Sunday, November 4, 2012

Food Trip Seremban 2 - City Park Oriental

After coming back from Johor, I spent overnight at Lukman's place in Senawang. That night, we had dinner together along with Fadh since she also just arrived from Seri Kembangan and had no one to have dinner together. She and Lukman study together in IMU Seremban. So we're gonna have oriental food tonight. I kinda like oriental food. *eh, ade ke makanan yang aku tak suke? hahaha*

We Lukman drove from Senawang to Seremban to pick up Fadh. Then, we headed to the restaurant.

City Park Oriental Restaurant

101, (Jalan S2 D32, City Centre), Seremban 2, Negeri Sembilan 70300, Malaysia

There were quite a lot of customers when we arrived. As soon as we got a table, Lukman and Fadh placed the order. I didn't care they ordered since they have been eating here a lot of time. So their choice might be the best. We had plain rice with several dishes. As for drink, I had apple asam boi drinks. Sedapppp!

apple asam boi

honey chicken

steamed egg


my plate

The service was a bit slow that night since they were a lot of hungry people in the restaurant. The drinks arrived first. After a while, the dishes arrived along with the rice. Fadh gave us a couple of souvenirs from Seoul. She had a trip there during her school break. Thanks Fadh! :)

The food price was affordable like the usual oriental restaurant price. We had a lot of stories to catch up and we talked bla bla bla blaaaa...


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