Monday, July 6, 2009

Cooking? Cooking! Restaurant City

Suddenly, so many people starts playing Restaurant City, a game by Playfish which I plays few months ago. It's kinda fun and addictive playing this game actually. Collecting and trading ingredients to complete the menu. Plus, we can hire our friends to work with us, as a waiter, a cook or a cleaner.

This is are current restaurants :
I have 2 since I have 2 Facebook accounts:

Genie Over Food (Cawangan Shah Alam)

Genie Over Food (Cawangan Bukit Jalil)

Family Restaurant:

My brother's, Ali Cafe

My sister in-law's, Bread & Pepper

Friends' Restaurant

Annyss owned by Anis Wahida

Leek.Tuna.Rice owned by Fazd

My Step-daughter's Restaurant

Traditional Rival (musuh ketat)

Gourmet Kitchen owned by Amirah Sedek


amirahms said...

kurang hasam punye hazwan...smua la nk berlaga dgn aku termasuk tiqah aku level up sket die pun akan up gak...aiseyh..biasela restaurant classy smua jeles dgn akunye restaurant... pas ni nak taruk ko jadi cleaner je la..turun pangkat

Unknown said...

haha.. anis yg ckp ko berazam nk kalahkan aku.. bukan salahku..

xpe2, aku jd cleaner pn, bkn ade efek pape.. hehe..

cahaya wawa said...

iwa cyunk.. i da upload lah gmbr rmbut tuh.. rmbut tuh time supremo ball..

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