet. So we just added the brown sugar and eliminated the fine sugar. Then after the cookies were finally baked, the cookies look big and flat. So, for the later dough, we made it smaller and fatter. The dough was kinda soft, I think we should add more flour.

The result was very damn good! It taste as good as Famous Amos and Zi Qian's one. Hahaha.. Zi Qian was our inspiration to start our baking project. Thanks for your delicious cookies that day! Totally loved it!

We lepak2 until all the cookies had been baked and we divided the cookies into two. One for girls and one for boys. The cookies in my house already finished by this morning.

And yeah, we got more left over ingredients and we were planning to make more cookies later.

Yum yum~

Crunch crunch~


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