Wednesday, July 22, 2009

ROTF Scalpel

I bought a Scalpel toy from Carrefour today.. but it disappointed me.. It's leg joint are quite fragile and easily detached.. Haiyaa.... Weak microscope Decepticon.. Cannot even stand correctly...

I spend quite a lot today, even though just in unluxurious Endah Parade. I bought a new Memory Stick for my new camera, camera case, and also this toy.

Scalpel torturing Sam in Transformers ROTF movie


misroscope mode, kinda cute

"Eh, why one of my leg tercabut?"

"WAHHH!! This is too much!"

"See, I only got one strong leg"

Watcha lookin' at?


cahaya wawa said...

wahh.. mainan baru nampak.. isk33

Unknown said...

haah.. br sgt.. fresh dr carrefour.. hak3..

cahaya wawa said...

mainan je kejenye yekk.. klu JPA tau sure die akan potong elaun..

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