Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Physiology CVS Project

Finally, it our turn for cardiovascular project which is basically an experiment about the effect of exercise on heart rate and blood pressure. This study also teaches us to measure heart rate through radial pulse and also using the sphymomanometer and stethoscope.

First, we measure the initial rate, then do the step up exercise, and lastly measure the rate after exercise. It sounds easy, but quite tedious and consumed much time. 8 person did the exercise. We took turns to measure the participant heart rate and blood pressure.

I did the data recording. It's quite confusing if many readings were taken at a same time. Need to hear them carefully, and make sure the data was jotted down correctly. We don't want other's people reading to be in someone else name.

Our supervisor, Dr. Sufyan on checked on our activity at the beginning of the experiment, and then he's gone.

Since I'm quite free (not that free actually), I managed to capture several shots of our activity.

Dr. Woon Chit and Dr. Ho Liaug getting ready to measure the blood pressure

Mei Ying as the patient, Jason as the doctor

Leader Irene (measuring the blood pressure) and Dr. Lee Jing (radial pulse) with their patient, Pei Ying

Patient Mei Ying, Dr. Wei Guang and Assistant Hazwan

Wah, like that also can measure the pulse.

Metronome used to measure the speed of exercise. Owned by my mentor, Kak Ainur

me with Leader Irene

Two patients from Hospital Bahagia

Woon Chit and Yunn Shuen performing the step up

Ho Liaug and Jason's turn

Happy and crazy moment

Revenge time!

Wuuu, not many pictures of mine since I'm the photographer..

Mei Ying just upload some of my photos in Facebook. Here they are..

Thanks Mei Ying!

Looks like we have to start doing of project report. One more burden is added to my shoulder. Wahhh... Got Foundation Pharmacy Essay to be hand in next week. 2000 words!!!!


meiying said...

haha...said us frm hospital bahagia pulak~lol

Unknown said...

haha.. bcoz u 2 are very funny and crazy.. dun take it seriously ok, im just main2 only..

cahaya wawa said...

huhuhuhu.kitorang blaja mende nih first sem lg tym block respiratory and CVS.. huhuhu.. tp kitorg tak yah wat repot.. heee...

Unknown said...

sbb ni merupakan projek, maka, kenalah buat repot.. wuu...

Unknown said...

haha..nola...i dun mind too. =)

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