Saturday, November 3, 2012

PRP Week 3 - Manufacturing & Repacking (plus Acreditation)


This week was my final week in manufac. My next rotation is TDM (Therapeutic Drug Monitoring) next week. Thus, I will be accompanying Steven in doing TDM under Maysha's supervision. So, this week was still merely the same as last week, handling DD and helping the PPF with manufacturing and repacking process.

I did a few galenical preparation such as Alcohol 70%, Chlorhexidine solution, and flavine 0.1%. The steps were quite simple and not difficult at all. But, I really needed to wear the PPE because some of the preparation could stain my clothes like flavine as it has a very deep yellow reddish colour. Some chemicals are corrosive as well. Thus, wearing double gloves is a must. Furthermore, on the final day I still got the opportunity to prepare acetic acid solution and also helped Kak Ton making sodium citrate syrup. Thanks all the akak2 PPF for the tunjuk ajar. :)

Sometimes when I had nothing to do, I will go behind and do some repacking. I helped Kak Erul repacking the sodium carbonate tablets and Kak Yus with paracetamol tablets.



Mesin untuk packing unit dose

Lulus, lepas ni boleh sambung kerja kat Pharmaniaga.. Haha..


Accreditation took place on Tuesday until Thursday. So everyone was feeling scared of getting interviewed by the surveyors. Types of questions that they would ask includes fire safety, hand washing, stuffs about pharmacy and whatnot. Since I am still new in this hosp, I felt like it's good to run away from the surveyors. Hahaha...A day before the accreditation, which was on Monday, our KPF asked us the PRPs to do the ward check in each ward. For what? We were told to check all the drugs and non-medical items for their expiry date. Gila. Ni kerja staff nurse la. Some nurses were very helpful but some buat taktau jek. Tau tak banyak gila ubat dalam setiap ward?? At least give us a hand.. I went back home at 9.30pm that day. Sangat penat. Surprisingly, there were loads of expired stuffs in the wards although some nurses said that they have checked them. Emmmmmm... Yela tu..


Satellite-4 & Outpatient

It's quite a leisure if you get manufac first since it was not very difficult and doesn't require clinical knowledge. However, because I was so free, Mr. Wee sent me off to help Inpatient (IPD) and Outpatient (OPD). On Wednesday morning, I went to IPD Satellite-4. There, I met my fellow PRPs Cecilia and Sin Yee. They taught me to do the filling. I got the chance to counsel a patient once about the discharge medication. Hehehe..


Sin Yee

Extemporaneous preparation

Then, on the afternoon, I was sent to help OPD. I met Shi Nee and Vithya there. But lucky me, the OPD wasn't very busy at that time, so we got a lot of time to chichat. Lol. However, I did help with the filling as well. Thanks Shi Nee for giving me a brief orientation about the OPD. :)


So, next week I will be doing TDM. Please be nice.. Hehe.. :)


kakpahmelahendersonianlibrary said...

wawahhhh yallsss buat ward inspection yekk! terbaek wok balik pkul 9.30pm,kak pah belom sampai rekod ittew lagi!
go heli go!

Unknown said...

amboi2 ko kakpah.. nanti ko akan rase juge.. haha..

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