Thursday, July 23, 2009

Dinner With ???

We had dinner with our old friend, not old la, we just haven't see each for some times.

Guess who?

It's Ain from Indonesia. Haha, she's particularly studying pharmacy at ITB at Bandung. Tomorrow she'll be going back to Johor, so tonight we grabbed the chance to see her.

We had our dinner at the lake nearby, where else to go? There's no good restaurant here in Bukit Jalil which we can accessed by walking.

Ain cam with Cipak, while I came with Anis, we met up near IMU. Ain is currently staying with Cipak at Vista B. To bad, Tikah wasn't here. So, our family reunion wasn't complete.

Here are some low quality photos from my handphone, I forgot to bring my camera along. We also took some photos with Anis' handphone, but due to virus infection, the files were cracked.

Ain, Anis & me

Anis, Ain & Cipak



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