Saturday, November 24, 2012

PRP Week 6 - Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (TDM)

Assalamualaikum & selamat bekerja peeps~

This week was my 3rd week in TDM department in HSI. So far, I have only managed to clerk about 19 cases which means that I still have 21 more cases to clerk. In TDM, it's a must to clerk at least 40 cases related to TDM. Since I have 4 weeks in TDM, thus I should clerk 10 cases per week. I'm kinda behind the schedule actually.

Next week, I have to do a presentation about my case. My preceptor already picked a case for me which includes two TDM drugs which are digoxin and vancomycin or digoxin with amikaci. I will present either one of these cases. I haven't prepared the slides yet because right now I'm pretty occupied with my family. I still got time to do it when I go back to Johor Bahru later.

TDM Workstation

This week, I only worked for 3 days as Thursday was Sultan Johor's birthday. Thus we got one day leave. However, I extended my leave on Friday so that I could go back to my hometown, Shah Alam for a longer period of time. Yeayyyyy~

Forensic Exam / Peperiksaan Perundangan

On Monday, all PRP had to sit for Forensic Exam as one of the requirement to be an FRP next year. And me must pass with at least 50% marks. For me, this exam is quite tough although it's an open book exam. We only be allowed to bring in two law books and code of conduct. The SAQ is kinda straightforward, the only problem was that I felt like wanna write everything into the answer sheets. But when I reached the later questions, my answers all became short. Hahaha.. For MCQ, this was very tough. Flipping the books made the exam more time consuming. I didn't manage to complete all 50 questions, I think I missed around 3-5 questions. Same for SAQ, I had no time to the the final 6 marks question. Let's hope we all pass without needing to re-sit for another paper. Malasnyaaaaaa...


Malang tidak berbau, I encountered some incident along my way back to Shah Alam on Wednesday night. My car broke down in Yong Peng because of overheating. So right now, my car is still in the workshop in Yong Peng. That night, my brother picked me up from Melaka and I stayed there overnight. My parents came on Thursday to bring me home. I got to chance to have lunch with one of my besties, Badd in Melaka. Luckily, he had no classes that day. Thank you for keep me a company. :D

I'm going back to Johor tomorrow by bus. I guess I need to carpool with my colleague to go to the hospital next week because my car will only be ready on Thursday. Huhuhu, I'm so carless right now.. Meaning that I cannot go out unless to go to work..


Takpe, kalau Allah uji kita dengan satu kesusahan, insyaAllah akan dibalas dengan dua kebaikan.. So, just be happy now~




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