Sunday, November 18, 2012

PRP Week 5 - Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (TDM)

Hi ya!

This week, I only worked for 3 days because of Deepavali and Awal Muharram breaks. Ahhhh, so nice! I wanna work 3 days every week boleh tak ? XD

So basically, this week was quite the same like last week except that we encountered rare cases of cyclosporin, tacrolimus and methotrexate. These 3 drugs are very rare unlike gentamicin, amikacin and vancomycin. For tacrolimus and cyclosporin cases, there were not very urgent, so you can keep it for later. Oh yea, it's kinda compulsory to have TDM gentamicin everyday. That's what we did everyday. Calculation for baby is easier than adult. Only required one value. 

We're mostly free during the morning, so Steven and I went to ward round to fill our logbook. I still yet not receive the confirmation for TDM presentation but I think it would be probably next week. 

Hospital Sultan Ismail, Johor Bahru

Everyday kena menghadap komputer ni..

TDM kena clerk 40 cases ok.. =.=

We also have to sit for Forensic Exam on Monday. A subject which I never learn in school unlike the local students. I guessed this is one of disadvantages of studying overseas, we won't be learning about Malaysian Laws.

Forcing myself to study is a very difficult task. I'd rather be sitting in front of laptop doing other stuffs than doing revision. During Deepavali break, I went out with my best friend Lukman who was having one week of university break, to Legoland and also watched Skyfall. While on Awal Muharram, I followed my family to Legoland which is located in Nusajaya, Johor. Thus, making me go to Legoland twice this week.

Good luck to us! I hope we all can pass forensic exam in our first attempt.. :)


marjie said...

Wow.. so fast already tdm! I'm still in ip. Haha. Yes hazwan, jom berusaha!

Unknown said...

i havent been to ip.. my next rotation will be ip.. hehe..

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