Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Ice Corn Lab Age

Today, we got lab for Bioscience which is basically about meiosis and also genetics (test cross). We were required to draw pollen sacs and chromosomes. Besides that, we were assigned to count the corn seed according to their respective colours such as purple and yellow.

Here are some photos of us, having fun during the experiment.. Fun???

After finished lab today, my housemates and I went to Times Square to watch Ice Age 3 : Dawn of the Dinosaurs. The movie was very funny and we enjoyed laughing several times. The baby t-rex trio were very very cute! Somewhat in the cinema, there's a child who imitates the sound of the character which was quite annoying for me. Feels like want to slap the boy..

The story started with Manny and Elie were getting ready to received their first baby. Then, Sid found 3 dino eggs, and brought them home until they hatched. The dino trio thought that Sid was their mom. Later, the real dino mommy came and kidnapped her babies and also Sid bringing them to the underworld which is a land full of dinosaurs. The adventures sure very funny to watch..

Plus, I bought a Mudflap toys today! Can't resist myself from not buying even though my money was running low.. Hehe..



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