Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Transformers Energon

Still watching Transformers Energon which is the the sequel of Transformers Armada and prequel of Transformers Cybertron. I didn't know why I watched Energon much later than the other two series. Got 50 episodes to watch and already watched 13 of them.. Haish..

Transformers Armada

Armada is basically about the Decepticons want to conquer all the mini-cons while as usual, the Autobots are planning to protect them.
* I only have 7 toys from this series : Galvatron, Hot Shot and other 5 mini-cons.

Transformers Energon

The Decepticon and Alpha-Q want to resurrect Unicron and create chaos like usual. In the beginning of this series, the Decepticons merged with the Autobots after Megatron died in Armada.
*I have no toys from this series

Transformers Cybertron

The Autobots and Decepticons raced to collect the Cyber Planet Keys in order to revived planet Cybertron. There are 4 keys which are from Earth, Jungle Planet, Giant Planet and Speed Planet.
*I got lots of toys from this series : Optimus Prime, Cybertron Primus, Wing Blade (redeco of Wing Saber), Leo Prime (redeco of Leobreaker), Backstop, Swindle, Quickmix, Vector Prime, Ransack, Breakdown, Clocker and several mini-cons.

Transformers Animated

The latest one, still airing on Cartoon Network. But I don't really like the robot design. Too cartoon for me..
*Not really interested at the toys


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