Saturday, July 18, 2009


Why so boring today?

Other than washing the dishes (due to kenduri last night) and cleaning the kitchen, I just sat in front of my laptop and facebooking.. Commented on some Fariz's photos going to Shout! Award last night, I'm quite jealous that they got the chance to take pictures with some artists.

My parents also weren't home, they went to Port Dickson, having a family day of my father's department colleagues. Thus, leaving me and my younger brother kemas-kemas the house. My brother went to Bukit Jalil to watch Manchester United vs Malaysia, just like my other boy friends.

I was hoping for my sister to bring us out, but she's kinda busy. She got something to do at Klang.

Really, very boring today. I watched Titanic half way on Star Movies, then went upstairs to play with my Transformers because I didn't know what else to do. Yes, and yesterday finally I got my Optimus Prime (leader class) from my brother in-law. He bought it with higher price than the usual one, because it has been very limited lately. Even though I have a lab report to be done, I still didn't get the mood to do it.

Here are some low quality images of the new Optimus Prime:

with Bumblebee
I got 6 Optimus Prime

Bumblebee and the Twins


LoLLy~ said...

ko gile..!!
ade 6 optimus prime..??
ko nak wat rumah ko penoh ngn robot ke weyh
ke ko nak soh robot2 tuh jd org gaji ko
jgn jeles...lenkali kite g rmai2
lg besh!!

Unknown said...

almari aku pn da penuh wahai cik lolly.. tggl nk bli almari baru jek.. hehe..

6 optimus prime pn ko nk tkejut? tu kire sket r..

tula pasal, bad timing btol la.. nak2 gak g shout!.. huhu...

mlm ni ade APM.. lalala~

LoLLy~ said...

faizal tahir menang hot guy kot semlm,ngehehehe
tp die x masok apm kt jakarta tuh kan

Unknown said...

haah.. aku bc paper, faizal tahir xleh g jakarta sbb kne sekat ngn kerajaan.. due to x byr loan ptptn.. hak3..

amirahms said...

hazwan gile rajin ko n adek ko kene kemas umah!!! volunteer ke mak suruh ni??hehe.. ala pas ni kte wat outdoor activities plak..lg syiok! =) hazwan uruskan..huhu

Unknown said...

mestilah rajin.. sape la lg nk kemas umah kalo bkn ktrg.. bknnye ade bibik pon.. xkn nk biar umah bsepah2..

aish, asal aku kne urus outdoor activity lak? aritu diorg cm plan nk g melaka pas exam..

cahaya wawa said...

wahh dah ade byk optimus prime.. nnt try carik bumblebee or jazz ekkk untuk kamuh.. suke porsche tuh.. huuuu..

Unknown said...

bumblebee i da ade.. kamu cari jazz la.. hehe.. *mntk jgn x mntk*

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