Thursday, November 1, 2012

Food Trip Johor Bahru - Banafee Village

So yesterday we were having Sushi King and Anugerah Steak as our meal, today we dined out again. We went to Aidilfitri open house organised by our IMU friend, Ahmad who lives in Johor too. He studied in Leeds University in England and was having summer break during hari raya.

Open house for lunch, therefore tonight we went to another restaurant to have dinner. Lukman brought me to Banafee Village which is located near New York Hotel in Johor Bahru. We parked the car beside the restaurant as they have their own parking lots. Life is so much easier like this. We didn't have to park at the roadside or whatnot.

No 9022, Jalan Dato Abdullah Tahir,
Johor Bahru
07-333 3377
There were many customers at that time and this place is very spacious. You can choose either to eat inside, outside or in the pondok. We chose to dine inside. There were a lot of foreigners as well, especially from middle-east. Oh ya, this restaurant is owned by a Malaysian celebrity, Betty Banafe.

I had rice with ayam merah while Lukman had rice with sambal ayam. We also ordered sup tulang merah.

Sup tulang merah

The price was a bit expensive, I mean more expensive than a normal gerai price but still affordable. The environment was so lively and there was a live singing performance too. There are a lot of small stalls in the restaurant if you wanan try other types of menu.

For me, the rice meal was good but I think the rice portion should be put more. Hehe.. However, the sup tulang merah failed to impressed us. Eventhough, the lamb meat around the bone was so tender, but the thick reddish soup tasted weird. Did they put a lot of spices than they should? It tasted so spicy. It was served with grated cabbage. Lukman said it wasn't supposed to taste like that. 


Cornettoluvperhaps said...

sup tulang merah?sup tulang color merah eh?

Unknown said...

haah.. sup dia pekat, kaler merah.. rase berempah..

Unknown said...

Ni cam sup Singapore tu ek??

Can you describe the taste?? Rempah ape tu?? Kari ke Ketumbar ke ape ke... teringin nya.. pos ke Shah Alam satu??... hehehe

Ren said...

Sangatlah menarik sup tulang merah tu.

Unknown said...

@Puan Lin
Haah, macam sup tulang merah singapore.. tapi yg singapore saya tak penah rase. aritu pegi singapore dah habis! hehehe..

rasa dia berempah yg saya pun taktau rempah apa.. maybe sebab dia tak blend harus, rasa rempah agak kuat la..

Nampak menarik, tapi yang ni tak sedap.. huhu.. =.=

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