Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Moment of Truth!


Wow! Finally, my A-level result came out today. I sat in front of my laptop from morning just to wait for the online result. However, the results was available at 1 pm. So, I had to wait longer. In the meantime, I have a little chat with Wawa, Mary, Senah, Elia, Anis, Ida, Bella and many more. All of them were curious about the upcoming results. Some said that they were going to explode for waiting the result. Some said that they couldn't get through the website.

I also chatted with Pn. Lin, my Statistics lecturer at INTEC. I asked her about the result since the lecturer knew the result a little bit sooner than the students. However, the lecturers were forbid to tell the students about the results. Pn. Lin did give me some analysis about the results. She said that 188 students got 15 points while only 6 students got below 12. That's a quite great achievement. She said that that was the greatest achievement in A-Levels so far. So, I'm quite proud of that statement.

But still, I didn't know my result yet. Therefore, I took my bath just to waste some time until 1 pm. After that, I quickly checked my result because a lot of my friends already checked theirs. I entered my username and password in the website and poof! My results were shown on the monitor. I checked one subject bu one subject. First, Biology and ...... A! I got A for Biology! That was a relief because I never got A in Biology before. Then, my eyes went straight down the Biology word to the Chemistry word. I read the next grade and it's an A again! Wow! This was unbelievable since I always got B or C for Chemistry. Last but not least, my favourite subject, Mathematics. It's an A again. So, I got 3 As which means I got 15 points. That's a full points. I couldn't believe it at the first time because I never got 15 before this.

Soon after I knew the result, I called my mom to tell her about the good news. She congratulated me and said that she will bring me do dinner outside later. In the evening, I went to INTEC with Wawa and her mom. I asked Wawa to fetch me at my house since I have no car to drive.

At INTEC, we went to HEA office but Pn. Rita, our Head Program had a meeting. Therefore, we went to see other lecturers first. We went to Pn. Lin and Pn. Mimi's room on the first floor of the building. We had quite a long chat in there with them and waited until Pn. Rita finished the meeting. Badd also called me telling me that he also got 15 same like Azery. All the lecturers congratulated us for our great achievement. Then, we went to Pn. Rita's office and took our result slip. After that, I met Miss Mea and Pn. Liza in their room while Wawa went to her mother's car. After having a quick chat with them, Wawa's mother sent me home. I'm glad that all my friends got good grades.

Thanks to Wawa and her mom for taking me to INTEC with them. Thanks to all the lecturers who taught us. Thanks to all people that helped me a lot during my study especially my friends. Thanks again.

I hope we all will get our placement at the respective universities. I'm going to IMU, some will go to Ireland and some will go to India.


Today, I went to INTEC once again but without Wawa. This time, I had to accompany Apal and Sodox to check their result. Once again, I didn't drive to INTEC but Apal fetched me at my house instead. Not only Apal was in the car, there were also Apis, Kaito and Izzat. Apal wanted to meet Pn. Lin to help him with something.

Once again, I went to Pn. Rita's office to ask her about the IMU application. Then, we met Azam there. After that, Apal and I went up to Pn. Lin's office. We discussed things about the appealing letter, JPA and other minor topics. Pn. Lin helped Apal in writing appealing letter to JPA. Not only Pn. Lin, me myself and Pn. Mimi also helped. I typed the letter by using Apal's laptop and printed it using Pn. Lin/Pn.Mimi's printer. After that, we went back to see Pn. Rita to get her signature. However, we didn't get her signature but she said the JPA will call later about the placement.

"Don't worry, you'll definitely get your placement. If not at Manipal, maybe somewhere else. Indonesia perhaps"
"JPA people are quite happy with our A-Level results since only 6 person got 11 points. I'm also happy. No more headache."

That's the words which came out from Pn. Rita's mouth.

At about 6 pm, we left INTEC and Apal stopped at Seksyen 18 to photocopy his ID and other documents. Then, Apal asked me to dinner but I had to reject his offer because I need to take my brother from school later.

IMU Application Form

I'm currently busy with my application to enter International Medical University, Bukit Jalil next year. I hope I can enter the university easily.


asyraf harun said...

goshhhh I really really hope I could get 15 like you too! amin.
anyway its sad Madam Rita was forced to leave INTEC sobs sobs

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