Friday, November 2, 2012

PRP Week 2 - Manufacturing & Repacking

Assalamualaikum dan salam bekerja peeps!

I know some of us didn't really enjoy our works as a pharmacist but for me, it's kinda a mix feeling. Sometimes I like it, sometimes I don't. As a PRP, we have to attend 9 stations and fill in our logbooks. Thus, we have 9 books altogether. I started my rotation with Manufacturing and Repacking where I spend most of my times in Jabatan Farmasi (DIS)  which is located on the first floor. More towards underground I think as it is very difficult to use mobile phone here as there is no network coverage. Sedih ok! Kalau kawan2 atau family hantar sms, masa lunch baru terima. Kalau emergency macam mana?? Kalau aku berbuih mulut macam mana?


My preceptor is Encik Wee who is also in charge of DD (Dangerous Drugs). In UK, we learned it as CD (Controlled Drugs). However, there are the same drugs. So what are dangerous drugs? They include morphine, fentanyl, diazepam, ketamine, cocaine and other psychotropic drugs. In HSI, Monday and Thursday are the indent days for DD. At 9 am, we gathers the DD metal boxes (make sure it's locked) from each wards. The staff nurses need to send the boxes to the Jabatan Farmasi before 9.30 am if I'm not mistaken. Then, we will count the ampoules for exchanges basis. For intravenous/injection involving DD, it's a must to do the exchange basis. If there's no ampoule received, then we won't supply the drugs to the wards.

After that, we checks the indent forms and write down the reference numbers and also the amount of drugs that we will supply. Then, Wee will check the stock balance before filling the metal boxes with the drugs. It's a must to double check the drugs and the amount to make sure no mistakes being made. Finally, the staff nurses will collect the DD boxes from us which is usually after lunch time. 

Workstation for DD.. When DD indent day comes, the table will be full of DDA books..

Must double check before supplying.

Manufacturing and Repacking

For manufacturing and repacking, I will usually go to preparation area which is located at the back. This area is very cold, duduk sekejap dah menggigil. No wonder some PPF pakai sweater kat dalam. Hehehe.. We have a lot of kind PPF here. They are very helpful and friendly. There are Kak Erul, Kak Yus, Kak Ton etc.. Normally, Kak Erul will take care of me if Wee wants me to do manufacturing process. Last week, she showed me how to prepare Lugol's Iodine and this week I helped her making alcohol 70%, flavine 0.1% and chlorhexidine solution. So it involved weighing, measuring, stirring and labelling. I got the chance to wear PPE (personal protective equipments) such as mask, hair cap, gloves, and a white plastic apron. 

Repacking is quite simple. Still need to wear PPE though. Last week I was asked to repack sodium chloride into 1 gram packets which I managed to complete 60 out 100 packets. Bukan nak mengelat ye, tapi nak pergi solat Jumaat. Hehehe.. Then Kak Yus and Kak Erul continued the other 40's. This week pulak, I helped repacking the calcium carbonate. Boleh la jugak tulis nama dalam buku persediaan tu. Hehehe..

Tempat penyediaan kertas kerja manufacturing


So now, my logbook is nearly complete. By the end of this week, insyaAllah I will complete my first logbook therefore only 8 left. My next station will be 4 weeks in TDM (therapeutic drug monitoring).

Wish me luck guys!


Acreditation (Coming soon)

This week was the final week before the surveyors come next week. So we had so check everything to ensure they conform the rules and regulation set by the Jawatankuasa Akreditasi. We were forced to help Jabatan Rekod Perubatan to sort all the patients' files. Banyak okayyyy.. Dua tiga hari jugak la baru selesai buat. The question is, why kitorang yang kena buat? Apa kerja Jabatan Rekod ekkkkk? Sepak laju2.. Dush dush! There's one day I was assigned to do this stuff from 9-5. Giloooooooo... Sakit tangan, sakit badan, semualah ada.. Luckily there were some staff nurses helped me doing this thing. Mentang2lah aku kat manufac, tak busy sangat, so aku la kena.. A day before Raya Haji, balik time maghrib sebab buat benda ni lah.. Luckily my bus to Shah Alam was at 11 pm. At least I got time to rest! Serabut otak. Dah la tak boleh claim OT.. Huh...

Banyak ok.. Tapi ni belum semua lagi.. =.=

CY & Nizam Malek gigih menyalin rekod.

Kena salin nama patient, MRN & no IC for every patient.. Banyak hoccayyy..


Okay, ini sahaja update untuk minggu kedua sebagai PRP. Perkembangan untuk minggu ketiga insyaAllah akan menyusul.. :)


liyana said...

nak sambung master la camni.....nak duduk JBC lama2..hu3

Unknown said...

haha.. sambung laaa.. dok uk mmg best..

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