Sunday, October 31, 2010

Melaka Trip

Fuuhhhhh, finally after waiting for more than 2 months, our class trip to Melaka was finally menjadi! No more main-main plan, Wanji and I was planning it for real. All thanks to Matta Fair for having a great promotion for A Famosa Resort. This trip was joined but all of my class gang members except Bee who was very busy handling a kindergarten graduation day.


We started our journey at 9.45 am. We met at Ayer Keroh toll plaza later but along the way, we managed to buy Baskin Robbins at hentian Seremban. Alhamdulillah, today was a Pink Day so we gather most of our pink things to get the promotion. Cipak with her pink clothes, Fairuz with her pink handphone and mine is a pink earphones.

At Melaka, first thing we did was finding a place to have lunch. Mirah guided us to Bukit Cina to eat mee rebus there.

After that, we had a city tour around Melaka. We parked our cars in front of Taming Sari Tower. We captured several *I mean, a lot!* shots at a historical places around the town like Muzium Islam Melaka, Stadthuys, A'Famosa fort and Muzium Samudera.

Then, we ate cendol & ABC at a nearby stall by the riverside. After refreshing ourselves, we went on a river cruise. Along the river we could see buildings with beautiful paintings, fun fairs, as well as biawak lepaking on a tree.

We had our dinner at Umbai. Umbai is famous with ikan bakar and it is a must to eat ikan bakar there. Our menu includes plain rice, siakap tiga rasa, pari bakar bersambal, sotong goreng tepung and kailan ikan masin.

At night, we went shopping at Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall. Harus ke shopping2 bila pergi travel? Entahlah, janji murah hokay!

Then, Kak Long was suffering from an allergy reaction. Might be caused by the seafood we ate before. So I gave her my antihistamine to relief her gatal2. We rounded the city to find a clinic but mostly had closed due to late timing.

We checked in A Famosa Resorts (Villa) at about 11.30 pm.


Today's activities mostly took place inside A Famosa Resort itself. Firstly, we went to Animal World in the morning. We managed to watch all animal shows except Elephant Show because we arrived quite late. There we Multi Animal Show, Bird Show and Wild Wild West Show as well. We also got a chance to board a safari bus to had a tour inside the safari. It was a bumpy ride though. Many wild animals were kept here like lions, tigers, horses, giraffes, hyenas, bulls, gazelles, and many more.

No lunch for today, we just ate snacks because the food inside was quite pricey.

Then mandi time! We headed to Water World next door. We played all of the slides; body, tube and even family raft. I also experienced a bad thing here. When I was in a slide with Duwe, on a double tube, we had a little accident. The tube was terbalik and causing our heads to bang on the slide wall making us dizzy a while. Both of us were pening2 but after that we still continued playing other slides. We spend about 3 hours here.

Dinner at a restaurant located outside A Famosa Resort but it is quite near to the entrance. About 8 minutes from the entrance. Others tried the nasi ayam percik but Aleen and I just had nasi with tomyam, ayam paprik and telur dadar.

At night, it was Cowboy Town next. We watched the Red Indian Show, Halloween Animal Parade and Firework Displays. The 4D Theatre was quite expensive, RM20 for 15 minutes so we decided not to watch it except for Fariz and Kak Long.

We had a megi party at home later for supper. We bought some meggis from 7E at Tampin town.


After capturing some photos in front of A Famosa Resort entrance, we headed back to KL. But before be reached KL, we dropped by Putrajaya lake to try the kayak and other water activities but we arrived at a wrong place. So we were lazy to find the right place and directly headed to Alamanda to celebrate Amirah's belated and Ridhwan's birthday.

Urghh, Sem 5 starts on Monday! So lazyy... haiiiishhh...


amirahms said...

LOL..water sports complex sepatutnya bukan kelab tasik putrajaya..sorry aku tersilap...hehe lgpun panas kan..x pe2 next time leh gi lagi sama2 time pagi bru bes =)

Unknown said...

haha.. putrajaya nk pergi over the wknd bleh je.. dkt je pun..

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